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Curly Nikki

The Still Small Voice

By January 27th, 202118 Comments
The Still Small Voice

by Taneica of Shatterproofglassdolls

Last night, I got to thinking about how far I’ve come and how many situations I’ve either avoided or missed. Some situations were avoided by choice, other situations were a result of unwittingly being deterred from my demise, by being late, getting slowed down by traffic, etc. The one thing that both instances have in common is what I like to refer to as “The Voice”. It’s like a radio station in my brain that comes over really clearly when I’m in an area where the station is needed. Let me give you a few scenarios of when “The Voice” tunes in….lol! When I was in college, I dated a dude who was not right for me. We dated for a looooong time. Five years type long. Towards the end of the relationship, though I was not happy, I figured I’d be more miserable without this guy. To keep him, I planned to give him the one thing that I’d been holding on to. The one thing that I knew deep down, I was supposed to save for the man that God made just for me. My “golden nugget” if you will…lol! Anyway, the night that, I was ready to give up the girly goods. I shaved my legs, had my hair looking bed tousled, and my lingerie was on POINT. I started to figure I could go through with it, until mid kiss, “The Voice” tuned in. “Taneica” it said, “You’re an idiot. Why don’t you stop while you’re ahead.” I hesitated, but decided to curtail the evening’s festivities and left with my golden nugget. We broke up shortly thereafter and I was devastated. However, I was relieved that I kept my nugget, thanks to “The Voice”. Then there was the time that I thought I was grown and decided to partake in a fun filled night at the local watering hole. It’s was $5 sink or swim after all, and I was determined to become an Olympic medalist type swimmer by the end of the night. Anyway, by 2am, I sunk. Really. Somehow, I still thought I’d be able to drive home though. It wasn’t far, and my equally drunk friends tested me just to make sure I was good to drive. One held up 3 fingers and slurred “How many fingers am I holding up?” I confidently hollered “THREE!” She grinned and declared me “Sober enough”, and we headed for the door. As I touched the handle of the door to head out and dug for my keys, the station in my brain picked up a clear signal. “Taneica, You’re an idiot. Why don’t you stop while you’re ahead.” I grabbed my cell phone and punched in 444-4444. I swear taxis make their numbers simple for drunkards like I was that night. Thanks taxi people. Then there was the time I nearly came out of character and almost smacked someone for saying something hurtful to me. “Taneica, you’re an idiot. Why don’t you stop while you’re ahead.” Instead of getting sued, and regretting being one of “those people”, I walked away and chalked the experience up to a learning lesson.

As I watch the news and see people paying dire consequences for lapse of judgement or listen to friends who are digging themselves out of avoidable sinking sand traps, I wonder if they have their stations tuned in. Maybe the station is working just fine, but they just chose to ignore the broadcast. Whatever the case may be, I’ve learned an important lesson. My station is God’s way of keeping me from doing stupid stuff that will keep me from reaching my full potential, thus hamper me from doing his will. As long as the station comes in, I know for sure that I am loved and have a greater purpose than whatever is presented to me at the time. You have have a station too. It may not be as snarky as mine, but it will speak to you in a style and language you understand. Listen to it! You’ll know it’s the right station because it will never tell you to do anything that will hurt you, humiliate you, or get you arrested. LOL!

How has your “Voice” kept you out of trouble?


  • Anonymous says:

    I went through that same situation I really wanted this Guy to love me and be with me. I had dreams that told me not to do it, I even saw in my dreams that this guy was not right for me he is a player and user who want only one thing the goodies. I wondered who or what was warning me. All along it was God, I listened to him and did not give in. The truth really came out he was all those things. So now I am scared I do not date I gave my life to God and one day hopefully he will bless me with a man who is faithful and marries me instead of wanting to have sex with me.

    Megan Montgomery

  • Anonymous says:

    Great posting!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Peace/Blessings (Bella), I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit,I live alone now, as my two daughters are adults. I live for the Holy Spirit to speak to me, I often shut-down everthing: phone, tv. just to listen. What a wonderful experience I am having.

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree that the Voice is the Holy Spirit.

    I am a graduate nurse. During breaks I would work in my hospital's Emergency Department, performing 1:1 safety sitting.

    For those who don't know, 1:1 safety is required for patients who are homicidal, suicidal, or are delirious to the point they cannot stop pulling out IV lines, tubes, etc.

    The one common factor I find with my homicidal or suicidal patients is that they rely on more "Negative" coping skills instead of "Positive" coping skills.

    Everyone has coping skills – coping skills run the gamut from positive to negative. Coping skills are what we use to get the "crisis" handled. When our 'triggers' are pushed, we react to protect ourselves. The reaction involves protecting our self-esteem, our identity, our integrity if you will.

    Positive coping skills are positive reactions to a trigger. When we use positive coping skills, we walk away, we pray, we meditate, we jog, we call a friend, etc. The triggering crisis is gotten over, and we regroup and try to work out a solution with a clearer mind.

