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Curly Nikki

Alicia Keys ‘Big Chopped’!

By January 27th, 2021176 Comments
Since it seems that hair trims and cuts are the subject of the day, shall we take a moment to admire Alicia Keys’ big chop? According to Necole Bitchie she chopped just in time for her track release, ‘New Day’, and tweeted the pic below along with the message-

“Look what I done did!!;-))) its an ‪#aknewday‬ in EVERY way!!!! ))

Alicia Keys 'Big Chopped'!

Alicia Keys 'Big Chopped'!

Whatcha think?!

CN Says:
I’m in LOVE!  *puts on stalker shoes*

***Edited To Add***

I originally titled this post, ‘Alicia Keys Big Chopped!’  I hadn’t thought twice about the word use until I read the following comment on FB-

 “THIS is NOT considered a BIG
CHOP! Alicia is of mixed races. She has ALWAYS been natural. This will
contribute to the uneducated (@natural hair) who THINK when they. Do BIG
CHOP their hair will look like this & be THIS texture. NIKKI PLEASE
CHANGE TITLE!! It should say great hair cut or something. She looks

While I don’t agree with the statement as a whole (really though?), we’ve most certainly defined ‘Big Chop’ as the cutting off of one’s processed hair.  Assuming Alicia was natural, the phrase ‘Big Chop’ in the way we normally use it may be inappropriate, but seriously, y’all, this was a ‘Big Chop’ indeed. Homegirl cut off hella hair!  

This reminds me of another debate in the natural hair community… I’ve often posted stories from ‘long term transitioners’ that cut after 2 or 3 years. And boy, when they refer to their ‘cut’ as a ‘Big Chop’, folks go HAM.  There’s a sentiment that if you’re left to rock and style more than 3 inches of hair, you’re not in the club.   In my humble opinion, if you had what most consider long hair (there’s a damn debate about what that consitutes too, lol!), I feel that that cutting ‘hella’ is still a ‘Big Chop’… it’s a personal thing.  And we won’t know if Alicia considers her cut a ‘Big Chop’ until we talk to her!

I understand the controversy, so for that, I’ll
add some some quotes to the title, but that’s as far as I’ll go because
cutting your hair is cutting your hair, no matter your race, creed, or
curl texture.


  • Anita Truth says:

    Um, no. That's wrong. The degree of curl in your hair does not tell you your percent of "blackness". That's a ridiculous notion. I'm sad that I even have to address this. You should know better than this by now.

  • Louis Profeta says:

    I don't recall Alicia's age but she does look 10 years younger. I've worked with many models and like to see an unencumbered face, no hair on the face, you just walk tall.

  • BeyoutifulBombshell says:

    Ummm really tho?… I really can't with these Natural Nazis who think that they know more than the average natural or the person who actually owns the hair they are referring to. If you are encouraged by the natural hair movement or simply want to showcase your natural tresses should we not be encouraging others who have done or will do the same?? Does it always have to be a debate about the simplest of things? Two months ago, I did my 1st BC from relaxed to natural and after 2 months I cut it all off again just for fun. So for clarity, I went from medium length natural to a short natural crop. A big chop is just that a Big Chop! It's when one cuts off a significant amount of hair. My relaxed and natural hair was not damaged when I did the big chops, I simply just wanted to be free of chemicals and get a new do. So your hair does not have to be damaged to do a big chop. Many naturals experienced different things in life which led them to big chop even the healthiest of hair, whether it be chemically altered or natural tresses.

  • Mrs Sian O says:

    Heya CurlyNikki – it's amazing and kinda depressing how much controversy Ms Alicia Keys' big chop/cut caused in light of her race. but I really want to know more- why did she cut it (for the health of her hair or just a new look), how does she style it now (products and techniques)? Any regrets? Does she plan to grow it out or keep rocking the new do? And does she have any hair length or health goals going forward?

    I've got a similar texture to Alicia and recently went for a similar cut inspired by her brave new look so I'd love the low down. Surely I'm not the only one who wants to know more than just whether or not the cur can fairly be called a big chop given the singer's ethnicity…

  • Common sense says:

    If you are mixed with white you are also white. If you are mixed with asian you are also Asian.That doesn't even make sense. Mixed is mixed. I hate when black people try to deny a mixed person their heritage. There is a difference between thandie newton and a full black woman such as Oprah Winfrey. It's funny how blacks like you will try to tell a mixed person they are black and then try to say all black people are mixed. ROTFL. There is a difference between being half white and being 1/75 white. Unless you are mixed stop trying to tell mixed people what they are.

  • vturner1 says:

    Natural hair is hair that is free of chemical processing. If Alicia didn't alter her hair with chemical processing, then she is natural. Natural doesn't equate to nappy/coarse. I have naturally curly hair (think about a juicy jheri curl when it's wet until it dries into a hot mess) but chose to get a relaxer to help make it more manageable for me.

  • Marvice says:

    Well, I guess I'm the dummy here, I simply thought big chopped was because she chopped a large amount of her hair length off. I would have never associated "natural or perm" with this title.

  • Leisa Monique says:


  • Leisa Monique says:

    I agree Erin.

  • Leisa Monique says:

    Ms. Butta, because we always think that what we do is what is right and if others don't do it then there must be something not right with them. I guess we'll get to unity as women one day. I hope it's sooner than later!

  • Leisa Monique says:

    LOL Nicole! Ima go on and preach just cause you said so!!

  • Leisa Monique says:

    Right on Dionne!!

  • Leisa Monique says:

    Ro, I'm with you. I never set out to "go natural" only to wear my hair in an afro. I ended up transitioning when I fell in luv with the curls that emerges as a result of not being relaxed. There was no natural hair movement, no tutorials, no websites, no guidance…not much of anything. It was trial and error. And I'll tell you, my routine then was simple and it worked. All I used was conditioner and hair gel and my hair was healthy and huge.

    kudos to you Ro and to Alicia keys for being brave and chopping off all of her hair.

  • Zoria. says:

    If you're mixed with Black you are Black…

  • Zoria. says:

    It all depends on whose hair genes you take after if you're biracial.

