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Curly Nikki

Maya’s Naturally Glamorous!

By January 27th, 202135 Comments
Maya's Naturally Glamorous!

by Alex of The Good Hair Blog

This curly girl is a ball of joy and love from what I see via InstaGram and her YT videos. I came across this beauty and her head full of curls about a week ago via Kinky Kurly Queen and FELL IN LOVE! Maya has amazing hair and a seemingly great personality to match. I think you all will really enjoy her story as a biracial curly girl.

Please, Introduce yourself!

Hola!  My
name is Maya Washington aka Shamelessmaya and I’m a NYC based artist
with a forte in photography and voice over acting. I began this social
media experiment on myself on how to #beshameless back in April 2012 to
annihilate my inhibitions and attitude towards self promotion. part of
this experiment includes making YouTube videos. One particular video,
The Ultimate Curly Hair tutorial has been a hit with the curlies hence
this interview :)

What is your current hair care regimen?
My current
hair regimen? currently with this humid weather it’s wash less. My
curls don’t stand a chance! I’ve resorted to buns and corn rows. I do
wash with the Shea Moisture line and moisturize with Inter Cellular (IC)
and Vatika coconut oil. When I plan on wearing it curly I use Shea
Moisture’s Curl and Style milk.

What is your hair type and what works best for your texture?
I have
uber thick hair with ringlets! I found the best for my curls is to deep
condition at least once a month if not more with Parnevu Organics (my
hair loves this stuff) and a heat cap. Once rinsed I MUST section and
moisturize followed by a quick twist. If I don’t twist and let my hair
dry it has way more frizz and way less definition. At the moment my hair
is digging Shea Moisture.
Maya's Naturally Glamorous!
 Did you big chop or transition?
I’ve been
natural forever! And because I’ve had the same hair forever I got bored
and experimented with the whole Brazilian Blowout craze. Yes, I’ve done a
keratin treatment back in Jan 2012. Mainly because my hair was super
dry and splitting everywhere and I tried everything to revive it. I
don’t know if it was my move to NYC, but my hair changed when I got
here. The BB definitely gave my hair moisture and it loosened the curl
pattern which I also wanted. Again I’ve had the same hair forever so the
idea of a temporary change and condition appealed to me. But 7 months
later my hair is finally back to it’s tight curls.
I’ve never
really had to transition…I did dye my hair light brown with blonde
highlights back in 2000. I got way too much attention! I felt my hair
over shadowed me. Every time I stepped foot in public it was “your hair,
your hair!” the compliments were awesome at first but then it got to be
annoying! I’m more than my hair! So I chopped it all off in 2002.
problem solved. But then I had to deal with all these comments like
“don’t worry it’ll grow back”. Worry? I was happy to chop it off. Hair
can be overrated. I think every woman should do a chop once in her life.
And I plan on doing it again! 
I’ve had insecurities with my curls. As a mixed kid being raised by my
Filipina mother I was literally the “black” sheep in the family. Not
only was I the darkest, but my hair was “nappy”. We didn’t even know my
hair was curly really because my mom didn’t know how to style it she’d
always brush my hair when dry. As a kid it was always short (1-2inches)
and in braids or afro picked out. Everyone thought I was a boy. Man! I
haven’t gone down this lane before….It wasn’t until I was able to grow
my hair in high school that I started to learn how to style my hair
curly. But even then my hair was always in a pony tail. Special thanks
to Scary Spice! She really did inspire me to appreciate my curls. I
remember wearing my hair out for the first time at school. Everyone was
talking about it and giving me compliments. I was the only one with
thick curly hair in my school wearing it all out and loud. These days
kids have so much to choose from and inspiration everywhere.

What makes you love your curls?
I love God so he’s decided curls are for me so why fight it. Plus I’m too lazy to do anything else with it.

Maya's Naturally Glamorous!
Where can we find you on the web?
instagram/twitter: mayasworld

Anything EXTRA you want us to know?
I am more than my hair!
Oh and my new YouTube channel is in the works but be first and subscribe:
Maya's Naturally Glamorous!


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