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Curly Nikki

Blinded Me with Science- ‘Make My Hair Thicker!’

By January 27th, 2021153 Comments
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Vanessa B.
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Blinded Me with Science- 'Make My Hair Thicker!'

On my forever and impossible quest to discover the product to gift me (at least the illusion of) that naturally thick hair that I was supposed to be born with, I stumbled across this blurb– 

MIT researchers discovered the secret ingredient:  poly beta amino ester-1.

According to the February 2010 issue of Elle magazine, the Langer lab (at MIT)
has discovered poly beta amino ester-1, an ingredient that coats each
hair shaft with “thickening points” that work like Post-It notes:
grabbing at one another, leaving pockets of space between hairs, but
also separating and re-grabbing easily.  In essence, this means you get
all of the punch (volume) with none of the crunch (stickiness) – pretty
amazing stuff!– FutureDerm

Y’all know I love me some science and by the end of that paragraph, I was sold and ready to break budget.  I needed this stuff on my hair.  Now.

Blinded Me with Science- 'Make My Hair Thicker!'

So apparently Living Proof (a brand that I’ve seen in Sephora but was never moved to purchase due to a combination of $$, the ingredient list and small bottle sizes) has harnessed this power and created, Full Thickening Cream, touted as a, ‘lightweight cream that leaves hair looking and feeling noticeably thicker and healthier’.  Here’s the full description-

“This styling innovation allows fine, thin hair to act like thick hair
with naturally soft, touchable body. By depositing thickening points on
the hair strands, Full creates a thicker surface that enables fine hair
to have natural movement and bounce, beautiful shape, and volume
throughout the day. While traditional thickening products create a hard,
brittle hold that collapses upon touch, Full allows your style to
remain flexible, soft, and resilient. Go ahead, run your fingers through
your hair, no need to fear a style fall.”

I headed straight for the reviews… which were mostly raves and exclamations left by our straight-haired counterparts.  The testimonies from the curlies were far and few between but I said ‘what the hell’, charged it to the game, and due to my need for instant gratification, sprung for the rush shipping. Yeah Amazon!  My only hang-up with the ‘technology’ was that from the description of the ‘post it note’ action, it would yield big hair by promoting curl separation, for a piecier look.  But it was obviously a risk I was willing to take. So yesterday I co-washed and followed my same routine per Monday’s post, and got pretty decent results.  I can say that despite the ignorantly tiny 3.5 oz size, I was relieved that you really don’t need goodgobs for coverage.  It’s slippery and goes on wet hair like your favorite slippery conditioner.  And thank goodnes ’cause I detest a rough product application about as much as a seat belt that’s works too good… when that ish snaps back and all you’re trying to do is reach over to get something out of your purse and you have to keep pulling it and releasing it until it lets you out of its grip… no? Just me? Anyway, upon drying (sat under the hooded dryer… damn instant gratification again) my hair looked like it does post a little precision fluffing.  It wasn’t frizzy, but it was noticeably bigger, especially the right side which at times, appears anorexic, especially in comparison.

It ain’t working no miracles or nothing, but my hair is hanging nicely and has some good volume today (day 2)… which just about every product (save for a few) in my hair closet can do successfully.  At any rate, I can’t pass judgement yet, I’ll keep using it and report back soon!

Blinded Me with Science- 'Make My Hair Thicker!'
Blinded Me with Science- 'Make My Hair Thicker!'

Any experiences with Full Thickening Cream?
Share your experiences with other volumizing products below!



  Always on the hunt for that concoction that will leave me with disrespectfully huge hair,  it’s quite obvious that I’ve yet to fully embrace the fine ass nature of my curls.  Oh to have the kind of hair that doesn’t need to be fluffed to within an inch of its life post twist take-down…

For grins and giggles, below, share what you’ve yet to fully embrace about your hair and tomorrow, I’ll select one winner to receive a bottle of Living Proof’s Full Thickening Cream.  I’ll charge it to the game and might even rush ship it to ya, lol!

Contest closes at midnight and you  must be in the US!


  • Jessica Coletrain says:

    I am very vitamin D and iron deficient!!

  • Cassandra [C.] says:

    interesting, my hair is the same way. especially the crown area. I guess the thicker roots mean it's growing out healthier? I too thought about cutting it, but then decided not to. I also realized that my twist outs/ out styles look stringier on the ends now.

  • Mell Morgan says:

    I have have a lot of hair, but it is very fine which sometimes makes it look wiry . Since I have been transitioning to natural, I have noticed my hair is less wiry and definitely more healthy. There are about 3 different textures of hair on my head….the most difficult texture to style is in the front. Like you, I am on the hunt for products that make my hair look super duper flyyyyy (and address my different textures), but I have not found them yet.

  • AGREED says:

    oh how i know the scalpy twist. since january Ive been heat free and since june ive been using all natural products (ie mud wash, shea butter, flaxseed gel, aloe vera juice, oil etc…). it seems to be working cause now there are random pieces of new hair growth about 3 inches long through out my entire head. but now that half of my twist are skinny and the other are thicker, i am wondering if i should cut it or not..

  • tee says:

    I have yet to embrace the dryness of my hair. I always see women in the hair stores buying kinky weave but oil sheen just doesn't satisfy my strands. My hair hair is back dry in less than ten minutes. And now my hair is starting to thin in the top of my head, so ponytails are a NO for me!!!