  • Zoria. says:

    I agree. When it comes to being "natural" it has been a term associated with Black women who opt out of relaxing their hair and/or using any other chemicals. For biracial women, it's hard because they most likely never permed their hair…and their texture is rarely kinky/curly….it's normally JUST curly, thus they aren't really natural. I think Alicia just got a hair cut…I don't think she bc'd or went "natural"…

  • Cmiller says:

    Just really trying understand what she is using to keep her hair so flat?!?

  • Davona Evans says:

    luv luv luv this hair cut gohead keys

  • nef barnes says:

    they do get freekin Pissed lol I transitioned grew my hair out till I was prepared to cut the relaxed hair off (full shoulder length the tassles had to go) and my own sister wanted to fight me!!! she went the teeny weeny afro route. When will people learn? There is more than one way to pet (: hey I like cats dont skin it lol 🙂 a cat

  • Jazz says:

    Lol I would consider this a hair cut. She's already natural. She isn't cutting off any relaxed ends. But the "cut" does look good on her.

  • Petula Wright says:

    Interesting debate. I agree with you. Cutting a lot of hair is a big chop. I guess it's how I feel when I see pictures posted on Twitter with the hash-tag natural hair and they're Caucasian or Hispanic. Burns my craw. LOL… But ya know – really no biggie. Probably my own issues coming forth. 🙂

  • Ro says:

    Yes and Amen, went natural when I was 13 ( I am 30 now, so 17 years ago) and although I love the positive vibes toward natural hair. This ain't nothing new, some of us went natural when it was not a trend, there were not all these terms ( which can be helpful if used for guidance only) some of us went natural to step out of the box, now some of you still feel the need to label everything. I went natural to be authentic to who "I" am, not so I can place judgement on other's hair. Since that is the same judgement I would not want placed on my hair. I for one am glad Alicia Keys has changed up her style, and you can tell by the pics that she is comfortable with the hair and skin she's in.

  • Curly Sue says:

    Personally, I'd still consider this a big chop… I've always had natural hair (never a perm just some experiments with temporary color) but after flat-ironing my hair to death I decided to cut my hair off and start over. I definitely didn't know what my actual hair texture would be but I wasn't so misguided to think it would look like Alicia Keys. My hair has always been thick and that's how I got to the flat-ironing anyway.

    But either way, I think her haircut/big chop looks great. It actually makes me miss how short my hair was when I first cut it. 🙁

  • RelaxGirlIt'sJustHair says:

    I'm relaxed but if a big chop is when you cut the relaxer out of your hair, how is this a big chop? It looks to me like she just got her cut into a bob. Why is this such a big deal?

  • curlygirl says:

    Aside from the good hair rant, the commentor is correct. In the natural hair community a BIg Chop has ALWAYS been defined as the cutting off the chemically treated hair. I will admit the title of this article confused me as well becuase of this fact. Nikki I'm shocked that this is even up for debate. It was a small error on YOUR part. Lets all move on and talk about something of greater substance.

  • teennatural says:

    she's gorgeous and I love her and her hair

  • Shan says:

    Thank you! That was my first thought. My daughter is mixed race – Black, White and Native, technically more white than the other two – and her hair is just as tightly coiled as many Black people. Kind of funny (and sad) that the poster is going to complain about the "uneducated" when they are just as uneducated about these matters.

  • Cint says:

    I agree that with the amount of hair that she cut off, I consider that to be a freakin big chop! I really do not understand these individuals that act as Natural Hair Police that have to criticize and critique every choice of words or terms. To me, A. Keys big chopped and she looks damn good with the cut. That is all.

  • Black Bot says:

    "I don't think the Natural hair community owns the phrase 'Big Chop' " Of course, we do. When I hear "BC," I don't think of "hair cut." Try using "BC" in casual conversation and see if anyone knows what you are talking about.

  • Kim says:

    The 'Big Chop' for me is cutting chemically processed hair and wearing your natural hair. It isn't about race or hair texture. If Alicia Keys cut out hair color to wear her natural hair color than I would agree but to me ……she just cut her hair short. Just my thoughts on what BC means to me.

  • Erica B. says:

    Who would have thunk it! Alicia looks very chic with her short doo. I love it…

  • Bobbie says:

    Love the new do. It looks great!

  • Dani says:

    She has a pretty face. I doubt anything that she does to her hair will change that.

  • Tricey Whitehead says:

    I am newly natural and for ME, the term "big chop" indicates the process of cutting off one's relaxed, chemically treated or heat damaged hair. The use of the term "big chop" in this article to ME insinuates that Alicia Keys is a part of the "natural hair community". To my knowledge, she has never made a public statement indicating whether her hair was natural or not. Like others have said, being "mixed" does not equal "natural". Therefore, it is MY opinion, that the use of the term "big chop" in this title was possibly misleading. However, I do agree that some "naturals" are a bit hardcore and can sometimes take things too far. For me, I went "natural" because I wanted "healthier" hair. Nonetheless, Alicia's cut looks super fantastic on her !!!!!!!!!

  • Angel says:

    The girl simply got a haircut…like its really not that serious. & im starting to realize that the people who are the first ones to claim that none of this stuff is a big deal and that its "just hair" write the Longest paragraphs and tend to go on and on and on.The passion that people have when simply speaking about something as simple as a haircut shows just how "big of a deal" it is to them even when they claim it isnt.

  • Angel says:

    " It is sooooo cool to want kinky hair but if a person does the BC and they want or hope their hair is looser it must be self-hatred or something".

  • Bronze Venus says:

    Wait. I'm learning something. Since I wasn't relaxed before shaving off my hair I didn't BIG CHOP? Dang, does it also matter that I cut it every weekend for a month prior to having nothing as a way of prepping myself? Guess that wasn't a Big Chop. Oh yeah, I'm "mixed"….that really means I didnt big chop right? Why are people so upset about this? You use products that aren't made specifically for our texture of hair (Suave & VO5). You also use products designed for mixed people (Mixed Chicks & Miss Jessies – white girls use it too and they are mixed). How do we KNOW her hair had no chemical in it? (that doesn't matter)

    Get a carrot. Get a cucumber. get a knife. Chop the carrot into big pieces. Chop the cucumber into big pieces.

    Guess what… You still made big chops!

    Her cut is gorgeous by the way.

    Now, more pressing issues (no shade at you Nikki) how can we child trafficking or save the world?

  • Decia says:

    Thank you and Amen! Her hair looks great and it was definitely a BIG CHOP!

