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CYW says…I always get confused about glycerin. Is it an ingredient I should use to combat my frizzy hair on hot, humid days? If so, how much can I add to my leave in conditioner so it will be affective without being sticky.

The Right Brain  replies:

Glycerin is what is known as a humectant.  That means it has the
ability to absorb moisture from the air. This is a very helpful property
in skin lotions where it can help bind moisture to the skin. However,
since humidity tends to increase the frizzing of hair, binding additional moisture is the last thing you want to do. I would
stay away from glycerin in a leave in conditioner to be used under high

There is one possible exception: certain types of highly textured hair which are extremely dry, may still benefit from glycerin even in high humidity.

CN Says:

For more in depth detail on using glycerin and other humectants in the summer, click HERE!

Here’s an excerpt– 

“Some of you, especially those with porous hair may notice a backlash
from humectant use. The products that controlled your curls in more
temperate dew points may cause you to get the cotton candy look in the
summer. Those of you who get humectant induced frizz in the summer many
want to look into anti-humectants to help keep the moisture out of you
hair. Others resort to hard hold type gels along with their regular
routine. I seem to have a preference for polymers like PVA/PVP in high
dew point conditions. It sort of locks the curl down for me.”- RCC

I CAN’T use humectants in the summer… I end up with a shrunken, sticky, tangled mess.  Awful.