  • Renee says:

    I love my hair, but the frizzy unpredictability is hard to deal with sometime. I want to know that if I use the same products, in the same order, under the same conditions, I should always get the same results, but with curly hair… that is hardly ever the case.

  • Kalila says:

    I haven't fully learned to embrace my super fine strands that coil tightly, clinging to each other and grow sideways. instead of down. My wash and goes look like Homey the Clown. I would love some thickening products because it's thinning on top and I'm seriously considering Nioxin.

  • Tonyette says:

    Just like Gina, I have to learn how to deal with my fine fair. I went through many stages of weaves, wearing my hair relaxed and thin, and now I've been growing my hair out for 18 months. It has been a long time coming, but now I realize how much work it takes to really learn your hair, BUT embrace it. I think when I first cut my hair, I wanted my coils to be like everyone else (perfect and long). but it was far from it. For about 2 or 3 months, I just didn't feel like I liked my thin hair. I've learned to embrace it as time has passed and truly thank God for the hair he has given me. I LOVE my hair now and I don't care if it is kinky, coily, defined, undefined, I just want to rock my hair to best of my ability and let it be another facet in my life that my personality can shine through.

  • robbin says:

    I have yet to fully embrace natural hair styles. After allllll these years, I only wear twists outs or twists. I don't have the right texture in the right places to do wash and gos, my hair won't stand up so I can't do an afro, and it's too long to do coils or shingling.

  • Connie Howard says:

    I haven't embraced any fine Hair, I rushed right over to this article as fast as my little fingers could push send, to see if this was some miracle product. My latest secret is cutting my hair often to make it look fuller

  • Andrea J. says:

    I've yet to embrace my night time routine! My hair will be in a million knots if I dont retwist everynight yet I still keep trying to pineapple and wake up to a mess everytime lol

  • Mary says:

    I have yet to embrace my thin hair its one of the main reason I went natural thinking my hair would be full & thick. My hair is extremely thin so much so that I can see my scalp , BTW I inherited my natural thin &curly hair from my mom.

  • Arvetta LordtouchRenee' Moore says:

    Raises hair & hand! I too was supposed to have thick hair, but I think Jesus just focused more on giving me a major loving heart… I would love to use some of this product and see if it blesses me! 🙂

  • Gina says:

    Thanks Abstract. The best to you as well!

  • Anthony Powell says:

    My hair is fine and silky around the perimeter but thick and course in the middle. So it tends to be fluffy/frizzy in the middle and flat/wavy around the perimeter!lol The "perfect" product for me would be one that thickens the perimeter and tames the middle. I got an extreme case of mixed density/texture/volume blues!lol

  • Abstract says:

    I know that's right Gina!! I remember meeting a young lady my age with all these spaces and gaps throughout her relaxed hair and that day I decided to drastically cut down on my fine and thin to medium density hair. Good to hear your hair has grown in nicely! Best to you!

  • Cara Butler says:

    I've yet to fully embrace my curls or lack thereof. My hair is more wavy than curly but I would love to try a wash & go, if I could find a product to hold my hair pattern & reduce frizz.

  • desciree says:

    Hello…. I always was a thick head…. LOL well born with thick hair so thick that i use to stread my hair and get two perms because of it. And boy since the years of damaging it I wish it was thicker again. Now I been natural for 7 years and I take better care of my hair following curlygirl method. I use aloe, and make rose water from fresh rose petals. But would love to try this since I see it in magazines a lot. Your hair always look FaB….

  • Sommer says:

    i've finally learned how to fluff a twist out with out looking like frederick douglas! i've yet to embrace my fine right side too. the curls smooshy looking there and unless i sleep sitting up. oh how i wish that was possible

  • Gina says:

    I have learned to love my fine hair. Since recently I had health problems that left me bald on the crown of my head. Believe me, wear a hat for a whole and having no hair, make you grateful for whatever God decided to make grow on the top of your head.

    However my acupuncturist recommended I try taking Knox Gelatin and it works! My hair strands are still fine. But my hair is much fuller and I don't have a bald spot anymore. Also, it grows ALOT faster.

    Ladies be happy with whatever you have. Because believe me there are women out there that are permanently bald and with they could have anything grow. Be grateful my curlies.

  • Sammi says:

    Thin hair – so hard to style so you don't see scalp spots

  • Kiana Gardner says:

    I love my hair but I have yet to master frizz reduction!! So I just embrace it haha

  • Carle Ford-Nash says:

    LOL Its my Major SHRINKAGE!!!!! Im 8 months natural and I can see the growth of my hair but when I wash it, it still looks like I'm about 3 months natural with a TWA. When I style it a few hours later it will draw up like a bad habit so I have to teeze,tweek and lift to get it to look full. UMMM what am I to do thats my hair 🙂

  • JoAnne Hines Barlow says:

    I know what you mean Nikki – I have thin hair and after I take the twists down, there's a road map of parts and thin spots to cover up. I have to arrange my hair so that It can at least look full without looking like I didn't twist it at all. I would love to try this product

  • MosaAkin says:

    I have yet to embrace the fact that my hair is 'quite' slow-growing. I've been natural for about 4 tears now but in the beginning (1st 2 years) I didn't know what to do with it…throwing random things at it and being non-chalant
    These days, I protective style, watch what I use and live my curls (love it too) BUT as my gene pool dictates, my hair grows slow. I'm gradually starting to accept that but not fully.
    Its still growing though and I love checking my length…its almost bra-strap length!!!

