by Taneica of Shatterproofglassdolls

Last night, I got to thinking about how far I’ve come and how many situations I’ve either avoided or missed. Some situations were avoided by choice, other situations were a result of unwittingly being deterred from my demise, by being late, getting slowed down by traffic, etc. The one thing that both instances have in common is what I like to refer to as “The Voice”. It’s like a radio station in my brain that comes over really clearly when I’m in an area where the station is needed. Let me give you a few scenarios of when “The Voice” tunes in….lol! When I was in college, I dated a dude who was not right for me. We dated for a looooong time. Five years type long. Towards the end of the relationship, though I was not happy, I figured I’d be more miserable without this guy. To keep him, I planned to give him the one thing that I’d been holding on to. The one thing that I knew deep down, I was supposed to save for the man that God made just for me. My “golden nugget” if you will…lol! Anyway, the night that, I was ready to give up the girly goods. I shaved my legs, had my hair looking bed tousled, and my lingerie was on POINT. I started to figure I could go through with it, until mid kiss, “The Voice” tuned in. “Taneica” it said, “You’re an idiot. Why don’t you stop while you’re ahead.” I hesitated, but decided to curtail the evening’s festivities and left with my golden nugget. We broke up shortly thereafter and I was devastated. However, I was relieved that I kept my nugget, thanks to “The Voice”. Then there was the time that I thought I was grown and decided to partake in a fun filled night at the local watering hole. It’s was $5 sink or swim after all, and I was determined to become an Olympic medalist type swimmer by the end of the night. Anyway, by 2am, I sunk. Really. Somehow, I still thought I’d be able to drive home though. It wasn’t far, and my equally drunk friends tested me just to make sure I was good to drive. One held up 3 fingers and slurred “How many fingers am I holding up?” I confidently hollered “THREE!” She grinned and declared me “Sober enough”, and we headed for the door. As I touched the handle of the door to head out and dug for my keys, the station in my brain picked up a clear signal. “Taneica, You’re an idiot. Why don’t you stop while you’re ahead.” I grabbed my cell phone and punched in 444-4444. I swear taxis make their numbers simple for drunkards like I was that night. Thanks taxi people. Then there was the time I nearly came out of character and almost smacked someone for saying something hurtful to me. “Taneica, you’re an idiot. Why don’t you stop while you’re ahead.” Instead of getting sued, and regretting being one of “those people”, I walked away and chalked the experience up to a learning lesson.

As I watch the news and see people paying dire consequences for lapse of judgement or listen to friends who are digging themselves out of avoidable sinking sand traps, I wonder if they have their stations tuned in. Maybe the station is working just fine, but they just chose to ignore the broadcast. Whatever the case may be, I’ve learned an important lesson. My station is God’s way of keeping me from doing stupid stuff that will keep me from reaching my full potential, thus hamper me from doing his will. As long as the station comes in, I know for sure that I am loved and have a greater purpose than whatever is presented to me at the time. You have have a station too. It may not be as snarky as mine, but it will speak to you in a style and language you understand. Listen to it! You’ll know it’s the right station because it will never tell you to do anything that will hurt you, humiliate you, or get you arrested. LOL!

How has your “Voice” kept you out of trouble?