by Bennii Blast of The Culture Pine

We see so many success stories across the natural hair sphere, that it
can almost make us feel ashamed or guilty if we have a doubt or two
about our natural hair journeys. Just like any other aspect of our
society; what the majority are doing is considered ‘normal’, and
anything outside of the common denominator is a cause for concern. Well,
let me tell you – there is absolutely nothing extraterrestrial about
having a few doubts!

It may feel like you’re the only one experiencing a few negative
thoughts, but guess what? Along with countless other ladies, I am right
there with you. For instance; watching one of my sisters breeze through a
wash day sesh stirs up all kinds of feelings of hair envy, because I
know my hair will take up twice the amount of time! Or, on those
occasional days when I lose all inspiration on how to style my hair, I
look back at those times when my hair would lay flat just the way I
wanted it too. If only for a moment or two, I catch myself thinking ‘if I
were still relaxed…’. Does this mean I regret my decision to go
natural? No Way!

We were accustomed to dealing with relaxed hair, for many of us – the
majority of our lives, so it is only natural that it may creep into our
thoughts every now and then. The trick is; reminding yourself of the
very reasons you chose to take a different approach to hair care in the
first place. You saw something in yourself when you embarked on this
journey that told you; ‘I have what it takes to do this’. Try to
rediscover that confidence, and don’t let the odd day or two distract
you from your goals. If you feel that you are having more than a few
doubts – don’t go solo…talk to someone before you make any drastic

Doubts can occur in any aspects of our lives. Do not allow them to
hinder you, but get to the root of their existence to give you the best
chance in deciphering how to move past them. There are many of us within
the natural hair community here supporting you so…

Stay strong and speak out!