Briana of The Mane Source writes:

Over the weekend I received a message from a dope Chicago stylist. In her message she shared her experience with a natural client that didn’t want to continue to receive services from her because she also styles relaxed hair. I have the go ahead from this stylist to share the message, so, read on…

I have had lots of
clients call me and ask me am I a natural hair stylist and I tell them
yes, because I consider myself to but that. I recently had a client that
took offense to me doing other styles, as if I lied to her. Needless to
say I was shocked that she was so angry. My client went on the tell me
she wanted to see a stylist that ONLY did natural hair. So I kindly
informed her that that would be her choice and I had no problem if
didn’t want to return. But while she was sitting in my chair I took the time to inform her that I was a cosmetologist first, and a naturalist second. 
Any one can call
themselves a naturalist. No formal training is needed, they learn to
braid, twist and lock and start getting money. They start telling
everybody to grow their relaxer out and go natural! Natural is good, I
believe that over 75% of women wearing relaxers don’t need them. 1/2 of
that percentage of women with relaxers would be doing much better
without it. The other half are not using it properly creating more
However, being a
cosmetologist is paramount. Being able to first give you a proper
consultation to analyze your hair and giving you the best professional
advice possible. So I don’t have any hang-ups about natural hair, or
relaxers, or extensions. I want you to have the most healthy hair
possible. If that means you need a relaxer, I’m able to give you that.
If that means you need to grow your relaxer out, I able to help you with
your transition with a proper hair-shaping and possibly some extensions
to help you along. As soon as we get your hair healthy and strong. I’m
able to give you a possible new hair color (done properly with
professional products) that will set you out from any crowd of people.
On a personal level, I
prefer natural hair on everyone. I love the versatility of natural hair.
I love the variation of textures and curl patterns. I pay big $$$$ for
flatirons to straighten the tightest of curl patterns. I LOVE NAPPY
HAIR!! But I love healthy hair more. So if I had to pick, I’m a
cosmetologist for life! I have one hang-up and that’s happy/healthy

So, what say you? 
How do you feel about her response?
Do you prefer that your stylist only cater to natural hair? And, for my formally-trained natural stylists out there, do you agree with her thoughts on relaxers?