updated and reposted from 4/11/11

by Precious of Precious Curls

Here is a mix I did just a while back. It acts as both a sealant and a styler! Since shea butter has some great benefits, I decided to make it shea butter based! Enjoy!


You’ll need:
– 6oz (3/4 cup) of your favorite butter
– 2 teaspoons of your favorite oil
– 1 teaspoon of another one of your favorite oils (optional)
– Three teaspoons of aloe vera gel
– A few drops of fragrance oil (optional)

I used 100% unrefined shea butter, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel, and Vanilla Fragrance Oil. Click the links to see where I purchased each product from.

I also used an empty 8oz container to mix everything in.

 I first scooped out the shea butter and put it into the empty 8oz container. If the butter is too hard to scoop, submerge the container under hot water for a few minutes to soften it. Be sure that NO water enters the container.

 Submerge the transferred shea butter container into a pot of hot water for 15 minutes to soften it down even more. This will prepare it for mixing everything else in.

Again, make sure no water enters. Note that the butter does not have to be melted to liquid, but should be soft enough to mix easily.

Now you will mix in your first oil. I used coconut oil, which I had to melt into liquid first. I placed the container into the bowl of hot water. It only took about a minute for the coconut oil to melt enough for two teaspoons. If your hair appears easily greasy with oils, try using just one teaspoon or just a few drops.

I then used a teaspoon of my second oil (I used olive oil). Again, use less oil if you need to.

I then used three teaspoons of aloe vera gel.

Finally, to mask the strong nutty scent of the shea butter, I used a few drops of vanilla fragrance oil in the mix. The interesting thing is, it did not make the mix smell like vanilla, but instead, the combination of the strong shea butter scent and the vanilla scent made the mix smell something like chocolate! Yummy!

All done! Use this mix after moisturizing your hair with your favorite water-based moisturizer, or just plain water.

I’m in love with this mix! The butter helps to seal in moisture and the oils help to further seal and give my hair shine. The aloe vera gel provides hold, making it a great styler for holding styles like twists and twist-outs! I am more than pleased with this mix and I hope it works for you too!