Lil' Mama Talks Natural Hair, Haters & More
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This past weekend, contributor Kisha caught up with female rapper & America’s Best Dance Crew judge Lil’ Mama backstage at the Global Fusion Festival in Philadelphia.

Lil' Mama Talks Natural Hair, Haters & More

She was rocking a brand new fro-hawk ‘do (which was quite cute) and we
got into asking her about her new style. You may recall that Lil’ Mama
recently posted a Twitpic of herself rocking out with a natural ‘fro
(see below), which garnered tons of attention when she put it up in May.

Lil' Mama Talks Natural Hair, Haters & More

She chatted with us about the commentary she received after boldly posting the photo and she had quite alot to say about it.

“I posted the picture of my hair and people were like ‘Omg you look
like a shocked slave!’ I didn’t get one comment from a white person
about my hair. All of them came from the sisters that had these bullsh**
helmut weaves looking like a fake a** Nicki Minaj. They don’t know who
they are. And the people they’re looking to for guidance don’t know who
they are either, which sucks.”

Aside from going all-natural with her hair, she’s also decided recently
to spring for natural nails. She no longer uses acrylic nails. A recent
mishap actually led to an allergic reaction and what Lil’ Mama believes
was a message from God about being natural, in the form of a blister
shaped like Africa. See pic below:

Lil' Mama Talks Natural Hair, Haters & More 
Watch our exclusive video where she discusses it all:


Thoughts on Lil’ Mama’s new do? Or her stance on being natural? Soundoff below!