  • Davina says:

    Looks good!

  • Natasha says:

    I'm feeling this cut. It makes her look (even more) appealing and versatile. Has anyone ever thought about her profession? She's a superstar and spends a lot of time in styling and under the bright lights. Maybe this is a big chop because maybe her hair was damaged from heat or whatever. In all, I really don't care. lol She looks good and yes, Nikki, it is hella hair so in that sense it is a big chop.

  • Debby says:

    Your blog is very interesting, I'm loving! There goes my:

  • Juliette says:

    The keepers of the natural hair rule book should really throw it away, this is just division by semantics. Society puts us in little boxes, lets not build boxes around each other. Free yo mind!

  • bree3free009 says:

    I agree, heer hair cut is bangin but I wouldn't call it a big chop per se, it is not because of her texture or her mixed race heritage it just a hair cut.

  • Nikki says:

    oooo chile…too much drama. People take things way to serious. It's hair. Cut, chopped, dyed whatever…… all this hair definition on who can claim what and why is so childish. Who cares. It's cute. Looks nice on her and I could care less if she's "mixed race" (WTH) this is the reason why Ive stopped reading a lot of natural blogs and site. Its too extreme and negative in my opinion

  • Lisa says:

    Absolutely. Educate ourselves. Things aren't always what they seem.

  • CurvyCurly says:

    I Alicia's new cut AND uhm….what Nikki said. #thatisall.

  • Lisa says:

    I agree.

  • Lisa says:

    Natural hair I believe is when you stop using a relaxer whether you are mixed or not…. As we all know or if we don't then we should educate ourselves, our hair and I mean the African American community whether mixed or not are all different textures. There are mixed women whose hair texture is sometimes the same as our 100% african American women. There are mixed women who perm their hair and have decided to transition to natural or big chop, it is still a change for them. When will we stop with 'good hair' and 'you are mixed so you don't understand'? Unfair to that woman as her feelings are real to her. Let us all learn to admire, respect and love each other, natural, mixed or not, long hair, short hair, permed hair, weaves, and I am sure there is more we can add to the list.

  • Lakyshia Coty says:

    I completely agree w/ you. I consider myself having a BC even tho i transitioned for 14 months. i had hair to my bra strap. So that was a BC to me. People who comment like that are why they say natural people are so sensitive….smh

  • Natural Sunshine says:

    Alicia's hair is HOTTT. Enough said. Nikki, I agree with you 100%. Keep doing what your doing!!

  • caramelcurls says:

    I love this article Nik–I agree with you 100%. I don't care if a person is black, yellow, brown, or blue, if you cut off a lot of hair then you can use the term "big chop" as you please. People who beg to differ really need to get a life! Life is too short to be so particular. Alicia looks GORG!!

  • Megan Montgomery says:

    I agree with Nikki she did big chop natural or not chopping off any hair length into a short do is a big chop. I showed my mother who is natural and she agreed too. My mom said when she was younger the word big chop was to cut your hair short or shave it. When she was 18 and my deceased grandmother God rest her soul, cut their long natural waste length hair into a cut called the page boy. Both growing up in Fort Worth, TX everyone was shocked and said why did you chop all your pretty hair off. Both said they wanted something new like Alicia probably did. My mother and grandmother were tired of being known only for their long hair,But it grew back fast and back to its original length. My mom just about tried every style in the book relaxed and natural now back to natural and her hair is still long. I cut my mid-back length hair into a short Bob and dyed it when I was 18 runs in the fam lol. Everyone at my job and school thought I was crazy and said why did you chop all your hair off like I had to explain. Some said that my hair was not going to grow back behind my back it did really fast as it always does, growth never been a problem for me or I do not care for it as long as my hair is healthy hair is hair it will grow back. I love Alicia's new do cute she's rocking it like you should…short, long,relaxed, natural whatever!

    Megan Montgomery

  • Hilary B. says:

    well said!

  • Hilary B. says:

    "Cutting your hair is cutting your hair, no matter your race, creed, or curl texture" Can the church say Amen?? People get so worked up about the most trivial stuff, it's ridiculous! She cut her hair, to a length much shorter than it was before, aka "big chopped."

    " Alicia is of mixed races. She has ALWAYS been natural." ???

    so a mixed person can't BC? or have processed hair for that matter? Oh okay.
    She looks fantastic and the short hair really suits her.

  • Caligirl says:

    I know women of other races/ethnicities who when they cut their mid back length hair to shoulder length (which is still long to many Black women) they consider THAT a big chop. It all depends on the person and how much hair they have, not texture or state of chemical use. I love my natural hair. I've gone from relaxed to natural and back again at least 1/2 dozen times in the last 20 years. Only in recent years has it become somewhat easier for me to take care of my natural hair because of the availability of more products and more information on how to care for it. I love that there is a support system, but I'm completely turned off by the "rules" that now have to be followed to be considered natural or the terms that we are not "allowed" to use. I wasn't aware that big chop was in webster's dictionary strictly defining going from chemically relaxed to a short natural afro. It's not that serious.

  • butta says:

    Agree Leisa, some folks love to put others in categories. Why cant folks do what makes them happy….

  • NeeC1 says:

    Cute, cute, cute … I recall her wearing a wig of the same style in the "Superwoman" video. You go, AK. Whatever you want to call it … big chop, mini chop, chop suey, or pork chop – Alicia did what she wanted to do and is doing it wel!

  • AnnabelTRP says:

    I'm going to go ahead and address the most important point of this article– I love her new do! She is killing in with that orange shirt and patterned shorts (definitely going to copy that look)!

  • BGZR says:

    AK big chopped…BIG CHOP..BIG CHOP..BIG CHOP!!!:-)
    C'mon let's not fuss over trifles.

  • Kaylee says:

    Amen! Race has nothing to do with it! She is beautiful & she did big chop!

  • Cassandra [C.] says:

    I definitely disagree with the comment. What does AK being of mixed race have anything to with "big chopping" and who would honestly believe that simply chopping off all [or most] of one's hair would make it curly if it isn't already that texture?? To me this girl/ guy sounds very upset for no reason.
    In my opinion, a "big chop" is simply cutting the majority [>/= 50%] of one's hair regardless of one's hair status [natural/relaxed/texlaxed/other] or reasoning for cutting.

