Photo By Xelaphotography
by Bonnie of The Culture Pine 
Pet peeve:  (or pet hate) is a minor annoyance that an individual
identifies as particularly annoying to them, to a greater degree than
others may find it.

Dating back to my childhood, I always remember being nurtured to be both
polite and good mannered when it came to meeting people in the street
or, taking a phone call and the like. Along with this, one of my life
mantras is ‘treat people how you want to be treated.’ It seems that some
of my fellow human beings have failed to adopt this simple – yet
effective – attitude to life and you know what? It makes me just a tiny
bit annoyed. OK…VERY annoyed!

Really? I just took 5 seconds out of my busy schedule to hold the door
open for you, and I can’t even get an ounce of appreciation? No…it
wasn’t the biggest gesture, but still, a little courtesy won’t hurt your
pockets in any shape or form. Or, you request a favour from little old
me and completely disregard the fact that I could have said no, by
failing to acknowledge my actions with a simple please and thank you.
The cheek!

In no way do I view myself as having superiority over the next person,
but then why should that be a requirement in order to encounter your
good manners? You may say that the simple solution here is to stop doing
it. Stop inviting this annoyance into my life by passing on these
simple acts of kindness. Yes I see the logic behind that, but it is
simply not in my nature to be that cold and after all; two wrongs don’t
make a right!

So, the next time you forget your ‘please’s’ and ‘thank you’s’ at home;
make sure the person on the other end isn’t 5ft 6, big haired and

Thank you.

What is your pet peeve?