by Sherrell Dorsey of OrganicBeautyVixen

My lips have been on a peeling frenzy all week and there has been no
amount of Burt’s Bees Beeswax lip balm or olive oil that has been able
to salvage them. Flaky lips are sort of hereditary in my family but
typically only come around during the winter time. So after spending an
extra 10 minutes each day dusting off my puckers with a warm washcloth
it occurred to me that I was clearly dehydrated. Walking around in 95
degree humid heat was taking its toll on my body and slowly my body was
losing all because I wasn’t being mindful of drinking water.

Dry, peeling and cracking lips are signs of dehydration and very easily fixed with a “get right” hydration plan.

I’m proud to announce that I’m on a four water bottles a day habit
(stainless steel of course) and my lips are looking and feeling better
each day.

Avoid the unsightful drama (did I mention it’s hard to rock my Vapour Organic Beauty Siren Chere lipstick with flaky lips) and get your fill of the agua with these tricks I learned to spruce up the taste and kick in some nutrients.

  • Change your habits – Instead of ordering juice,
    soda or even a cocktail when you’re out to eat, stick to your glass of
    water. All will be fine and you’ll even save on the calories and sugar
    you’ll avoid. If you can’t stand to skip your afternoon or evening
    guilty pleasure you have my permission to order whatever you like AFTER
    you’ve consumed at least one entire glass of water.
  • Add frozen fruit – Frozen fruit is the perfect
    treat to keep in your freezer. It helps me kick my sugar cravings and
    they’re perfect for making smoothies. Drop a few frozen strawberries,
    mangos, blueberries or even bananas into your water. Their coolness
    works like an ice cube but the flavor they bring to your water makes
    them a perfect summer time treat. And don’t forget the loaded
    anti-oxidants you’re packing in there as well.
  • Try sparkling – Sometimes I just crave a soda. I
    have to have a sip of a Coke or Sprite to get my fix for a few months
    and I’m fine. But then I feel guilty afterward. If you’re an
    intermittent flirt with soda like me, try sparkling water that gives you
    the carbonation without the icky artificial flavors or tacky
    ingredients. It curbs that craving and you can still meet your H2O


Lots of companies are toting their “enhanced water” products all over
the super market and bodega shelves. Don’t be fooled people. Many of
these enhanced water products are either full of sugar, questionable
ingredients, dyes and other sinful things you don’t want running through
your veins.

Steer clear of products like Crystal light, Vitamin Water, etc. that
are often made with aspartame – the crack that gives you the sweet taste
without the sugar and has been linked to blood cancers and tumors.

What other ways do you trick out your water to drink more of it?

Dorsey is an eco-glamour expert, writer, speaker, social entrepreneur
and creator of the blog – “A Brown Girl’s
Guide to Eco-Glam Living”. Sherrell believes that going green with
your beauty routine doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your fierce and
fabulous style. Connect with her on twitter and facebook for all things beauty, green, eco-friendly, organic, sustainable and of course… Eco-glam.