  • Jamila Williams says:

    Her cut is HOT. Hair is hair love what you've got. Do what works for you, there are no "rules". Do ya thang and have fun doin it!

  • Tierra Jackson says:

    I believe if she had chemically processed hair, then this would be considered a "big chop". If not, it's just a hair cut. Hair texture does not matter.

  • Foxyrou says:

    I am not mixed; I'm Black. But, I agree with what you said! I know plenty of mixed people with hair that is more kinky and coily than mine's. Also, I know mixed people who are darker than me. Therefore, people should really examine their stereotypical thoughts, before they speak.

  • Foxyrou says:

    Now, I understand why some people are getting sick and tired of the natural hair police! They want to fuss about everything under the sun to the point of ridiculousness. Why can't Alicia's hair cut be considered a BC? The argument that was used by that natural was kind of weak. There are many non-mixed Black naturals that BC, but don't have kinky hair. Does that mean that they did not BC, too? I think that every curly, wavy, coily, kinky head is different and unique, so why do we have to make all these special cases for those who have looser curls? It just does not make any logical sense to me.

    To all transitioners: "Don't expect your hair to look like another natural's hair. Again, every curly head is unique and different. Don't go natural because you want to look like someone else. Do it because it is something that you want to do for yourself and your health. If you do it for all the wrong reasons, you may end up disappointed."

  • Brooke B. says:

    Alicia looks amazing & the cut is fierce, she looks like she has come into her own, & she's owning that hair cut so fierce, love it.

  • Brooke B. says:

    Alicia looks amazing, the hair cut is fierce & she looks like she has come into her own. The cut is very chic yet classic. Plus I love the orange shirt with the shorts very cute.

  • Brooke B. says:

    I've always thought Alicia Keys was a beautiful woman & with this cut she looks even more fierce. She looks like she has come into her own & she looks gorgeous. Plus I love that orange shirt with those shorts very chic & classy.

  • Alyssa B. says:

    just realized i wrote "they're" instead of "their". Whoops 🙂

  • Marcia says:

    She cut off a lot of hair so to me it is a big chop. I have no clue if her hair was chemically processed or not or why she cut it but it looks FLY!! What really irked me about the commenter where she said "…who THINK when they. Do BIG
    CHOP their hair will look like this & be THIS texture." Okay something has been bothering me lately…sometimes it seems like loose curly/wavy hair is kind of demonized. It is sooooo cool to want kinky hair but if a person does the BC and they want or hope their hair is looser it must be self-hatred or something. I have looser textured curls and its like if someone compliments my hair or something I have had people say "oh they just like you hair because it is not kinky…" or something similar not that I take care of my hair and it is healthy and pretty. Ugh! Okay I am ranting. Love the new comment format!

  • PB_no_Jelly says:

    My thoughts:
    A.Cute cut!
    B. Words hold different definitions to different people. I can't be upset if a person says "potato" if I say "potatoe" however my irritation comes when people say "it's just hair" well for some that is not their truth. If hair was just hair then for almost 100 years black women would not have been holding their kinks, curls, and naps hostage with lye, hot combs, etc. if hair was just hair then there would be no need to label the "phenomenon " of black women wearing their natural in its texture a "movement" if hair was just hair then an Afro would never be considered unprofessional. Hair is not just hair, the way it is worn, processed/unprocessed, cut, styled, and presented says something to the person wearing it and those around them.the 2+ billion dollar hair industry says hair is not just hair. I'm one of those who believe if the world was just a free spirit "to each her own" and if folks really wanted easy-peasy hair people would literally just wake up and go with their hair, but women want to say something with their hair or have their hair say something about them,
    C. I do applaud any woman who can look at the unrealistic beauty standard set by magazines, fashion, and media in general and say the hell with that I.m doing me.

  • Anne Akande says:

    Woooooow! Amazing how much debate has been going on. But seriously though, Alicia Keys is a beautiful woman like the rest of us… I remember seeing her cornrows in her first album and loving it so much! You can tell she loves her hair and her 'big chop' in my opinion is supa – dupa- lush- tastic! Let's not try to feel like we're more natural than others… like Nikki said, she cut off 'hella'! And she is todally working it.

  • BnNappy says:

    Love the cut. I wish everyone (ppl trying to define a big chop, long hair, who's natural, etc) would stop trying to be President of the Natural Hair Club… ugh… no one died and left you in charge of terminology, grade of hair, or anything else. The girl big chopped… it's FAB… LIVE!

  • Licie says:

    It's a haircut, not a big chop! So what? Since when have we been calling Sharon Stone's haircut a big chop?? Big chop refers to cutting off chemically treated hair to go all natural. If you're natural with long hair and cut it, it's a hair cut! Done!

  • DigitalCurls says:

    I agree Nikki! Also I'm not sure if many of you noticed but since Alicia had her baby, she has been wearing her curly locks more. She rarely wears it straight. Maybe she wanted to rid her hair of damaged ends from constant styling? Either way I love it! I hope you get an interview soon because I'd like to know her motivation! 🙂

  • Valencia Hill says:

    Totally agree.

  • Nikita says:

    Look at the "You might also like:" at the bottom of this very story. These articles talking about big chopping all show women with short hair- forget race, forget natural hair, it's just wasn't a "Big Chop". But it's a cute haircut.

  • Nikita says:

    MY opinion: This is NOT a "Big Chop" as defined by the majority at large. (If I was to walk and ask the average person what a "Big Chop" was, they would probably say, "You cut off all your hair." I consider this a hair cut (I have friends with 42" of hair and if she cut off 20 inches is that a big chop?? No, it's a haircut.

  • Erin Buchanan says:

    Seriously! If you think your hair is going to be a 2A when you cut it and you have 4C hair that's a personal problem that has nothing to do with the terms you use. I don't think she was giving new naturals enough credit.

  • yasmin says:

    Is the side of her head shaved? Or is it just slicked back? Cute either way! I'm loving the new comments format btw

  • Stania A. says:

    I agree with Tara. Plus just cause Alicia Keys is of mixed race does not mean she didn't have a relaxer or anything else in her hair. It's also like saying if someone of another race or hair texture cuts off a lot of their hair it can't be called a 'big chop', while people have been using the phrase for years before the natural hair community claimed it.

