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Natural Hair Wigs and Weaves: Would you try it?

By January 27th, 202140 Comments

Natural Hair Wigs and Weaves: Would you try it?

We all have natural hair envy. In fact, many natural hair blogs have
special features on their blog to highlight natural hair envy “I want
her hair”. Solange Knowles (Read: Hair Stories & Secrets: Yaya, Solange & Corinne) admits that from time to time she rocks an afro wig…and who wasn’t blown away by Brandy’s new hair at the Billboard awards (Read: Mad Hair Monday Model: Brandy at the Billboard Music Awards). Let’s face, if you can’t grow it buy it, right?

I know that the whole purpose behind ‘going natural‘ is to embrace the natural you but let’s face it. There are benefits to giving your hair a rest for awhile.

The benefits of wearing weaves, wigs or extensions:
  • The hair is protected from UV rays and other environmental chemicals.
  • Less manipulation equals less breakage and damage. Length! Length! Length!
  • Versatility: allows you to change up your look from good girl to bad girl. 
  • Low maintenance. Less styling required equals more time to do the things you love. 
  • Since you’re not washing and shampooing weekly, knotting and
    shedding is minimized. There is a danger of having excess build-up, lint
    and matting that can cause serious problems. Try to at least rinse the
    scalp every 2 weeks. 
Tips when wearing weaves, wigs or extensions:
  • Opt
    for a hair texture that is close to your curl pattern. Wearing straight
    hair can damage your curls due to styling with flat irons and curl
  • Expose as little hair as possible. The more hair that is protected the better. 
  • If the hair is too tight, for instance if your eyes are now squinted
    then the hair is too tight and may cause permanent damage. One of the
    main causes of hair loss in African American women are as a result of
    tightly sewn in weaves or braids. 
  • Try to keep the style in for as long as possible. The longer you
    keep the hair in the more length retention. A period of 3-4 weeks or
    longer is good. 

In doing some research, I found a site that has all the looks from Beyonce to Rihanna. Click Here.

Natural Hair Wigs and Weaves: Would you try it?
Have you tried a natural hair wig, weave or extensions? What protective styles will you try this summer?


  • protikkhan7 says:

    this very good site.

  • G says:

    Lol. That has actually happened to me. Outside of my doctors office my wig got stuck in a branch. Lol. It was hilarious but not the end of the world. I took it out of the branch , fluffed it and put it and went on….. It looked fab! Lol!!!! I have natural hair and some days I need back up. That day I was sick and was not in the mood to deal with hair…wig saved the day…

  • Eat.Style.Play says:

    I dont think they will, i don't even use the combs they have in the wigs, Even if my permed days I wore a lot braids, and never had issues with my edges. I think that comes from long term pulling and tpulling on your braids.

  • Eat.Style.Play says:

    I dont think so, more than a few times during the beginning of natural hair i forgot to cover my hair, or dozed off …ha woke up with a matted mess before work. Throw a wig on it, and kept it moving. Nobody knew the difference, but that was during my learning phase of what to do with my hair.

  • Doubting T says:

    Could you tell me which wig/weaves the models are wearing/using?

  • CourtneyR says:

    i would just wear my own hair in its natural state. which i do. hot comb it when i want to wear it straight.

  • Trina says:

    I wear a kinky curly wigs all the time. It took me a couple of months to find the right one. Now i swear by it. Beshe "Drew". It's ready to wear right away and get's better with time. If you like big hair this is for you. It grows but stays curly and holds it shape. Tangle free I never have a problem. I get a lot of positive feedback about it being so natural. People are surprised when i tell them it's a wig. My hair is simular to my wig relaxer free now for over 7yrs. I keep it cut moisturized and protected while under my wig. With two kids it's quick fast and in a hurry. Love'm!!

    Does anyone have other kinky curly wigs they can share. I wouldn't mind trying a shorter bob like wig for the winter.

    Thanks, Tri

  • UptownStar says:

    Lmaoo, but If you stay away from fighting, I don't see why anyone will snatch it off…unless you live in a place where hair snatching is common? LOL. As for the wig getting caught on low hanging branch (hehe), most wigs come with combs and clips that are meant to fasten the hold. So, if it's pulled by a branch or anything, it shouldn't come off easily unless it's a very aggressive pull/tug.

  • Natgurl says:

    And no credit was given to the hairstylist/salon of the phtoto. Looks like a KHAMIT KINKS NYC hairstyle.

  • Audi says:

    that bobraz is THE TRUTH. I had it while I was transitioning too and it blends perfectly. I got sooooo many compliments. Ppl that didnt know me thought it was mine, lol Thats what I call a good weave!

