Needing a reprieve from this… 


…Hubby and I secured a Boogie-sitter for tonight (shout out to
Crystal. Bless her – for she knows not what she does)!  Honestly folks,
we don’t even have plans, but considering I was getting ready to snatch
that spoon from her and dig a hole to freedom – it doesn’t matter where
we go.  l’m just looking forward to going out to eat like a grown-up,
where I can tip the waitress enormously for good service and not for her
ability to pick up the food that Boogie would’ve collected on the
floor. -__-

Yesterday, for the first time in months, I did an overnight deep treatment (with a mix of Aubrey GPB and Honey Suckle Rose on dry hair) and today, rinsed, washed, conditioned, detangled, blew it out and trimmed with plans to tuck it away for the next two weeks.  For tonight’s date, I’ll probably rock a high messy bun with a red lip… but first I’ll twist (with plans to twist-out) to give the bun some character.
My hair today… a lil longer than the January blow-out despite the countless impromptu scissor sessions… gotta keep the cut tight!

Later, if the finished results are worthy, I may update this post with a pic of my date night attire 😉

Edited to add:


 Remember that designer shirt Theo Huxtable just had to have and Denise volunteered to make him one? That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw this shirt! LOL, if you don’t remember, check out this link! #CosbySwag #ItsAGordonGatrelle

shirt- gifted from Romwe

jeggings- Pacsun
bracelet- gifted Stella and Dot Tribute Bracelet which raised thousands of dollars for Breast Cancer Research
hair- gathered loosely at the crown, cocked a little to the side, pulled completely through a ponytail holder once, and then halfway through the second time and fanned out for volume. Buy the ‘no-slip’ headband HERE.
lipMAC Russian Red
face- Smashbox Tinted Moisturizer (Dark)

What are your plans this weekend?