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Megan Hodge Competes for the Gold! #TeamNatural

By September 9th, 202142 Comments
Megan Hodge Competes for the Gold! #TeamNatural

Angie writes:

Today at 6:30pm one of my  best friends, Megan Hodge,
will compete for a gold medal in women’s indoor volleyball!

We have
been teammates for three years on the national team and she is one of
the most humble and hard working people that I know.  For that reason,
there is no way she would have submitted anything to Nikki letting her
know about her fabulous hair and accomplishments… that’s why she has me!

This is her first Olympics and she is only 23!  Before making it to the
national team and the Olympics, she played 4 years at Penn State where
she was a 4 time All-American and 3 time National Champion.  As far as
her beautiful coifs go,  she has been natural for almost a year now and
transitioned for 6 months while she was in Poland playing for a
professional club.   In Poland, she turned into a huge product junkie, an
addiction we both share, and learned many new styles that worked for
athletes since we sweat everyday.

Megan Hodge Competes for the Gold! #TeamNatural

If you can watch the game tomorrow,
you will see her beautiful twist out pulled back with a headband to
contain the sweat and give some flair.  Hope all of you can watch Megan
and the team win the first gold in USA indoor women’s volleyball history!

Megan Hodge Competes for the Gold! #TeamNatural
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