  • Lil Mama says:

    I have yet to embrace the fineness and shrinkage. I have always have fine hair that you can see through. Now that I have gone natural I have the fineness and the shrinkage. When I seeoictures in magazines or online of hairstyles I never see anyone with my hair texture which leaves me really frustrated. I want some thickness.

  • Zoe says:

    Thickness is everything Nikki!!!! I have 14inches of hair but it's fine:( so it doesn't look as good as a women with 14" and massive density! I will prob always want thicker hair lol

  • dperalta918 says:

    I haven't been able to embrace that the crown of my hair grows 10x faster than the back of my hair! It's so annoying to have to keep trimming the amazing growth because my back can't catch up. Other than that, I love my locks!!!

  • Janice Rounds says:

    shrinkage, Arm pit length hair that shrinks up to my ears when I do a wng.

  • Bri says:

    It's density! My hair is very fine but so dense that it's hard to see definition when it's not parted

  • Kim L says:

    Good morning! What I've fell to embrace, is shedding, its seems never ending.. finding hair in the carpet… I'm OCD..I cook with a net or bonnet on..I get my treatments.get my ends clipped take vitamins and workout. I'm told its that darn menopause ..but I ain't receiving that .I'm actually considering going back to the creamy crack by spring and wearing protective style through winter . Menopause and natural hair hows that for a topic

  • Nik says:

    i have yet to embrace the fact that i will never have one of those big thick gorgeous afros that i covet so much. :'-(

  • Abstract says:

    and soft! LOL

  • Gina says:

    Redbeauty you should try taking Knox Gelatin. My acupuncturist recommend it to me and my hair sounded like yours. It was thin, weak and growing slow. My hair strands are still thin. However, I have a fuller head of hair and it grows ALOT faster. Just mix half a pack of Knox Gelatin in warm warm water and drink it once a day. I swear it works!

  • Abstract says:

    Maybe you can try Shea Moisture's thickening shampoo…I love it

  • Shenise734 says:

    I have yet to embrace my fine thin hair as well. My hair is so thin that you can see pieces of my scalp every time I style it. I guess you can never accuse me of wearing a But seriously, I get compliments all day on my hair and am still unhappy at the texture.

  • Erica Day says:

    I'm with NIkki. This fine hair is UNACCEPTABLE! LOL I hate shrinkage too. I don't know which one I hate more.

  • Iris Wilkins says:

    I have yet to embrace this hair typing shenanagins !!! How on God's green earth, does one nappy head have so many textures??? From straight as a lizard… In the kitchen …, where it does 'nt matter.,,, to straight off the boat in the middle….. MiA on the sides & I wish you luck 3B in the front. (-_-)

  • dawkinstanesha5 says:

    My hair is fine also and I sooo wanted big hair!But it ain't happening!LOL!

  • Redbeauty says:

    My hair is fine but looks thicker being natural than relaxed but I have yet to fully embrace natural hair styles. I keep trying twists and twist outs, wash and go's and so far it looks a hot mess! My hair grows slowly and I dont like my mini afro 🙁

  • Tc_taty says:

    I love my natural hair because my curls hide my thin strands very well. I've yet to conquer my excessive dry hair and how ugly my hair looks straight. I really want to wear it straight for the DNC here in Charlotte, just to try something new I only straighten 2 to 3 times a year, but when my hair is straight it looks so frail like a crypt keeper. I love the versatility of natural hair but sometimes I like to surprise myself and others with a straight look but my hair is so thin it's not attractive so I settled on roller setting it if it is straight. I've never tried a volumizing hair product but to give my hair more volume when it's curly I do a little pompadour at the top with the curly bang and it hanging out of the back as my usual go to style. I know I know it's not very creative but it does the trick I'm open to suggestions for hairstyles and perhaps a product too and I'll wait and hope it comes in my curlbox LOL

  • Laceshia Thames says:

    I use Beautiful Curls leave in conditioner with Eco Styler gel. The combo leaves me with thick shiny hair.

  • angel says:

    i have yet to embrace how slow my hair grows-i need some instant gratification length!

  • Devon Warner says:

    No matter product I use for wash and go's, they always end up looking like a long, Soul Glo Jheri Curl, sigh. If I want a big voluminous wash & go it has to be on naked hair only!

  • Vancouverite says:

    Wish you had done the post last week. LOL I certainly would have bought this when I saw it in Winners (Canada). I instead read the ingredients, put it my cart, pondered it the entire hour I was in the store and then returned it to the shelf. Ofcourse, they have now sold out! For those in US check TJ Maxx and Marshall's.

  • Bellanaija says:

    Unfortunately, Nicki, I haven't embraced the "fine ass" nature of my hair either :o( this has caused me to slap my face half wig Tammy on my head many a time, thus neglecting Willona, my hair :0( I'm trying to work with my hair- hopefully, someday, I'll learn to embrace her fully.


  • abrunnin says:

    Get your vitamin D level checked out

  • SimplyWholistic says:

    I am trying to embrace the results of my WNG – working on perfecting a routine.

  • Gwenn4ya says:

    I missed the contest, but I have yet to get these darn wash and gos to act right…..still trying for it, but I'm not standing a chance!

