Since it seems that hair trims and cuts are the subject of the day, shall we take a moment to admire Alicia Keys’ big chop? According to Necole Bitchie she chopped just in time for her track release, ‘New Day’, and tweeted the pic below along with the message-

“Look what I done did!!;-))) its an ‪#aknewday‬ in EVERY way!!!! ))

Whatcha think?!

CN Says:
I’m in LOVE!  *puts on stalker shoes*

***Edited To Add***

I originally titled this post, ‘Alicia Keys Big Chopped!’  I hadn’t thought twice about the word use until I read the following comment on FB-

 “THIS is NOT considered a BIG
CHOP! Alicia is of mixed races. She has ALWAYS been natural. This will
contribute to the uneducated (@natural hair) who THINK when they. Do BIG
CHOP their hair will look like this & be THIS texture. NIKKI PLEASE
CHANGE TITLE!! It should say great hair cut or something. She looks

While I don’t agree with the statement as a whole (really though?), we’ve most certainly defined ‘Big Chop’ as the cutting off of one’s processed hair.  Assuming Alicia was natural, the phrase ‘Big Chop’ in the way we normally use it may be inappropriate, but seriously, y’all, this was a ‘Big Chop’ indeed. Homegirl cut off hella hair!  

This reminds me of another debate in the natural hair community… I’ve often posted stories from ‘long term transitioners’ that cut after 2 or 3 years. And boy, when they refer to their ‘cut’ as a ‘Big Chop’, folks go HAM.  There’s a sentiment that if you’re left to rock and style more than 3 inches of hair, you’re not in the club.   In my humble opinion, if you had what most consider long hair (there’s a damn debate about what that consitutes too, lol!), I feel that that cutting ‘hella’ is still a ‘Big Chop’… it’s a personal thing.  And we won’t know if Alicia considers her cut a ‘Big Chop’ until we talk to her!

I understand the controversy, so for that, I’ll
add some some quotes to the title, but that’s as far as I’ll go because
cutting your hair is cutting your hair, no matter your race, creed, or
curl texture.