by Sherrell Dorsey of OrganicBeautyVixen

My hair has taken me on a journey through self-love, self-hatred and self-awareness.

My bathroom has been both a sanctuary and purgatory as I picked, prodded, primped and shouted to the mirror at myself.

Both praises and curses flew from my lips in the direction towards
the kinky, curly, dry and complicated strands that grew from my head.

I am my mother. I am my father. I am my ancestors. I am the little
girl that desired both long, silky straight hair and an afro as large as
Angela Davis’.

My hair is both conflict and peace. Both paradox and truth.

In it I find both solace and confusion.

It’s become part of my maturation.

Part of my self-discovery.

Part of my pain and part of my pleasure.

What is this blessing that God seemed to have hidden within a curse I was too blind-sighted to see?

My hair is a reflection of me.

My growth.

My spirit.

My insecurities.

My fearlessness.

Is your hair a reflection of the true you?