  • Shay says:

    There are a number of things I can work on embracing with my own natural hair, but one that stands out is each curl looking the same as it did when I did my “previous” wash and go’s. I am working on truly embracing these curls and accepting that each time the curls may be a little different, but nonetheless they are mine and I own them. Personally- I know I have struggled with this for the past year but as time goes on I just accept that every time I turn to wash and go’s it’ll always be different because natural hair is unpredictable. But it’s how you welcome all the changes that will make a world of difference.

  • Kaysh Dee says:

    Um, is I midnight where you are? Crosses fingers for central time.

    I too suffer from fine hair. *Pouts, stomps and swings fist* why hair Gods?

  • haveaniceday! says:

    I have yet to embrace the wad of tangles that make my neck and fingers ache when I comb through it every morning. I also have yet to embrace how I could never get a braid out right. Other than that I completely curaliciously in love 🙂

  • Maya says:

    what about henna, doesn't it have thickening/fortifying properties ? Nikki i though were happy with it …

  • Yay! says:

    My peeve is the tangling. Ugghhh… I've spent much of my natural hair life in protective styles because of it. Sometimes I find myself in a steady gaze at my fellow long-locked natural who can rock a frizz-free, shiney and bouncy wash and go. The thought of a wash and go has my hair knotting.. Lol! I do everything to keep my locks happy and moisturized, but the few days I decide to rock it out, the minute my hair hits my neck, upper-back and a good breeze, I'm guaranteed a night of detangling. Oh well, wouldn't take my hair in any other way.

  • Tamera Adjei says:

    Definitely dry strands.

  • Taren Burnette says:

    I'd have to say shrinkage! I prefer my hair in braidouts/twistouts than a wash and go. But I still love my hair!! 🙂

  • Kerissa Keri Rosales Khan says:

    There are several things about my hair that I have not yet fully embraced. One would be having such fine strands(thank goodness there are so many of them). Another is the way it frizzes up in the slightest bit of humidity. Third would be the awkward curl pattern i have. it starts out wavy/kinky at the roots, loosens into a deep wave through the length, but coils at the ends. But perhaps the biggest thing about my hair that I will probably never embrace, my GREYS!!! I'm 26 but with an indian background premature greys are expected. My greys are bright white and stand out amongst my dark hair.

  • R.G.S. says:

    Oh, I hope I'm not too late to enter. I have to say Nikki, you're always writing about how you wish for thicker volume, but I would give anything to have your volume! The top of my head is my biggest battle, it's always so flat and dull!

  • Yvette Osei-Akosa says:

    Between "that scalpy look" from individual twists and shrinkage, I'd say "that scalpy look" lOl. I have to do alot of fluffing to make my hair look full.

  • Keisha says:

    So, I haven't quite accepted the middle portion of my hair that shrinks beyond belief when wet. So although i have 10" of hair in my head, it shrinks to like 2"…yeah.

  • Kenyatta J says:

    I have not fully embraced that my hair is different textures. Sometimes I get caught up in wasted time trying to get definition in one area like I have in another. I love my hair but sometimes a uniform look is diffcult.

  • MrsDrake79 says:

    I still have not completely come to terms with the fact that the front of my hair does not have the same curl pattern/ coils like the rest of my hair. Every now and then I gel the heck out of i or try other techniques in an attempt to get to look the same as the rest. But I still get the same results, wavy in the front, coils in the back *sigh*and then I try to blend it lol

  • Dr Mermaid says:

    Usain Bolt

  • LaShelle McCoy says:

    I too, have yet to embrace my fine,very low density hair. I don't even care for my curl pattern (3c-ish zig-zags) so I never wear WnGs. I prefer twist-outs or curl-former sets instead.

  • Tahis says:

    I, like you, have very fine hair. I cannot embrace the mere fact that wash and go is no longer an option for me… unless of course I want to endure the four hour detangling sessions. Which, I also have yet to fully embrace.

  • Samantha Nicole Shanklin says:

    My hair is thinning. It's what pushed me to go natural. I can't roll with it. I've tried so many things to treat it and it doesn't seem like anything is helping.

  • Kim I says:

    Humidity!!! my friend-emy. No matter what I do or use I cant seem to shake'em. But I have learned that if the hair come's a puffing I could just lie to myself and call it thick…i guess 🙁

  • Brittany says:

    I love my natural hair, but I've yet to embrace the fine hair I have from the middle back of my hair down to the nape. Can I please have thickness all over?? My twist-outs always look awesome in the front but then the back says "help meeeeeee" (in what I imagine to sound like a squeaky little mouse). SMH. #naturalhairwoes

  • Jessica Coletrain says:

    fine (to match my body), LOL never thought of it like that

  • Jessica Coletrain says:

    Yes, I have heard that Vitamin D deficiency does cause excessive shedding and thinning. I have yet to see any reliable pics of loss yet. Hard to believe one vitamin could cause so much damage.

  • Jessica Coletrain says:

    Hmmm to have nice thick hair that so many naturals complain about. I haven't learn to love my fine hair, but luckily it's not as fine (and thin looking) as it used to be when I was relaxed. #thelittlethings

  • Maria P'hardy Pacino says:

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my hair. However, I strongly dislike walking around looking like my twin brother after my hair shrinks. It just make me feel really unattractive sometimes. Then there are times when I throw on my big earrings and ROCK IT.

  • desirabletoot94 says:

    My hair is fine as well and I still haven't found it in me to accept it….. Jamaican Black Castor Oil is in my life for a reason.