  • Gracie says:

    Lol I understand where you are coming from, and I do attend natural hair events every now and then, I'm not a hardcore natural hair freak per say lol but I am a hard core lovin' myself and my hair kind of person. These events and groups are supposed to serve as a resource for "WOMEN" to educate themselves about their hair and maintenance etc. And you're right it isn't for everyone. But people are definitely taking this too too seriously

  • Toni says:

    I think the commenter was speaking for herself and has a bone to pick with mixed women. Which is childish and ignorant all by itself.

  • Rhonda C says:

    Gold star, Tara Jean!

  • Rhonda C says:

    Alicia took scissors to her head and consequently hair hit the floor ~ whether we choose to "categorize" (air-quote) the cut as big, small, mini, major or minor……a cut occurred and a damn good one #myopinion. Her new look is refreshing, fun and very flattering! I love it!

  • Alyssa B. says:

    I cannot believe someone actually said that others will think that they're hair will look like Alicia's if we term it "big chop" and they do a big chop. OMG. That statement alone was ignorant. The rest of the statement is ridiculous as well, including the assumption that because she is of mixed race, she was always natural. What?? Curly Nikki, not sure how you can stand reading the mess that's in the comment section sometimes lol

  • Nicole W. says:

    Leisa Preach Girl! I can appreciate and give compliments to women who have a perm, weave or natural hair. I wore a perm for 15 years and LOVED IT I went natural out of curiosity and love it! I would never think I'm better etc. We should just love one another and learn to appreciate our differences!

  • Kudos says:

    They were going IN on you, weren't they…my goodness!

  • Viv says:

    Alicia's haircut looks nice, and definitely brings out her bone structure.

    Nikki DON'T YOU EVER apologize, justify or edit what you write on YOUR SITE. If your opinion was that Alicia Keys "big chopped", so be it. Anyone who disagrees can go create their own blog/website to say it wasn't a big chop. You have been such a valuable contribution to the natural hair movement, keep doing you!

  • Erika A. says:


  • Nicole W. says:

    I agree with Nikki and Tara Jean on this one as well!! Some people can go overboard when it comes to natural hair and what they consider to be natural etc. Props go out to Alicia for getting a great Hair Cut/Big Chop!!

  • Amber No Rose says:

    It's very sad. It's like a cult now. I even know a group that calls themselves the "wild hair gang" and they only socialize with other naturals. I think natural hair is beautiful. I've actually only relaxed for a few years in my late teens/early twenties. But I hate what this whole thing is doing. I hate seeing my fellow sisters feel the need to conform to something. And truthfully, going natural is not for everyone! It is just as much work, just as expensive and can be just as damaging if you're not equipped to manage it. I recently started relaxing once a year because it's easier for my lifestyle and i simply prefer it. I wish people would stop being so "trendy" and do them! OK RANT OVER LOL

  • MissGB27 says:

    A better question is why are you on this site? This page is ON the Couch with Curly NIkki. Her blog, her thoughts. And by the way Alicia Keys is natural, as she does not chemically alter her hair! BOOM!

  • Rae Henley says:

    I must admit that I used to get upset by the looseness of the term " Big Chop," in my defense I was a newbie. Now I equate the term to those like Alicia, who have gone from long to short hair. As well as people who have had long hair for most of their lives and have had no more than just a trim, compared to cutting 4-5 inches off at once. It's traumatic for people to cut off a part of themselves when it been apart of their lives for so long. So while it may be 'just hair' for some, its a 'Big Deal' for others. (Not sure if it was for Alicia)

  • Gracie says:

    I agree with Jasmine, being natural is being taken to a new level where women are starting to segregate themselves and turning it into a race issue. Why can't being natural be just being natural. She has a cute hair do, it's cute and I love it. Go Alicia lol simple as that!

  • dpearson227 says:

    Whew! I'm too busy trying to figure out how to take care of my own head that has about 4 different textures to worry about anyone elses!

  • Gracie says:

    I totally agree, same thing I said. I think it's being taken to a new level and I'm starting to get really disappointed :/

  • Amber No Rose says:

    I'm totally sick of the whole "natural movement". It's turned into another self-hatred divider in our community. It's just hair for heaven's sake. I say wear your hair however you want, WEAVE IT UP, SHAVE IT OFF, GROW IT OUT, RELAX IT, BRAID IT, DYE IT, do what you want. Keep it healthy and encourage other women to choose their own style. When I have children and if they are girls, I will educate them on healthy hair and let them have fun with wearing their hair however they want. Bottom line, it's just hair and people really need to get over all the other foolishness.

  • Pseudonym says:

    Alicia is of mixed races."

    What was the relevance of that entered into the statement. People of mixed race can big chop. I honestly think that whoever wrote that comment was projecting their own issues. That is a major hair cut since we haven't seen Keys with hair above the middle of the back EVER!!!

  • wonderwoman1980 says:

    Exactly! The cut is GORG! Point blank. period!

  • Andrea Dawn says:

    She looks fab.

  • Lena's Blend says:

    Why do you have to wait till your 30? That cut is fly at any age. I'm seriously considering getting it myself, I haven't seen a cut that cute in a while. The only thing that makes me hesitate is I do enjoy long hair and don't know how I'll be able to function without the option of a ponytail, but whew that's a cuuuuuute cute.

  • bmw81187 says:

    wow…its really not that serious. People with this mindset suck all of the fun and excitement out of everything.

  • Anastasia says:

    WOW! The person who left that comment sounds REALLY MAD! I am NOT of mixed race and I transitioned in 2003. I've been fully natural since 2005 HOWEVER in 2010 I did a BIG CHOP! My hair was down my back and I decided i wanted to cut it allll off, it was down to probably 2 inches of hair. Yes I already knew what my curls would look like when it grew out but not what it would look like short. I don't have Alicia Keys loose curls and nor did I expect it to look like that through my transitioning process. Not everyone expects loose curls when they chop off their hair (speak for yourself sweetheart). I chopped off all my hair again last month because of some heat damage, and yes i consider that a BIG CHOP!
    I'm documenting my progress this time so check me out on YouTube – YoAnaB718
    rate, comment, and subscribe (shameless plug lol)

  • AyJayVee says:

    In plain words, it's just hair! It'll grow back. #LooseItandLetItGo!

