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Curly Nikki

Safely Blowdrying Natural Hair

By January 27th, 20215 Comments
Safely Blowdrying Natural Hair

Hola Chicas,

It’s Thursday which means we’ve officially taken over Essence for the day!
¡Viva la Revolución!
Check out my latest installment, where I discuss ways to achieve a dope blow-out that won’t fry your strands. Head over there, check it out, ‘like it’, share it and comment! Also, leave questions of your own for the next article!
Thanks divas!
Later Gators,


  • Cint says:

    These tips were right on the money. I have been contemplating blowing my hair out but just too afraid to try it. Thanks Nikki!

  • teennatural says:

    Thank you for your tips!

  • CurvyCurly says:

    I haven't blow dried my hair in years, but will blow out my daughter's hair 2-3 times a year so I can do a thorough trim on her tightly coiled hair (4b/cish). This last session was a disaster trying to alternate between a brush and wide-tooth comb. I used a heat-protectant but no leave-in or oil…what a mistake. Her ends were so tangly because I hadn't done a good trim in about 8 months -_- terrible I know. There was way too much breakage by the time was I was done with drying and flat ironing. Poor child, she fussed at me and asked to have her curly hair back!
    Thanks for the tips Nikki. Hopefully the next session will be much better.

  • Megan Montgomery says:

    The tension method all day I love it. It makes my hair so smooth and the roots straighter to me. I never use the comb attachment before does it come with dryers or separate? Thanks Nikki

  • Brooke B. says:

    I definitely like using the tension method it still gives me the look I'm going for without the extra hassle of using a brush.

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