  • aloeVera says:

    i tought all these time the hair beyonce was rocking was her real hair lol got me fooled

  • Tuts says:

    I have been natural for over seven years and my decision was a pretty simple one. I woke up one day and decided I didnt feel like straightening my hair anymore coz I simply couldn't be bothered.

    I recently discovered afro braids (using bulk kinky extensions and braiding on the very beginning – it took 3 hours) and absolutely love it! I get all the hair I haven't been able to grow 🙂 In may ways it is an even bolder statement than my own hair.

  • Kay Dane says:

    I wear my hair both naturally and in weaves that have a natural look. When I wear my hair in it's natural state I notice I always like to change up styles – maybe too often. So when I wear weaves, it does help me to stay away from playing with my hair. On top of that, my hair has always agreed with weaves – or should I say the braids under the weave it's self. It had been one of my protective styles of choice throughout my transitioning. Every time I took out my sew-in my hair felt a little thicker and I saw immense new growth. "Less manipulation equals less breakage and damage". I always leave some of my own hair out for a side part and edges. I stick to hair that looks similar to my own texture and it looks really nice. I don't have time to do my hair as often as I did before – with work taking up most of my schedule and my last year of college about to commence next week. So it does provide me with a quick get up and go style. For me wearing weave, it's not by force, it's by my own choice. Weaves are not something to rely on, but it is conveniently there and is versatile.

  • Perfectlyflawed says:

    I am currently 8 months into my transition to become fully natural and I am in LOVE with Bohyme Brazilian (bobraz) as an install/sew in. It matches my hair texture wonderfully and there are so many styles. Everyone thinks its mine…

  • Jessica Coletrain says:

    I'm all for it especially for those who experience hair loss and cannot grow it on their own.

  • Miranda Lee says:

    Got to make sure its secure…

  • Miranda Lee says:

    Interesting because I recently purchased a natural look wig and I love it. It makes me excited for what my hair may one day look like and it also gives me a different look. Everyone loves it on me. I even chose one with 3 different colors.

  • SavanahRae says:

    When I tried out wigs and sewins I felt like my head was suffocating lol so I don't worry with those anymore.

  • Morgan Hunt says:

    checkout taren916 as she has several tutorials for u-parts wigs as well as natural air vids! enjoy!!

  • Graziela says:

    Im wearing a natural wig right now. Im not used to wigs so it feels somewhat oncomfortable, its a lace front but i dont use tape or glue, maybe thats why. Other than that you cannot tell thats a wig. Its just kinky and curly and its similar to my natural 4b hairpattern. I find it hard to style it for work, because its so big. So Im looking for a new one.

  • IflippedmywigMD says:

    As a busy professional, I found myself neglecting my hair often and "resorting" to braids which I would keep in for up the 3 months (yikes! I know) . Ive been natural for 12 yrs but feel like I really have had the best hair health over the past year ( thanks to CN). Im a resident physician so frankly I dont have time to style my hair constantly BUT I do keep my hair in plaits and do nightly aloe vera juice spritzs and lock in with my shea butter mix. I have a flat twist I wear across the front that is my natural hair ( picture a headband of sorts) and I wear the La Jay half wig in the back. It looks great, I get tons of compliments and most importantly I take care of my really hair daily. I learned the hard way that presses ruin my curls so when I want a straight look I also have a full lace wig that I wear. I still wear my real hair also, mainly in stretched protected styles, but learned half/full wigs give my versatility yet allow me to have access to my hair daily and still take care of it. Id say the only con is having to sleep in my wigs (which is rare) when I have an overnight shift in the hospital for the fear of taking off my wig and running to a delivery only to realize once I got there that my wig was still in the call room.

  • anonymous says:

    Sorry hunnybun, she doesn't have videos yet – I meant watch available YouTube videos.
    There are lots of great U-part wig tutorials out there.

  • Dawn Brame says:

    I've been looking for a natural looking wig for quite some time now for a quick and easy protective style. I plan on getting a half wig to make it look as natural as possible but as of late I've been thinking more and more about a full wig, full lace, and clip ins. I've never had any shot of weave or wig before besides box braids last summer. I want long kinky twists first but I'll be buying myself a hair piece of some sort before the end of the year.

