We all have natural hair envy. In fact, many natural hair blogs have
special features on their blog to highlight natural hair envy “I want
her hair”. Solange Knowles (Read: Hair Stories & Secrets: Yaya, Solange & Corinne) admits that from time to time she rocks an afro wig…and who wasn’t blown away by Brandy’s new hair at the Billboard awards (Read: Mad Hair Monday Model: Brandy at the Billboard Music Awards). Let’s face, if you can’t grow it buy it, right?

I know that the whole purpose behind ‘going natural‘ is to embrace the natural you but let’s face it. There are benefits to giving your hair a rest for awhile.

The benefits of wearing weaves, wigs or extensions:
  • The hair is protected from UV rays and other environmental chemicals.
  • Less manipulation equals less breakage and damage. Length! Length! Length!
  • Versatility: allows you to change up your look from good girl to bad girl. 
  • Low maintenance. Less styling required equals more time to do the things you love. 
  • Since you’re not washing and shampooing weekly, knotting and
    shedding is minimized. There is a danger of having excess build-up, lint
    and matting that can cause serious problems. Try to at least rinse the
    scalp every 2 weeks. 
Tips when wearing weaves, wigs or extensions:
  • Opt
    for a hair texture that is close to your curl pattern. Wearing straight
    hair can damage your curls due to styling with flat irons and curl
  • Expose as little hair as possible. The more hair that is protected the better. 
  • If the hair is too tight, for instance if your eyes are now squinted
    then the hair is too tight and may cause permanent damage. One of the
    main causes of hair loss in African American women are as a result of
    tightly sewn in weaves or braids. 
  • Try to keep the style in for as long as possible. The longer you
    keep the hair in the more length retention. A period of 3-4 weeks or
    longer is good. 

In doing some research, I found a site that has all the looks from Beyonce to Rihanna. Click Here.

Have you tried a natural hair wig, weave or extensions? What protective styles will you try this summer?