  • Natasha says:

    I can't do a wash and go. My hair turns into Tangle City where SSK (single strand knot) is the mayor. I must put aside the proper amount of time for styling or I'm a goner.

  • Bianca says:

    Oh the joys of being a curly girl and dealing with the inevitable, the unstoppable, "shrinkage!" I'm four years into this natural hair thing and you wouldn't know it cause this stuff shrinks up with the quickness!

  • Yo says:

    Like you, my freakishly fine hair has been the last thing I've yet to accept about my naturalness. I love just about everything about my hair until I try to do something that involves volume…Fail every single time…It looks so beautiful in my signature puff…But that's about as far as I've gotten…I will embrace these fine locks of mine one day…Just a day at a time!

  • Kamesha Taylor says:

    Shrinkage and Frizzness. I have them both and it drives me crazy! I have had to recently cut my hair due to heat damage so I am hoping to grow my hair back thicker and healther. I would love to try this product!! Thanks Nikki!!!!

  • NowIamnappy says:

    I have yet to embrace my fine strands, thinking I can do a certain hairstyle and then realizing that my strands arent thick enough to make it look full enough and always ending up with an updo instead.

  • abrunnin says:

    I've yet (and don think I ever will) to embrace my thin edges. I went to the dr and found out I have a major vitamin d deficiency! When I initially went to get blood work done my Dr. looked confused when I mentioned my thinning edges (why i might need a 'beautiful' dr. anyway) but when my results came back I looked up symptoms/results of vitamin d deficiency and thinning hair is at the tope of the list. So… I shared all that to say dont sleep on hair loss and ONLY oil up your edges with castor oil, it could be signal something serious.

  • nola707 says:

    meant *a true afro.

  • nola707 says:

    I have yet to achieve and true afro. I guess my hair would be considered fine (to match my body…lol) and it grows downward. I guess I could consider it hereditary because I remember back in the 70's my brother used vinegar to try and make his curly hair into a kinky fro. All is did was make him smell like one of those jumbo dill pickles. Please keep us posted on how this product does in the long run.

  • offandrunning says:

    I yet to except that my hair will never swing…i have thick 4 b hair and nothing swings but the front which for some reason is a 2b….oh well…the rest just shrinks and swells…no hanging and swinging…lol

  • Leigh-Ann says:

    Where should I begin?…. lol my main problems are frizziness & retaining moisture. When styling, no matter what I do, my hair always comes out frizzy. My always looks good and moisturized in the mornings but as the day progresses, my hair starts looking and somewhat feeling dry. Now I'm becoming a product junkie from trying numerous product based on reviews I read…. smh there has got to be a better way! lol

  • Kholla says:

    I wouldn't say that I haven't fully embraced it, but I have come to the realization that the longer my hair gets it does not hang down. It just gets bigger. Like a big curly halo. :0)

  • Dani-yell1 says:

    The thing that has taken me the longest time to come to terms with is the LENGTH of my hair. My hair is about shoulder length when straightened and when blown out gives me a little bit of that "wow" factor, but it has not been growing very fast. In fact it seems like its shorter on my 2 year anniversary than it was on my 1 year. It can be a bit frustrating as there are so many curlies with all of these secrets to hair growth, none which really seem to either work for me or be suitable to my lifestyle. I hope I win the thickener!!!

  • Jamie says:

    I've yet to embrace that my hair has no business being free flowing. If you get what I mean…… I can sell single strand knots to earn a living. My hair tangles and knots up in seconds (I'm not joking!) So I need to be on my Cipriana (from UrbanBushBabes) ish and have my hair in twists or loose strand twists all the live long day, but maaaan Ise look good with a twist out. *goes back to struggling with knots and ish*

  • MrsLeggett says:

    I use Shea Moisture Organic Hair Thickening Growth Milk Yucca & Aloe. Just the smell got me but it works very well in helping my thin, and fine hair look thicker. I didn't think it would work but it actually did. It makes my hair soooooo soft and the smell is just heavenly!

  • Meika Sterling says:

    I am still trying to get used to having to do my hair….at times I really dont want to touch it cuz it takes time to do. Many times I will just have one style for the week and wont touch my hair for the rest of the week execpt to spray it with some moisturizing spray i have lying around. I am also trying to get used to combating dryness on a daily basis.

  • VioletFem says:

    I've yet to embrace the length of my hair. My hair is actually pretty thick, which I love but it grows so slow! To be fair, it has grown some since I transitioned but it can be frustrating at times to see how short it is compared to other naturals whose hair length was similar to mine when I started my natural hair journey, and whose hair is now much longer than mine. This year, I've made som major changes in my hair care routine that I think has really helped to reduce the constant breakage I was dealing with last year, so hopefully I will see more growth in the future. I really want it to be about shoulder length so that I can have more styling options.

  • VioletFem says:

    Have you tried braid outs? I just started doing them and they are a great alternative to flat-twists. Flat-twists are pretty much my staple hair style because it stretches and defines my coils in a way that I like. I've recently switched to braid outs because they stretch my hair even more and it generally takes me less time to do.

  • Megan M. says:

    I love my hair it is not fine rather of a medium texture. I have tried bumble & bumble thickening shampoo and conditioner because I had a sample from Sephora it did nothing maybe because my hair is not fine. It looked and felt the same.

  • Hilary B. says:

    it's current length :/ Styling options are so limited. I love everything else about it though 🙂

  • Leah says:

    One word: SHRINKAGE! The terrible, awful shrinkage. All attempts to prevent my hair's shrinkage have been futile. My hair retreats to my scalp faster than Husain Bolt crossing the finish line!

