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Most product companies have a complete, comprehensive line of products they believe to be essential to the health of your hair and in some cases, body and skin. As such, they are promoted to be used by the consumer as a system, including the shampoo, conditioner, leave in, styler, etc.

For the most part, the hair product selection process is treated much like a buffet. We take what we want from this part of the buffet, and then venture on the other side to avoid what we don’t want. I was approached by a product distributor who was selling his line of products as a complete package and refused to sell me separate components, all the while perturbed enough to explain to me how I don’t know anything about products and how they are meant to be used together or they have no value. While I recognize the marketing standpoint and applaud the entrepreneurial spirit, as disrespectful as he was about it, I am not 100% convinced of the validity of it all. I do in some circumstances understand the notion that many things are meant to be used as a system. For example, if there is step oriented dynamic, much like a facial cleansing system; Step 1 cleanse, Step 2 tone, Step 3 moisturize. I can also see how using them in the order they were designed is essential to their effectiveness based on their formulations. I’m just not quite sure that applies to hair products so I wanted to get another vantage point.
For those naturals who have it all figured out as it relates to a regimen which yields awesome results, many tend to use a shampoo from this line, a conditioner from that line and a styler from yet another product line, despite the fact that most complete lines will announce on the label “best results achieved when used with (insert another product from the same line)”. Are these empty claims wrapped in a bow of marketing strategies or is there some truth to them? Some product companies have a loyal, almost cult like following and their customers insist on using the entire line.

For me – it would be 100% easier on me and my process if I could simply use products all from the same line and call it a day. I would actually prefer it and I am open to the concept but thus far I have not found success in doing so. I would at the very least like to use the same shampoo and conditioner from one family of products. While I have found a few where I can do that (and they have earned a spot in my arsenal), those are few and far between. It most scenarios, my curls have a mind of their own and I am in love with one component; and the other….not so much.

What has your experience been? Do your product choices cross product lines or do you stick with one line for all your hair care needs? 

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