  • Pecancurls says:

    Wow. Really my sisters?? We really need to stop trying to "box" people in to fit our definitions and standards and just appreciate each other and what we all have to offer. What started out to me as a rather light hearted and fun post turned into something crazy. It really should not be that serious.

  • nicthommi says:

    So Nikki, have you been accused of not being "black" b/c of your hair texture? B/c reading the comment above and a lot of the following comments makes me think that people are making a LOT of false assumptions when they see someone with curly or wavy hair…

  • nicthommi says:

    I don't know why anyone is voting you down for telling the truth. Lenny Kravitz has a white dad and his hair is hella kinky (and he is still fine as hell).

  • nicthommi says:

    Yeah, people who cut their hair off hoping it will be wavy just kind of have issues. I mean, just hope that it's healthy and have fun with it. Why is that so hard?
    We come in so many shades and hues, whether we have one black parents are two…why can't people wrap their heads around that?

  • nicthommi says:

    Dude, my mom and grandma are both black and they could actually call Alicia Key's hair kinky if they talked like that, so try again.

  • Reese says:

    OMG!!! I love her hair. And I have now found the haircut I wanna have when I turn 30. Too cute and chic.

  • nicthommi says:

    Um, you know people in the U.S. who are descended from slaves are also mixed race, and b/c of generations of mixing with other descendants of slaves, it is not an insignificant amount. As much as the book irritates me, check out the book on Michelle Obama's family b/c that story is just about everyone's story.

    But at any rate, "mixed race" people aren't the only ones who have curly or wavy hair, and I don't 'know why you can look at pictures of people who are black and have wavy hair and act like it is only possible to have long wavy hair if you have a non-black parent, just like they act like biracial people with really kinky hair don't exist…

  • nicthommi says:

    Can people stop being so crazy about "mixed race" people and their hair? They don't all have the same kind of hair, it is not a hair type, and if you cut your hair off hoping it will be curly or wavy (which plenty of people with two black parents have), then that is more about you and your own issues. I cannot believe how ignorant black people seem to be about genetics and science.

    And seriously, we don't know if Alicia Keys had a relaxer or not. And the fact that she has a white mom has nothing to do with it. Plenty of people relax their hair, and they don't all do it b/c it was kinky to start. A lot of people did it just b/c they thought it was what people did. But no one has trademarked the term "big chop" and people were saying that a big hair cut was a "chop" way before most of the people squawking about it had natural hair.

    If you have had a perm since you were 5, then you shouldn't look at ANYONE, black, half-black, or green and assume that your hair will look like theirs. You shouldn't cut your hair off HOPING that it is going to look like anyone else's. I personally dislike the whole "how did you get your hair ot do that questions" b/c I know that just like I can copy someone's hair styling technique and get a different result, you are likely to get something different if you copy me too.
    That is kind of the worse part of social media (Facebook, YouTube)…now people have replaced their lust for straight and long hair with a desire to have natural hair that looks a certain way (and most are still insane about length) That's not how it works, and you shouldn't off your hair thinking that you are going to look like Nikki or Alicia Keys or anyone else.

    So do people out there really think that if they see someone with straight or wavy hair, they are biracial? Are they really that simple? Ugh, ugh, ugh…

  • Jeannette Wicks says:

    I know…so sad.

  • Jeannette Wicks says:

    I know right!

  • Jeannette Wicks says:

    I have no idea why Alicia Keys' being Bi-racial has to do with anything but I think that for Alicia Keys, it is a Big Chop. Therefore, I see nothing wrong with saying that it's a Big Chop. And I like the cut, it looks so cute on her…she looks fierce!

  • Dionne says:

    I totally agree. I've been natural since 2001 and back then there was no phrase like "big chop," it was just going natural. While it's good to see a movement going on now, at times it can be disconcerting. Maybe I just don't care enough, but there seems to be too many rules and regulations to being natural, so in a way it kind of holds you down in the way that some people with natural hair think that a relaxer does.

    Regardless of her race or what she is mixed with, Alicia cut off A LOT of hair, in my mind's eye that is a big chop. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but too often it comes off as divisive. A cut is a cut, natural hair is natural hair, let's not cast others in that same box that we unknowingly put ourselves in.

  • Lena's Blend says:

    I'm black and my hair texture is like Alicia's. Black hair and our curl patterns come in tons of different sizes and textures and the natural hair sites you're referring to acknowledge that. Those sites are as helpful and informative to me as they are to you or someone else who's curl pattern may be a tad bit tighter or looser it's not that big of a deal really. And, for those that say she doesn't belong on this site yes, she does she has kinky curly hair her heritage includes black and she provides natural hairstyle inspirations. Natural haircare sites aren't only for people with 4 type hair.

  • wavezncurlz says:

    I had a major cut almost a year ago from Waistlength to shoulderlength and to me it was a "big chop" even though I've been natural for over 15 years. Who cares what others think – I don't!

  • DeeJ085 says:

    I know people who are Puerto Rican who technically are of mixed race but used to wear relaxers, so if they are not "100%" black and cut off all of their hair their Big Chop doesn't count? Everyone knows that Alicia is half black and half white, and I don't think anyone expects their hair to look exactly like hers after a Big Chop. Even if I were also bi racial I wouldn't expect my hair to look like hers because everyone's hair is different, just like my hair is not like every other black woman's texture. This is the beauty of our hair. I always thought Alicia's hair was natural but it doesn't matter, I like the short cut on her:)

  • Lena's Blend says:

    All I know is this haircut is amazing. I just grew my hair out long and after seeing this cut I want the exact same 'big chop' does anyone know if she gets her hair cut in LA and if so by whom?

  • BOBBY says:

    Yes, its a BIG CHOP, 'cause she got a very large majority of her hair off…not just a few inches but a LARGE AMOUNT of her hair…BIG CHOPPED

  • Jasmine says:

    This is one of the many reasons I rock with Miss Nikki. Bigger things to worry about than a title.
    Too many rules and regulations when it comes to "natural hair".

  • SC says:

    Fabulous cut. Love it!

  • Chelonthia Collier says:

    That is all that matters. She looks great!!