  • ANITA says:

    Oops never mind, reading is fundamental. Curly Nikki wrote "share what you've yet to fully embrace about your hair…". Reading is fundamental!

  • chocolatemousse says:

    I am still looking for that perfect product that will quench my thirsty curls, define my spirals as a twist out would! I really love it when my hair is in a twist out but I can never get that second and third day hair. Love how thick it is for my fro its short and funky when i do my frohawk and I am yet to try many more styles to rock!

  • ANITA says:

    Sounds like someone may be flooding the comment section, that's just uncanny lol

  • Danquinelle says:

    I've yet to embrace the bald spot I developed after my first attempt at actually dying my hair O_o

  • MJ says:

    The fact that it's been two years since going natural and my hair has yet to hang down instead of up and out is one aspect of my fine hair that I have yet to embrace. And I do have my days I wish it was as thick as my moms, especially when I want to just fro it out!

  • Blacgirlost says:

    Finger damn detangling. My hair has grown just fine all my life and I have never finger damn detangled and I'm not starting now. So there! Hmph! Hi Nikki! Love you!

  • Anonymous says:

    Could it be its not as coarse or kinky as you thought and in turn you interrupt it has not being thick?!?! The reason being Im transitioning also, and my hair isnt coarse, kinky or basically "nappy" like i thought it would be just the opposite…

  • Brandy says:

    Hey Nikki, Although I have come a looonnngg way, I still have a little, tiny bit of envy for those thick haired curlies. My hair is so fine and protective styles are very hard to maintain because they won't hold up. I love my hair but have yet to accept the fact that I have fine hair. I thought that becoming natural would transform my fine strands into thick strands, boy was I wrong. But what can I do, It's my hair and I'm growing more and more to love it.

  • Dyanna says:

    Single strand knots. Smh they are the devil. And the fact that my pressed hair gets so frizzy so quicky

  • DiscoveringNatural says:

    My hair is still in transitioning state so each week, I learn new things about it and try to embrace what I discover. However, one thing I am coming to realize is that my hair (new growth) is not as thick as I presumed it would be.

  • Dr Mermaid says:

    What's up with everyone starting their responses with "I've yet to…" that struck me as a lil weird. Good luck ladies, though be careful what you wish for. I love my hair, but sometimes I wish it wasn't so thixk

  • Michelle says:

    I have yet to embrace the complexity of natural hair. I am an intelligent woman. Engineering degree. but yet can't seem to know what to do next with my hair

  • Rhonda J says:

    I have yet to embrace the lack of volume this hair posesses. I put bobby pins in at the crown to add volume while drying and everything. When transitioning, I just knew I would have a fro that I could put a pick comb (with the fist, lol) in. I was so ready for my Leila James 'do. These shirley temple ringlets lay flat as I continue to search for the next best product. *sighs*

  • Ondria says:

    I have yet to just embrace my natural hair. I can't perm ever again but I can't seem to embrace the naturalness of my hair. CRAZY!! I have been in an out of a sew in for over a year. Pray church.

  • shan r. says:


  • Shan R. says:

    I have yet to wrap my mind around the idea that single-strand knots are common to natural hair…like really?!? where do they do that at?! I have NEVER in my life cared so much about the state of my ends or watched for single-strand knots to prevent the lost of length….. #ThatNaturalLife :-/

  • Netta says:

    I have yet to fully embrace long term protective styling. I just feel like I look weird with braid extensions or twist extensions. Sew-ins every once in awhile, but very very rarely. I know it would do my hair a world of good, but that foreign face in the mirror thing kind of freaks me out.

  • Un4gettable Beauty says:

    Frustrating FRIZZINESS is what I need to embrace. Especially if I don't retwist my hair before bed, my hair will just be flat and frizzy instead of big/full frizzy in the morning. Regardless I love my funky texture, and I hope you pick me to win the cream.

  • Bobby says:

    How far are you into your transition?? I will be 12 months next week and braid n curls is my go to style. Tell me how you do yours, maybe I can give you a few tips, I got mine mastered, lol after many trials & errors. One thing I do is put stain covered sponge rollers on the ends of my braids to create a braid n curl….those straight relax ends will ruin or braid out look.

  • Bri_C_D says:

    I've yet to embrace how to do any other style besides a twist out!! Doing flat twists on my hair is my staple hairstyle with my busy schedule. I'll admit I'm either too nervous to try something new or just lazy. One day (over the weekend) I'll try a new style!

  • Kassandra M. says:

    Actually I'd like this for my mom. I recently got her to go natural, and while she is enjoying her natural hair. She doesn't wear her hair curly as often because it's thin at the top. She's always asking me about products for her thin tresses, and looking for volumizing products. I think this product would be a treat for her, and make her feel more comfortable in her curly state.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sorry Nik and fellow Curlies with thin strands no product will make your hair thicker, you either have it or you dont! A product can make the hair APPEAR thicker then normal but its only a TEMPORARY fix, not permanent…sorry…

  • Sweetdrk1 says:

    I have yet to embrace these skinny twist when I attempt a twistout…or the vast scalp that is visible O-o where are my fat, thick, juicy twists? I did exactly what she did on YOUTUBE *rolls eyes hard at my hair*

  • Lex says:

    I wish I could embrace my hair's length and thickness. Length I can change…thickness…not so much *sad face*

  • Chaquel says:

    One thing I have yet to embrace about my hair is the frizziness. My hair loves to frizz and I just want it to do as I say. However, I'll embrace it one day.

