Tina writes:
Becoming a mixtress can be really enticing and exciting
especially if on a budget. The truth is, cleansing is an essential part of a regimen to
remove product build-up but using shampoo can strip the
moisture we already struggle to retain. So try making a mud wash that
clarifies while leaving your hair conditioned and moisturized
throughout. Check out the video below for a cool way to make your own mud wash if you don’t have the funds to spring for Terressentials.  

After using bentonite, my hair feels clean without the stripped feeling one often gets with shampoo!

If you have a lot of product build up or very damaged hair you can expect to have to use a mud wash a few times before experiencing the luxurious feel of beautiful moisturized hair. I wish I could try some Terressentials but this will have to do for now. I am in no way saying this product is equivalent to Terressentials as I have never used their products, but for those on a strict budget, this might be an option!

Cheers to Mud Wash!

Thanks for letting me share with the CurlyNikki community!

CN Says:
Check out my experiences with Bentonite, HERE.  I haven’t revisited in a while due to time… but the results were absolutely amazing! 

Do you use bentonite clay? Share your experiences below!