Image Source
by Bennii Blast of The Culture Pine

We all have a few bad habits. I in fact seem to acquire a new one with
every passing year. The latest to show up on my radar made its debut
around the same time that more and more kinks started forming on my
head. Yup, if you haven’t guessed it already – I my dears, am suffering
from a good old dose of hand-in-hair-syndrome.

What beats me is the reason for its sudden occurrence….

Is it the fact that I can actually feel the roots without the hindrance
of a weave? Is it because my hand wants to explore this new texture
emerging out of my scalp? Or, am I fondling my mane as a precautionary
measure that its all still there, right where it should be? Like I said;
I have no idea where I have picked up this habit from but, I do know
that I would like for it to stop.

Playing in my hair so frequently means that all that lovely moisture and
the natural hair oils are ending up on my hands, giving my nails all
the goodness instead. Strands of hair appear in my palm, and I have that
nerve racking moment during the time I search for a white bulb to
confirm that it is a shed hair, and not a ghastly broken one. There’s
also that dreaded point your finger seems to have caught itself up in a
knot, and you now have the task of trying to set it free without
snapping off the hair it is hooked between. Sheesh!

Perhaps it’s time that I seek refuge in a good old head scarf, or wear
my hair in protective styles more frequently in the hope that this habit
will gradually disappear. If all else fails, I guess I will have to
live with it and maybe try to put a cap on my hair fondling time. Of
course, I’m now sitting here wondering if I REALLY play in my hair that
much. I know…denial never helped anybody.

Are you apart of the Hand-In-Hair Crew?