  • engineeringnaturalbeauty says:

    I haven't embraced how long it takes to do everything lol. My hair is extremely dry so I have to DC once a week and use an ungodly amount of product during the week to keep it moisturized, and it takes up so much time. Don't get me wrong my hair is healthy but I am super envious of the 5 day hair girls who just need to spritz some water to get a fab look. oh well lol

  • TheDgyrl says:

    I tried a volumizing shampoo once. ONCE! It just made my hair hard.

  • Shashou says:

    I have to say I love my hair, just the way it is. I have several textures and a wash and go is my go to style. So that's easy. However, I like variety of options I have when it comes to actually styling my hair. What I haven't fully embraced is the time it takes to actually style my hair. Thinking ahead and planning to spend 2 and sometimes more hours to style my hair….I haven't been quite on my "A" game when it comes to that. We do have fabulous hair and as the saying goes "with great reward comes great responsibility."

  • DeAndra says:

    Your hair appears to be really thick on it's on! Thanks for sharing! I must try this! I think I have the thinnest hair known to mankind!

  • Taja says:

    Though my transition is going quite well I must admit, as I look at the stringy ends of my WNG, I'm very ready to get rid of these relaxed ends and enjoy my springy curls :-/ Maybe the thickening cream will bring my stringy ends to life and I won't have to do a premature cut.

    Taja C.

  • Chris says:

    My WNGs (usually) produce well-defined, clumpy, corkscrew curls with some frizz and of course, lots of shrinkage. It's nice and big…no fluffing required!! My problem is that regardless of every wash/condition/style product and regimen I've tried over the last 2+ years, my hair always seems dry.

  • Amber J says:

    {Steps on stage taps mic, hears feedback) I have not yet embraced my length, fineness and SHRINKAGE!!! Because its so fine and shrinky (just made that up) it coils around itelfs for those Daggone SSKs!!! Because I have to keep cutting my hair, it isnt long enough (or thick enough) to wear twists left in without me looking like a 6 year old!!! Whew! Glad I got that out {tiptoes gingerly off stage}

  • Felicity says:

    I have not embraced the fact that this hair o' mine REFUSES TO CURL IN THE FRONT! Like, WTF? I have the coiliest curls in the back, pretty loopy spiral all around my crown, but by the time you get to the front of my hair this junk is like, bone straight. I know its not from heat damage or anything… I just want this junk to CURL. Rollers don't work, twists barely work… I'm tired of having to pin my wash n go's back… lol.

  • Vanessa B. says:

    I haven’t embraced the fact that my hair is thin. I love the look of a braid out / twist out, but they don’t work for me. To make my hair full for a braid out / twist out I have to fluff and fluff and fluff and fluff and fluff and fluff. After fluffing so much my hair has no definition and I end up wearing a puff. I can’t tell you how many times I have spent hours twisting/braiding my hair and end up wearing a puff the next day because the twist out / braid out didn’t work .
    I have learned that a twist out / braid out “ gone wrong” can turn into a bad (bad meaning good not bad meaning bad!) puff.

  • Sequitta J. says:

    "weighs" LOL!

  • Desireé Watkins says:

    The one thing I've yet to embrace about my hair is the lack of thickness and that I have about fifty-leven different textures floating around in there….*sigh* I think just one or the other, I might have more patience for but the combo…. Oh, and I love how they double-team me when I really need to look good!!

  • Brittney says:

    I have the same issue! I have trouble accepting how fine and thin my hair is, especially now that I wear two-strand twists very often. I've figured out how to make them less scalpy and all, but I still wish I had those plump, rope-like twists instead of the curly steak fries I have!

  • Curly Chellez says:

    I have not fully embraced the fact that I am not fully natural, since I am transitioning from heat damaged hair. I keep trying out these different styles in hopes of big, voluminous defined curls, but instead I end up with puffy roots and limp ends 🙁

  • Sequitta J. says:

    Oh and another thing I can't stand is that my hair is SOOOOO dry (high porosity?). So because of the porosity, I SHOULD be using heavier butters…but because my hair is thin, it ways it down…thus leaving me with LIMP AND STIFF HAIR!!! 🙁

  • Davina916 says:

    My edges are thin (have been my whole life) and at almost 42 years old, I haven't been able to fully embrace that about my hair. Thanks!

  • Sequitta J. says:

    I'm still trying to work with my thin/ fine hair too. But what's more frustrating is how limp and stiff it is. My hair has absolutely no body, it does not blow in the wind, it does not move when I want it to move…just plain stubborn! 🙁 I figure since I can't have it all, shrinkage is actually a good thing for me, because it at least LOOKS like my hair is somewhat thick. So I usually style my hair while wet…it's a must for me!

  • Unika says:

    Wow…I can honestly say that I'm yet to embrace the fact that my hair never looks the same even when I follow the same styling routine using the same products. When I was a "perm gurl", I could almost guarantee that my good hair days would last and last. It seems as though I'm having a hard time maintaining my curly tresses, but they will not defeat me….ROFL!