  • L says:

    So, over the weekend I found this cool youtuber that does her own wig / weave installs. I was in awe due to the fact that I had never seen anyone install a wig / weave on their own head. But I digress, I saw her curly wig and immediately got hair envy. The funny part is the wig looks like my own hair and I think I just want the wig to be able to play with the hair. I know that sounds funny, but that way I won't cause unnecessary damage to my own curls and I could even have a shorter style without cutting my own hair. Please note that I didn't buy the wig, but I still find myself thinking about how cool it would be to have a wig that looks like my hair. I giggle at myself just thinking about it.

  • Davina W. says:

    I had extensions back in the day, I would get them again if I felt like sitting for 8+ hours.

  • Anonymous says:

    Like Andrea Dawn, I don't do well with weaves and think I will steer clear of them. I've gotten over the "is weaves natural" fiasco, but washing my hair and scalp WEEKLY is a MUST; anything longer than that and I'm patting my head like a monkey. Also tried the applicator-bottle shampoo method on my braids, but it didn't seem to do the trick.

    Not only that, but the last time I had box braids it took out a small amount of my edges. That did it for me! I'll just work with what I got…

    Wigs are like hats to me, not really worth it and tracks, NO ACCESS to care for your real hair.

  • Megan M says:

    When my hair was straight I use to wear a drawstring ponytail that is the closes I have been to weaves. My scalp is sensitive it was on fire because the combs would dig in I took that thing out and tossed it. I experienced thinning from the ponytail in the middle of my head I massaged it with oil and it grew back. I am curious about yarn braids so you never know they might pop up in my hair one summer lol!

  • Terrinique Pennerman says:

    Hello HunnyBun! Thanks for the comment. My Youtube channel is: Stop by my blog as well when you get a chance!

  • Hilary B. says:

    those look really nice! I prefer box braids and senegalese twists when I want to do a long term protective style.

  • sam says:

    "Natural hair weave" seems like an oxymoron….

  • Andrea Dawn says:

    I don't do well with weaves. I tried them twice in the past, when my hair was straightened. Both times I ended up removing the weaves within a few days, so it ended up being a complete waste of my time and money. For some reason, I need to feel my real hair and scalp on a daily basis; it's psychological, I guess.

  • Anonymous says:

    There is some info here that is quite incorrect and misleading ''•Try to keep the style in for as long as possible. The longer you keep the hair in the more length retention. A period of 3-4 weeks or longer is good.'' This is not a good idea because the longer one keeps their hair in that condition the more matting and buildup there will be. so when it comes to undoing the style there shall be a high probability of breakage. The hair needs to ''breathe''(taken out) every 1-2mths (max!) or at least retouched every 2weeks.


  • Selah says:

    I am loving crochet braids! Only downside is the price of getting it installed and the price of the hair. I need to learn how to cornrow or find someone who is willing to do it for a LOW price. I think i can install them on my own if i just take a weekend to myself and my hair. but it looks like MY hair, i get so many compliments and questions.

  • Carla says:

    Lol! That's a very valid fear 🙂

  • Esther Komolafe says:

    I have never tried natural hair wigs, weaves or extention becasue I am a scared that it might pull on my edges.

  • keisha billups says:

    The wigs look nice, but they look hot and heavy. I can't wear hats, or anything on my head for a long time because my head gets so hot, feels like I'm suffocating. I would probably add some hair, but not a full wig. I wore a sew in a few times while relaxed and it was so heavy and my scalp itched soooo bad. I can't stand not being able to touch my scalp and have my hands in my own hair.

  • MyNaturalCurlyLife says:

    I have definetly shared in hair envy. But I am opting out of the wig as my protective style.
    For me personally it would be more work & money than what its worth.
    Although I could pay to get my hair braided in the back (there's no way that I can do them well enough on my own); than try to do twist outs on my own that come out fabu enough to match the twists on the wig (I'm terrible with twists out they never come out right); than pay to get the wig possibly cut & shaped (you dont want to see me with scissors).
    So I am opting for braids as my protective style this fall & winter again.

  • hunnybun says:

    I have a fear of wigs like one day I'll just be walking and it'll catch on a low hanging branch and come off or somebody will snatch it off or it'll just shift and look unnatural. I'll pass lol

  • hunnybun says:

    whats her youtube name?

  • anonymous says:

    My very thrifty adult daughter has decided to transition to natural hair.
    1. She found a video on YouTube showing how to make a "U-part" wig.
    2. She purchased a net wig cap, weave thread, pins and and needles etc. from the BSS.
    3. She ordered her curly twistout hair wefts online and sewed them to the net cap.
    4. She made several twistout braids on the crown of her head and styled her hair up and over the U-part
    5. She attaches her wigs with bobby pins
    I think she did a great job and saved a lot of cash. Watch a few videos to see what I mean.

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