  • cyn says:

    I have always been "natural" to me, that means that I have never chemically relaxed my hair; I have however, been straightening my hair since high school. My hair is definitely heat trained, and after an awful blowout 1 year and 5 months ago, I am in the process of transitioning. Who wants to talk about transitioning "natural" hair to NATURAL hair. In my opinion Alicia Keys did do a big chop – which I haven't done yet – but am definitely looking forward to the day…

  • kwnatural says:

    I'm going to proceed directly to a positive comment without stopping to speak on the negative comments posted on FB *blank stare*

    A chop is a chop is a chop.

    Some folks need a valium, a cup of tea, a hot bath… something!

    It's not that serious!


  • hunnybun says:

    I guess this all boils down to what we define as a big chop. Is it chopping off relaxed or damaged ends, is it only a big chop if there is a significant amount of damaged hair cut off or if very little hair is left behind on the head like a TWA or is it just cutting off a lot of hair for whatever reason? Either way the specifics do not matter and somehow I have a feeling that the women who wrote that comment was referring to a deeper issue in the nat hair community- the good hair bad hair debate

  • CurlyChemist says:

    Much bigger things to worry about then a phrase "Big Chop".

  • Dara Brooks says:

    The term "natural hair" doesn't always mean kinky, coarse tight curls, and Mixed race hair doesn't always mean "big loose curls"…my mother is 100 percent Chinese, my father is African, and the only way you can tell I am a product of that is my eyes. I have tight coily coarse hair.

  • Laurie Pierre says:

    Really people?! it's not that serious. A Big chop does not have to be pigeon wholed because of hair extremists out there. Alicia chopped her hair off and it's a big deal because of the length of her hair, so when i saw Big Chop as the title i understood. Too much extremism going on in regards to posts and forgetting to take it for what is really is, a post about a major event in a person's life. Yes hair cuts are a big deal but to rip into the author the way the person did was unneccesary and childish. CHILL OUT!

  • Leisa Monique says:

    I've been a "Natural" for nearly 15 years (not counting my childhood and young adult years) and honestly, I can't stand what this so called "movement" has become! The "elitism" the in-fighting on who can be considered natural and who can't, the constant battle between women who have made the choice to wear their hair natural vs those who are still relaxed or (OMG, she hates herself) wearing a weave!

    Just because you may have chosen to cut off all of your hair doesn't entitle you to discount anyone who has cut off less hair than you nor does it make you any better or "more natural" than someone who hasn't. It's just a different choice! Our hair has meaning for us and cutting off any amount of it can be traumatizing for some. We should be sympathetic to that not critical!

    I have a massive afro and have always had a lot of hair. For the first time I am considering cutting it all off and wearing my hair short . Now because I'm already a natural would that not be considered a "big chop?" I tell you what, It will be a "big chop" because I'll be cutting off ALL of my hair!

    Seriously people, we really need to get past our limited thoughts on who's the more "authentic natural' because they may have cut off all of their hair or their hair is kinky or not colored etc. My natural for nearly 15 years doesn't make me any better than the beauty that has been natural for a month! We should be embracing each other as women whether we are natural or not!

  • Rashelle says:

    I love Alicia's haircut…
    But I think the comment was meant to highlight the issue of curl pattern within the natural hair movement. By this I mean, the false notion that everyone will have big beautiful curly hair which is most commonly viewed in people of mixed race decent, including many Afro-Latin peoples. A lot of natural hair blogs feature people with this kind of hair that does not traditionally(typically) refer to the coarse kinky hair of most American and diasporic blacks. That being said, I think the comment was a little out of place. I think she just wanted to debunk the notion of the big,curly textured hair concept that she clearly feels that the natural hair movement in the media might be dominated with this line of reasoning.

  • Shana D. says:

    As stated before not all mixed girls are natural and not all mixed girls have the stereotypical :mixed girl hair". The post wasn't even about the texture, just the cut. No one's curls are going to automatically look like someone else's. You can put a girl with the kinkiest coils in the world instead of Alicia in this post and say the same thing because everyone who big chops will not have that same texture either. So really race is an assumed factor& not valid.

  • Neeks says:


  • Dallas says:

    Thank you for adding 'no matter your race.' I'm light skinned mulatto that has had to deal with other women telling me because I'm 'not all black' that there is no natural movement for me, even if processed hair was a way of life for years due to a frustrated mom who didn't know what else to do. I thought the natural movement was for all, why are some trying to segregate it to be a movement for just one race?
    Alicia looks beautiful!

  • BrownstoneBelle says:

    I know what it is too have long hair and when you cut it above ear length it feels like a big chop to you! I do feel that although Alicia was natural her hair had been straightened a lot and maybe she wanted her natural pattern back so she cut off the heat trained hair. In that case, it's still a big chop IMO. But seriously, who cares, she looks amazing either way!

  • Ludny Charles says:

    I loooove the cut/chop what-say-you…its cute!! Very refreshing and gives her a funky new look. After I reach my hair length goal, I want to do a chop just like that. She better watch out because she may end up preggers again..te he he

  • Anon says:

    There are "established" naturals that start all over and we consider it a big chop. There's an image of a TWA anytime you say the words big chop and that's just not true! So she got her hair cut into a shape, it's still a big chop regardless of if she's "always been natural", got her processed hair cut off, or just cut a whole bunch of hair off!

    In reference to that FB comment you got, I have problems with her statement. 1. What does Alicia's race have to do with anything? You can big chop no matter if you're 100% something or half and half! 2. When I decided to go natural I definitely got caught up in curls like Alicia's BUT as I looked at MY hair, I knew that wasn't the texture I was working it. If a person is considering big chopping they should wholeheartedly embrace THEIR texture and others.

  • Britney Collier says:

    After reading the comments on Facebook, it made me think how can we take something that was a positive message and make it so negative with just two words, Its not like we own the two words just because we are natural. If you look up the two words it would have her picture in it, which is a big chop because she lost alot of hair. I wish some people would take her nose out of the sky and just relax!! But it is a cute style, I would love to do that with my 4c hair!!!

  • UFroGyrl says:

    Oh wow…loving the new comments and rating format! (random sorry!) AK's hair is cute – big chop, hella chop, anywhere a chop shop whatever – I love it! I got hair problems of my own … and that is perfecting my wash n' go… than to worry about proper natural hair grammar. Dang!

