by Tammy Goodson of CurlyChics

Frizz and humidity is always a huge topic of discussion this time of year. Dew points, impossible to breathe humidity and “hell like” temperatures can mean thunderstorms for your mane. After 10 years in this natural game I have learned to zero in on the ingredient list on the bottle, pay attention to the dew points and basically be prepared for whatever the elements may bring. That being said, I still have a “go to” style that salvages my hair when everything I know fails. The bun has never let me down. Although I have a love affair with the big, disrespectful volume and levels of pouf I achieve when wearing my tresses out, I still heart the bun. It is stylish, sexy and chic, all without trying to be. All week the bun and I have been tight. The temps have been in the 90s and humidity has been off the charts. For me, kicking glycerin to the curb would pretty much do the trick and I could still rock my bigness all over the city but instead I’m enjoying my bun. Not to mention, the maintenance involved is minimal to none. On Saturday I shampooed, deep conditioned and twisted my hair in preparation for bunning it all week. I added my leave in and my DIY mix of shea butter, essential oils and aloe vera gel (high dew points = frizz and aloe vera is great for frizz) and pulled my hair high on top of my head and never looked back. My face and neck are hair free, my ends are sealed and safely tucked and the only thing I do at night is protect it with my satin scarf. It’s effortless and simple like a little black dress, which is works wonders for me. So much so I think the upcoming week will be a repeat of the same.

 The scrunchie is covered up by pinning the hair with a few bobby pins. 
This is an end of the day pic!

What is your humidity proof, if all else fails” hair do? 

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