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Curly Nikki

Perfect Imperfection

By January 27th, 202115 Comments
Perfect Imperfection

by Shelli of Hairscapades

Hi guys! Have you seen Curly Nikki’s interview with Tracee
Ellis-Ross?!?!? If not, get yourself over there right now and check it
out here!! What a great interview!!

Anyway, the reason I’m pointing it out is something struck me about
the above picture, which was the lead for the interview. After sharing
M’s guest post this morning about Hair and Self-Acceptance … and then going to the interview and seeing this pic again … I wrote in the comments:

“You know what I love about that first
pic and want to point out? Look at the irregularity of Tracee’s hair
pattern. There are kind of straight pieces on the left and bottom right,
it’s coarser on the top with a less definitive curl …. and we LOVE it! I
think we are often too hard on our own hair, looking macroscopically,
dissecting every single curl, expecting perfectly uniform perfection.
But Tracee’s curls aren’t like this and she is the hair idol of many a
natural. At the end of the day, we need to look at our hair, our selves
as a whole and appreciate the beauty of imperfection. #justsayin ;)

Looks like I’m having my very own Self-Concept day!! Sorry for jacking your steelo Nik!! It just happened that way ;)!

Do you embrace YOUR perfectly perfect imperfection?


  • Angela B. says:

    It's a work in progress. I'm always trying to achieve super defined curls with little frizz. Often, that's impossible, especially in this humidity.

  • Derika says:

    I noticed the picture too when I read the interview. I'm learning to accept my hair. I'm transitioning and 8 months pregnant. I'm not sure how my hair's natural texture/curl is because of my pregnancy hormones. I'll eventually get there post baby and nursing when my hormones are back to normal.

  • Gaye Glasspie says:

    You know I love you..

  • Gaye Glasspie says:

    Lol, yes and I mean it!

  • Shamika Thomas Ellis says:

    I sure do, although it took me a while. Although, Tracee is my hair God.. :)))) I have come to realize I got my own thing going on over here but that's ok. I just learned to make it work and do what it do.

  • SavanahRae says:

    *takes the Kleenex from you*

  • SavanahRae says:

    lol@all one billion spirals

  • SavanahRae says:

    I do embrace my perfect imperfections. My hair at the crown seems to repel water, the strands are thicker and the curls are looser, the nape hair is silky and curly and everywhere else is highly porous and coily, but I love it because it's mine. I appreciate it for what it is and I've learned how to treat each section.

  • Foxyrou says:

    I strive to accept my perfectly perfect imperfection each day. Like to for instance, I was suppose to wash and re-twist my hair. But, after washing out my DC and spending most of my day cleaning up, I didn't want to be bother. I decided to add in some leave-in and moisturizer, minus the styler. I didn't want to waste anytime trying to achieve perfect looking hair. I let my curly fro air-dry and all, while I ran errands outside. Apparently, I did not look too bad because I caught a few guys checking me out! There you go! You don't have to get all dolled up to impress anybody all the time! Just be and love yourself, imperfections and all!

  • Megan M. says:

    Wow such a marvelous post! This is so true because I try so hard to make my hair "perfect" even having a fit on so called bad hair days. It took me literally almost a full year to love my kinks, curls, and coils that I cannnot make my hair look like the next natural. My hair helped me find who I am what God made I have done so much things that I would of never done and I also went back to the hobbies and things I just lefted behind because I wanted to be a certain way like others and not myself. I love Tracee because she is herself and everything to her hair is unique and apart of her, she embraces what she has that is what we love about her. I would like others to like me for me and not try to change what is not broken me.

  • Gaye Glasspie says:

    Great post!! My coils are so tightly coiled that folks often think I do tiny twists and I don't. I have tried to do something different but you know what THAT is how my hair reacts and so be it. Now I had to grow into it, Lord knows I tried everything..but my hair is MY hair and I love it! All one billion little spirals! ;P

  • Anonymous says:

    I get what you are saying but, how do we/you know for sure that…….. "
    irregularity of Tracee’s hair pattern. There are kind of straight pieces on the left and bottom right, it’s coarser on the top with a less definitive curl "……….. could it that those curls didnt set like the rest?? It looks like a roller set. Or some areas were over plucked out?? What I have learned during this natural ride is natural hair can look different everyday depending on the products and style you are rocking…either way her Joan Clayton hair made her the natural style icon to my black women

  • Pecancurls says:

    Shelli, over time I have learned to appreciate and embrace my "imperfect" coils, curls and kinks. I have only been at this natural thing for a minute and I initially thought that every hair had to be "youtube vlogger" perfect all the time. I have come to accept that my hair is unique to me and therefore will not look like anyone else's hair, but it is still beautiful. In hindsight, my permed hair rarely achieved the magazine styles that I wanted either. :) Translation to the rest of my life — I am learning to appreciate and love everything that I have (in all of the imperfections) rather than strive to get what I perceive to be the perfection that others have (that would include career, car, house, body, social life, etc) I am learning to enjoy more of the journey of life rather than to be so focused on the destination.

  • Bianca Grogan says:

    She has great curly hair… perfect for this site! Love it

  • nikkinukka1 says:

    great post shelli! im about to have an emotional moment right now lol. there are folk that think its just hair but honestly for me it was me accepting myself for all my flaws. my hair made it so that i can accept other kinks other than the ones in my head that i had to accept. and now i feel like i know my worth more now than i did before since ive actually been able to be more comfortable in my skin. and i got waaay more confidence than ive ever had in my life. its a great feeling….ok im done. *passes the Kleenex to the next curly*

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