    Negative coping skills are negative reactions to the trigger. We smack a person, we over-eat, we over-spend, we go out and get drunk, we make a booty call, we abuse drugs. The triggering crisis is gotten over, but there are NEW consequences and repercussions to deal with in the aftermath.

    "Smacking" somebody is a coping skill; it's a negative coping skill. Taneica said she wanted to smack somebody when they stepped out of line.

    If she smacked the person, they would certainly have gotten the message that she was displeased. Unfortunately there would have been consequences and repercussions to deal with afterwards. Instead, Taneica drew upon her positive coping skills, one of which was walking away after listening to her "voice".

    It is important for us all to search and recognize our triggers. Once we identify the persons or things that push our buttons, we must identify positive things we can do when it happens. Walk away, go get a cup of coffee, call a friend, pray and meditate. After the heat of the crisis abates, we are then able to formulate a plan to remedy the solution, instead of formulating a way to get bail money to get out of jail.

    We can even label our positive coping skills as plan A, plan B, plan C. Please know that the intensity of the crisis can often cause you to need a plan G, plan H, plan I, etc. So perform a personal assessment of your positive coping skills, draft a list of things (WWJD) to do when the crisis arrives. Go back to this list again, and again, and again, and again if you have to, until the crisis is resolved.


  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you for that!! There are many times when you inner voice tell you not to do something or you just don't feel right about it, but you do it any way and the consequence are horrible. Then you start wishing that you had either just listen or trust in yourself. it's a hard lesson to learn, believe me. But i'm learning to trust myself more and more and listen to the inner voice that tells you "It's ok not to do it" or "it's ok to be you."

  • Anonymous says:

    Amen, amen, and amen! My voice has been SCREAMING at me lately! I have been faced with a situation that I don't think is too good for me. And was was going back and forth trying to figure out what to do. I'm so glad I read this! This has actually put things in perspective or at least confirmed for me that, the voice is there for a good reason! 🙂 Thanks Taneica, you have a beautiful spirit.

  • Veronica H. says:

    The Holy Spirit is that still small voice that keeps me out of trouble. My grandmother used to call it your "first mind". Follow your "first mind" and it will keep you in God's will and out of jail, hell, and misery.

  • Nish says:

    The "Voice" has been heard by many and listened to by few.
    The "Voice" has kept me out of trouble when it comes to a lot of things. I often hear the "Voice" when dealing with a relationship and at times I ignore it for selfish reasons and thinking my emotions are too strong….at the end I have learned that those strong emotions were meant to be protected that is why the "Voice" stepped in. There have also been times when I have been hesitant about something and I knew what that meant, but I still asked for more signs and believe me I saw the signs clearly.

  • Alicia says:

    The Holy Spirit is that still small voice. Take heed b/c when you don't, you will regret it later. There are soooo many times when I did not listen and had to learn a lesson the "hard way" instead.

  • 'Chone says:

    I also believe that voice is the Holy Spirit. My pastor preaches that the best way to hear Him is to read His word. There was one time when I remember getting this feeling like I shouldnt do something. I did it anyway and got in trouble with my friends but that situation helped me become more careful about the choices I make.

  • Anonymous says:

    Great post! My "voice" is also the Holy Spirit, like Meika wrote. I have been spared multiple times from getting deeper into harmful situations.

  • Jacky says:

    Thanks,always love your posts.

  • cheliebee says:

    When I started listening (2 years ago) it was muffled, by opening myself up I hear it loud nad clear! Thanks for the great post!

  • Anonymous says:

    This is a wonderful post! There are times I have not listened to the "Voice" and gotten hurt or got into trouble. Other times, it has steered me in a different direction when I was in a dilemma, not knowing which to choose between 2 options. Having a spiritual connection is important.

  • Anonymous says:

    love this post Tanieca! God bless you!

  • Nikell says:

    This is such a great post!!!
    I can remember times before I got saved when I'd be in a club and felt this eerie feeling of dread, like something really bad was about to happen. I would always leave. The next day, or days after I'd heard of "So and So" getting shot later that night. Had I not listened, I could've been that "So and So". I've learned that best way to stay tuned in is to remain in a consistent relationship with God. Reading His word daily and staying prayed up. (^_^)

  • Anonymous says:

    I lost sight of my voice which was God & I ended up doing things that I regret deeply, but even when I thought he wasn't there he brought me thru. I'm truly thankful he didn't give up on me cause he helped me find my way back, I'm truly & awesomely blessed. Thank you for this post it really spoke to me.

    Brooke B.

  • Meika says:

    The "Voice" for me is the Holy Spirit. He has kept me out of trouble by allowing me tp leaving situations that would have hurt me in the long run. Some times I dont take heed because I am stubborn but when I get high frequency, the Holy Sprit def checks in. He tells me when people are in my corner and when they arent in my corner. I am truly grateful for the "Voice".

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