by Danielle Faust of 
I often get emails asking how long it
takes me to do the various hairstyles I post on my blog, or how long
it takes to detangle or straighten with the maxiglide. When I give
my response, the person will either respond back asking how I manage
to keep my styling times so low, or will say something that hints at
disbelief of my answer.
I’m sick of this image of natural hair
being this long, drawn out, arduous task that must be dealt with each
day/week. I see youtube videos and blog posts of women who seem proud
to say it takes them 9 hours to detangle, and 4 hours to wash their
hair. It’s like a badge of honor, yet I also see videos of women who
complain about it. 
C’mon ladies! Your hair does not have
to be an all day event unless you want it to be. (Unless you’re
henna-ing…that takes time!)
hair is only as time consuming as you choose to make it.

You can
have a regimen and styling session that allows for you to get done in
a reasonable amount of time and then go about the rest of your life.
A few ways to
cut down your hair time:
  • Part hair in
    less sections when washing/conditioning versus having a million
    small sections to deal with. You’ll still avoid major tangles.
  • Keep
    sectioned hair in twists or buns versus clipped loosely. This helps
    to avoid additional tangles as well.
  • Remove
    a few steps. No need to finger detangle, then use a wide tooth comb,
    then use a smaller tooth comb. Take out the step that serves your
    hair the least.
  • Alter
    your upkeep. If you’re wearing a twistout, there’s no need to
    retwist your hair each night, you can use the pineapple technique
    (gathering hair loosely atop your head) instead.
  • Choose
    styles that need less daily upkeep like twists or braids or styles
    that last up to a week
are just a few ideas and of course the way you shorten your
hairstyling time will vary from woman to woman. I urge you to
consider ways that will work with your regimen and current styles
that will reduce the time spent on your hair. Our hair is beautiful
and does require some work to remain healthy, but it should not take
over your entire weekend unless that’s your preferred way of spending
your days.
What do you do to cut down on
your styling time?