by Shanti of AroundtheWayCurls

So I tried a new product today (more deets about that to follow) and I had an epiphany. There is a science to this “trying new products thing”. Science experiments demand that the test be controlled and consistent therefore we should follow those same rules when trying a new product in order to get the best results. Control and consistency. Here are the 5 general rules that I have developed.

You can not try a new product on dirty hair or even moderately clean hair for that matter. It must be freshly washed otherwise the residual products will interfere and result in a botched conclusion.

2. You must style your hair in a style that is fool proof.
Do not try a new product as well as a new style at the same time. You will play yourself. Nine times out of ten you have not yet mastered the technique and you will blame the product for the bad results. Instead when trying a new product, style your hair in your “go to” style, a style that you have mastered and can see clearly the benefits or failures of the new product.

3. Follow the Directions
We don’t know everything! I know you have your rituals established. You think you know what your hair needs and the sequence in which things should be done BUT au contraire mon frere. For your first attempt with a new product, read the damn label and follow it! You will be surprised by the results. Some advise to apply after moisturizing hair, some advise to apply to damp hair will others advise wet. Just try it their way the first time. They created the product. You can always do it your way the second time.

4. One Product At a Time
Don’t go cray cray and try two or three new products in one styling session. How will you know which one worked? In order to have a control in the “experiment”, use your “tried and true, tight like glue” products that you know work in conjunction with the new one. In this way you can clearly see if it performed well. It won’t be a guessing game.

5. If At First You Don’t Succeed, Dust Yourself Off and Try Again
We have all experienced the disappointment of an impotent product. All that hype and excitement for that?????!!!

But I think you should give a product at least 2 tries before you look for a replacement. The second attempt must involve you doing something different as well. You can’t do the same thing twice and expect different results. Maybe the product sucked for wash and goes but works magic for your twist outs. You will never know unless you give it another chance!

Are you following any of these rules when you try new products on your hair for the first time?