by Sherrell Dorsey of OrganicBeautyVixen

Today I’ve made the commitment to see the greatness within myself.
Sure there’s a lot that I can choose to complain about. Sallie Mae is
knocking at my door each month. I’m 25, not married, no kids or even in a
committed relationship. I’m still battling back fat. My dreams of
owning a condo and that hybrid coupe are a little further in the
distance than I would like but hey, that’s life.

Truth is, I could have a million things a day to complain about.
Believe me, my list is long. But why spend time being ticked off about
what I don’t have, where I haven’t made it to and compromise the
miracle, truth and teachings of being in the moment? How dare I try to
speed up this process that God clearly has designated for me.

Others can easily identify the light in us when we don’t see it ourselves. Let’s stop being our own Dr. Killjoy’s.

What’s great about you?

Dorsey is an eco-glamour expert, writer, speaker, social entrepreneur
and creator of the blog – “A Brown Girl’s
Guide to Eco-Glam Living”. Sherrell believes that going green with
your beauty routine doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your fierce and
fabulous style. Connect with her on twitter and facebook for all things beauty, green, eco-friendly, organic, sustainable and of course… Eco-glam.