…by Bee of ‘83toinfinity.com

I’ve learned that oftentimes while in relationships, it’s the little things that make a difference. Matching bras and panties? Cool. Cooking their favourite meal when you know they had a tough day? Nice. Forgoing expensive gifts and giving them a handmade coupon book for “10 kisses” and “an hour-long massage”? Cute, especially when you’re broke. Taking a trip to Canadian Tire and spending $5 on a tool that might just save your relationship? YES! Let me explain.

It was a day not too long ago. I had come home from a horrid day at work, and decided to take a long, hot shower to unwind. There I was, iTunes bumpin’, off in the tub exfoliating with my pom-pom yellin’ “Go 3000!” (I was listening to Art Of Storytelling Pt. 4), and having a grand time caressing my hair with the most conditiony of conditioners. I got out, feeling good and smelling better, then exited the bathroom to allow the Hubs to get his shower on.

I was feeling like a goddess in my towel and turban, and eenie-meenie-minie-moeing my Bath & Body Works drawer of lotions when I heard Homieloverfriend bellow my name from the bathroom. He didn’t yell, he didn’t scream – he bellowed y’all. That sound came from the pit of his stomach and was fully projected with all the strength of his diaphragm. Was he hurt? Did I use up the hot water? What happened? When I entered the bathroom, he shot me a look of utter and complete disgust that I had never seen before.

“Babes! What’s wrong?” I whispered.

“It’s….it’s just….it’s…your hair.”

Lo and behold, I took a peek in the tub…and in my sheer joy of being out of work and in a hot, steamy, frothy, bubbly state of bliss, I had forgotten to clean all of my detangled curlies from the bathtub. Small tings to me, but for a chaetophobe like my hubby, it was an unforgiveable offense. I rubbed his back, promised never to let it happen again, and proceeded to gather up all the loose hair from the tub and drain, all while trying hard not to laugh at how serious he was. His hatred of loose hair is real deal Holyfield. The only time he’s really mad at me is when I leave hair in the tub, on the counter, on the floor, on his sweaters, in his beard…you get it. Let him go in the shower and see one lonely curl, and he’s pissed. Even worse is if he notices that the water is draining much slower than usual…whooooo chile!

I finally found the thing to save my marriage and my bathtub drains: a hair snare drain guard.

This simple, inexpensive tool accomplishes something that I thought was impossible. It catches all of your loose hair while still draining water – and saves you SO much trouble. No more annoying clogs! No more having to reach your hand into the drain to pull out hair! No more pouring eyeball-burning chemicals down the drain to dissolve the clog! And best of all, no more angry husbands and fellow bathroom users! Check your local Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, or Home Hardware to find one of these babies and enjoy!

Depending on the fit of your tub and the size of your drain, a hair snare drain guard may not catch ALL of your hair….but it should catch enough to make a difference. If you’re still struggling with clogged drains, get out some baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water and try this natural clog-cleaning technique.

Morals of this story? 1. Be cognizant of your partner’s pet peeves and do what you can to minimize them. 2. A trip to Canadian Tire might just help your relationship 🙂

Can you relate?!