  • Skyy says:

    Yes indeed that was a Big Chop. I feel like even sometimes when naturals get heat damage they Big chop all over again. I can see where there is confusion because for those ppl who transition for years then chop I'm like your Big Chop was a big chop but it is confusing for ppl who start with little to no hair when they Big Chop. So maybe we need to say TW (Teeny Weeny) Big Chop if it is like 3 inches or less. Or lets all just stop being so technical lol 🙂 But that hair cut is indeed cute.

  • Dara Brooks says:


  • CurlyNikki says:

    right, let's circle back around to the original point of the post! The cut is EVERYTHING and she wears it very well! So chic!

  • What's My Name says:

    Really it's not that serious. People are worried about the wrong things…. #PrayForColorado

  • datfynn says:

    I'd like to focus on what a great haircut that is for her. I don't really care if it's a 'big chop' or not. This shows me how important it is to get a stylist who really knows how to cut hair. A great haircut clearly does wonders

  • Erin Buchanan says:

    I was really surprised how crazy everyone got about this. I don't think the Natural hair community owns the phrase 'Big Chop' and Nikki can use it however she wants.

  • Marissa says:

    thank you nikki, when i first saw these photos i thought it was a big chop too, homegirl had a lot of hair! to each her own, i guess.

  • Marissa says:

    couldn't have said it better.

  • Loretta says:

    It really is unnecessary for you to get somewhat offended by
    other’s opinions of a “big chop”. She probably cut her hair as a result of
    wanting a short look, NOT to go natural. So why is her cut even on this site???
    Anywho, we can all tell that you’re a "Miss Know-it-all”!

  • cluvs says:

    im with nikki on this, i consider her cut a big chop.
    SN- NOT ALL MIXED CHICKS ARE NATURAL cuz i wasnt until my big chop last yr.
    but regardless im loving the cut it totally looks great with her NATURAL hair 🙂

  • Gracie says:

    That is indeed a big chop lol, she made an extreme change to her hair length (Hence Big) and she chopped it off "Big Chop" . I feel that a lot of "black" women that have gone natural are trying to create this separation with the concept of going natural. They are trying to confine it to just African American women because they are trying label being natural as something they can call their own. Any woman of any race can go natural, that's just the reality.

    Go Alicia! I love the cut! I admire when "WOMEN" make bold decisions

    – Gracie

  • Dara Brooks says:

    Hit the nail on the head girl.

  • Tara Jean says:

    Nikki I would have to agree with everything you said…and the things that I think you wanted to say too, lol. This is a super fab haircut, but I must say I feel that some in the natural community can take things a bit far at times. " Alicia is of mixed races. She has ALWAYS been natural. This will contribute to the uneducated (@natural hair) who THINK when they. Do BIG CHOP their hair will look like this & be THIS texture." Huh? I'm confused. That's like buying the same dress as someone who is a different size than me and then getting mad because it looks different on me. I don't understand the theory. What does her race have have to do with anything. I thought "big chop" referred to the act of cutting off damaged hair…be that damage from chemical, heat, a piece of gum…. Overall I think people should take a deep breathe. Hair is an accessory that we should enjoy. I feel like some people who say they went natural to no longer be a "slave" to chemicals are now just as enslaved in their "100% natural" hair process. Do what you like, have fun while doing it, and stop trying to classify yourself. Just be you.

  • Joshay Lang says:

    It's beautiful!

  • Who it is. says:

    I LOVE IT!

  • C says:

    I can see both sides. We could stand to expand the natural movement in such a way that it includes all personal affirmations of style that don't reinforce the eurocentric standard of long and straight, then we won't be derided for being so hard on each other. Like many of us, Alicia may have been operating under the "you CAN'T cut that beautiful" hair standard and cutting it is very freeing to her.

  • Esther Komolafe says:

    I love her hair

  • TBee says:

    Love it! #GrownWomanFlow! I was tired of the braids on her, so this is a refreshing change! Alicia looks FAB! …when I think of the "big chop" whether an inch or 5 inches, I think of cutting off 'processed' hair going back to the natural state. Thus, I would NOT consider this a 'big chop', just a fly new hair cut! Ethnicity has nothing to do with it, other races with 'processed' hair can have big chops. But a cut on already natural hair is just a haircut in my opinion and based on the terms I use and as coined during this 'Natural Revolution'!

  • Dara Brooks says:

    oooh, love the new comment section 🙂 I do indeed consider it a big chop, I cut my ALL NATURAL hair from MBL to about her length now, and I love it. my hair type is different and I get more shrinkage so it looks even shorter dry, but sheeesh, really guys, does it have to be "relaxed hair" or a 'TWA" to be considered a "big chop"??? Because I feel like I big chopped…I can't even rock a bun anymore lol…or a chunky twistout…

  • Emma says:

    some naturals do the MOST. I saw a vid of a girl that said she had 4C hair and everyone was like, "she don't have 4C, if she go 4C then i got 4Z"….goodness gracious. just let folks do their thang!

  • CurlyNikki says:

    I concur!

  • CurlyNikki says:

    I agree!!!!

  • CurlyNikki says:

    I edited the title and gave my opinion up top! 🙂

  • Jo Somebody says:

    She would look beautiful whatever her hair tbh!

  • TiAnna Mae says:

    Definitely cute, but it's typical, so I can't get too excited about it. Maybe she should go shorter or shave the side or get some funky highlights.

  • anonymous says:

    AK is an absolute doll! God bless her!
    I love that angle balanced cut in the top center. That's my goal.

  • honeybrown1976 says:

    Haha. She cut her hair. I don't think she " big chopped".

  • Taylor says:

    Cute style! It looks nice on her.

  • The Curly Oenophile says:

    Nice. I think it suits her.

  • Anne Akande says:

    A new day indeed! I love it… her hair looks amazing and I love how she said new day in EVERY way. My blog is named similar because it's not just a hair transition…. it's transitioning in EVERY way!

  • Danique Clarke says:

    I love her cut!

  • Black Bot says:

    I like her hair cut, but I wouldn't call it "big chopping."

  • wendsilenazla says:

    i need to get used to it, but it aint bad

  • TashiMarie says:

    I love Alica Keys, she is such an inspirational person all around and her new look fits her perfectly. BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL

  • Courtney says:

    I think it's cuh-yoot!. It was time for a change.

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