  • DjuannaB says:

    I'm still working on embracing shrinkage after being natural for 2 years. I think the non-ethnic folks I work with used to think I had a string in my back to make my hair grow because on mornings that I run, I arrive with a cute, but extremely short wash and go, and on non-running days, I waltz in with awesome stretched hair thanks to my twist out or blow out. At least, now, I get "how far did you run this morning" instead of "did you get a haircut" two or three times a week.

  • MsProverbs31 says:

    ooooooOh the fact that I don't just have 1 texture on my head. Even 1 stran can have a kinky to coily to wavy journey from my scalp…and no it's not heat damage, it's just the way it's always grown (In Some Spots That Is)!!!!!! lol
    Thanks forletting me get that out! :o)

  • Danielle says:

    Hi Nikki! I've had fine hair all my life. In fact, many women in my family have length, but not full, thick hair. Oh how I long for big, massive hair like Chaka Kahn! I've tried Avalon Organic's Rosemary Volumizing Conditioner. It did thicken my a little but my hair is not where I want it to be. Still trying to accept my fine hair for what it is though!

  • Zandria B. says:

    I am trying my best to embrace the frizz. Maybe I just haven't found the right product yet. But my styles are always different and more fluffy at the end of the day then they are at the beginning.

  • 5naturals says:

    Hi Nikki. Just yesterday I was reading a book my mom gave me called Grandma Putt's Old-Time Vinegar, Garlic, Baking Soda, and 101 More Problem Solvers. In it the author mentions how his grandmother drank a glass of water mixed with unflavored gelatin everyday and was convinced that it gave her thicker hair. He said he eventually read about a study where the participants drank a daily ration of 7 tsps of gelatin dissolved in a glass of water and after two months their strands actually increased in diameter. The only catch was that when they stopped, their strands returned to normal size. Might be something to look in to…

  • Shannon says:

    I don't like that my hair is so fine, as you put it almost anorexic at times. I wish it was fuller and fluffier without frizzing.

  • Kshana says:

    ok, so I think im the opposite… I wish my hair was just 25%-35% finer. ( it takes a LOT of gel to weigh this stuff down!)

  • Shayla says:

    I should be over it but I can't seem to get over how much TIME it takes to tame my mane and I can't accept the fact that my 4c is a lot more over powering than I would like to give it credit, multi-textured hair is a complicated thing and I can't still wish my hair look like it did when it was wet when it starts to dry… *le sigh*

  • TouShay says:

    Hi Nikki!!!! (Waves ecstatically). I know I am NOT the only one who became a natural with thoughts of looking like my hair idol, the lovel Tracey Ellis Ross, and once I got into the swing of things, I'm looking like Lenny Kravits….post his big chop! :/ My hair shrinks, and is wispy thin. So for my twist, scalpy is an understatement. Oh, how I long for the days of a thick flowing mane that floats with the wind (on cue) and is fluffy as my IHOP pancakes. Until then, I'll be fluffin', and shakin' my mini jherri curl fro and on a never ending quest to achieve Hair Nirvana!

  • Shani G. says:

    I'm still trying to make peace with my fine hair. It is never big enough, structured enough, and always TOO curly and soft, not kinky enough. It never poofs the way I want, always just kind of lays there despite the fact that it's dense. The fineness of the strands just prevents any real bigness. Sigh

  • jth2207 says:

    Girl, we're in the same boat! During my pregnancy and months afterwards, I enjoyed full, thick, lush locks! As soon as I stopped breastfeeding (TMI, I know!), my hair starting shedding so much and now seems even more thin than before pregnancy. I'd love to give the cream a try!

  • Pecancurls says:

    Nik, I feel you on the seat belt that at times puts you in a vice grip if you take a deep breath! LOL. Anyway, I have not yet fully embraced my shrinkage! My stretched hair is decently collar bone length, but once those coils shrink and bounce back they barely clear my neck. 🙂

  • Stacy D says:

    I have yet come to terms with the how thin my hair is and how I can NEVER get great 1st day hair hmph! =)

  • Che says:

    I have never made piece with the color of my hair. It's dustyt dark brown with a red tint in light. I know I could dye it but I'm afraid of the chemical degradation

  • Marcia H. says:

    I have never made peace with my fine strands that result in super duper scalpy two-strand twist. They look so sad. I have tried every method, using various products but NOTHING makes them less scalpy. I yearn for thick and full puffy twist but it is not meant to be. I love seeing ladies with beautiful twists, I drool then get very sad. It has been 8years of trying and disappointment. My friends make fun of me every time I try…maybe one day my dream of lovely two-strand twist will come true!

  • Rebelle Puella says:

    The thing about my hair is I'm still transitioning!! …Talking about rough times over here. I just really have not been able to cope with the unreliability my curls exhibit. Some days braid outs turn out awesome, some days I just wanna SHAVE my head due to the results (haha). The search for products that do me well is also a challenge. So far I have nailed the protein DC and maybe the slippery condish but …..that's about it!! As soon as I am comfortable with the length of my curls I am chopping!! 😀

  • tiarapeeples says:

    It's funny. When I first big chopped all I wanted was a short fro. Then, I wanted to grow out a big picked afro. In the pursuit of healthy hair, I began joining all these web sites that seemed obsessed with length, hair type and curl definition. While I actually really love keeping my hair braided or twisted, part of me misses not feeling like if I do wear my hair down it has to be perfect. In the end, I think updos and protective styles are what's best for me.

  • Mel says:

    Nik I have not fully embraced all the uneven lengths. The back, the sides and the middle all have minds of their own.

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