Do you know it’s been a year since I’ve done a natural hair update?   I
didn’t realize it had been such a long time.  I haven’t been very
focused on my hair lately.  It’s grown a lot, but I I have a feeling
that I will need a lot cut when I go for my next trim.  I’ve been
wearing it in buns 95% of the time, and I’m way overdue for a trim.

All summer, I’ve either worn ponytails like this…

Or buns like this…. 

It’s been way too humid to wear it all up in my face and on my neck. I’ll typically wash on Sundays and braid it up and wear it in various updos throughout the week. If it gets too crazy in the middle of the week, I’ll either rinse it and braid it again or I’ll co-wash. I’ve done almost no wash and goes because my hair really doesn’t like them.

 I’ve tried to keep it really simple. There are three factors that really seem to keep my hair thriving, with minimal work:  1) Every wash, I either pre-treat with oil or do an oil rinse, 2) After washing, I braid or twist to dry and stretch, no matter how I plan on styling, and 3) Remoisturize at least a couple times during the week.

How do I remoisturize? At night, I dab a nickel sized amount of oil or butter in my hands and evenly distribute throughout my hair, paying particular attention to my ends. Then I put it up either in a top knot or a couple twists or braids, put on a plastic cap, then a scarf over that and go to bed. When I wake up, my hair feels amazing and happy.

What have you been doing with your hair all summer?