I arrived in NYC on Saturday night, reeling with nervous energy.  Doped up on antibiotics, a night cap was out of the question, so I barricaded myself in my hotel room and called it one.  Sunday came and I was up and at ’em by 5am, even though my alarm clock was set for 6:30… almost as if I could hear Gia dragging her sippy cup across the slats in her crib demanding milk #ThePeopleDemandMilk #Attica

Tried to practice in the mirror but felt silly, so I decided to clear my mind and fill the empty space with an incessant stream of Bey, Kanye and for some reason, Nicki Minaj.  My phone was blowing up with text messages from Momma, Daddy and Hubby wishing me well, but the message from my Mother-in-law spoke volumes-

‘Don’t be nervous. You will be just like Tyra that time. You will be anointed. It won’t hit until it’s time. Luv you.’

I headed down to the breakfast buffet. Couldn’t eat. Balancing my ill packed garment bag and enormous purse on stilettos, I wobbled out of the hotel to the town car, threw everything in the back and told the driver to give me a sec so I could run back in to get some cash from the ATM.  He said, ‘Don’t worry about a tip, the studio puts everybody in this hotel and it’s only 2 blocks from their front door.’  I thanked him, but still got some cash and 10 minutes later he dropped me off on a busy street.  Standing in the midst of what I later found out was the beginning of the Puerto Rican Day parade, with a searing headache, I called hubby. Even with all of the technology in the world at my fingertips, I still
asked him, who was hundreds of miles away, where the nearest Walgreens was!

The conversation went something like this-

Hubby: Isn’t there a Walgreens at Time Square?

Me: I don’t know.  How close is that?

Hubby: Aren’t you at 30 Rock?

Me: Oh Sh*t, um yeah, I guess so!

A wave of realization came over me and for some reason I turned around and looked at the building like Tracy Morgan was gonna run out and say something ignorant.  All this time, I hadn’t put that together-  MSNBC… NBC… 30 Rock, duh.

Unlike the Top Flight Security folks at The Tyra Show, NBC let me keep my cell AND my camera, check out the view


Even though on TV his skin can sometimes look like a well worn leather
boot, in person, it’s actually- get this – super smooth. And not just
regular smooth – its a baby’s butt wearing a silk diaper under a satin
onesie smooth!

I was honored to be included in such an illustrious panel.  The hair, the credentials, the discussion… it was a good day.
That’s Actress Nicole Ari Parker of Broadway’s Streetcar Named
Desire, cultural
critic Joan Morgan, and University of Pennsylvania professor Anthea Butler.

The Queen!  MHP is amazingly talented, brilliant and even more beautiful in person.  Love her!

Look closely.  Recognize that natural beauty on the right?  You should.  That’s Traci ! CurlyNikki Idol alum, friend in my head (and now in real life!) and staff at MHP!  
speaking of Melissa’s staff… check out this hurr. 

Nicole is STUNNING! #MajorGirlCrush
pose for the camera now, FLICK FLICK.
 What I wore– 
Jacket gifted from Romwe, HERE.
Shirt gifted from Romwe  
Broach borrowed from Miska Jewelers
Cropped, slim pants purchased from GAP, HERE 
Shoes (old)  from Nine West
Tension stretched wet hair with AG Fastfood
Chunky twisted dry hair with a little TIGI Totally Baked Mousse
Rolled the ends on flexis
Released and fluffed!

And in case you missed it–

What say you? Is the Natural Hair Movement political? 



Hola chicas,

I’ve been under the weather lately but I’m shimmying into my big girl drawers and making the trek to NYC to appear on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry.  The guest panel looks awesome and the discussion should be lively!  So if you get the chance on Sunday, tune in at 11am EST to check it out,  I’d appreciate the support.

Wish me luck!

p.s. For those that missed my interview with Melissa, click HERE!