Happy June everyone, summer is officially here and I have made some hair changes. First change, my color. Y’all know I loved being a red head but I decided to go back to black.

The red was beautiful but beginning to become a little high maintenance. My hair was professionally colored by the same Aveda salon, I really like how clean and shiny my hair looks now that it’s darker. Colors are fun but dark hair I think is so sexy!

Next, I am on month three of hairfinity and I LOVE the vitamin line so much so that I have signed up to get them monthly in the mail. I keep my hair cornrowed 95% of the time. I found a new braider and she keeps my hair looking amazing. She is SO talented! Look, she even adds designs like hearts and stuff!

My hair has grown so much since my cut 2 months ago. Keeping it protected and taking the vitamins has helped tremendously with retaining length.

I always keep my bang area out when I have my protective style in, mainly because I just think it adds flare to the style. The lovely folks over at Shea Radiance sent me a bunch a new products to try and I wanted to test out one of them as a styling aide.

What I used:
SR’s Maximum Curl Defining Cream
CD’s Blow Dry Cream
14 perm rods

What I did:
Sectioned my hair (bang area) in 3 parts
*My hair was blown out/stretched. You can choose to style wet if you’d like.*

Flat twisted the right side to the right and the left side to the left
*I used the Shea Radiance Curl Defining Cream which seems to work best on my dry hair as a styler versus wet hair as a definer.*

The middle section was put in 6 medium sized twists

I used between 12- 14 perm rods on the ends to give the twist out more texture

Have you tried SheaRadiance?
Have you tried Hairfinity Vitamins? 

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