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Curly Nikki

Trice is Naturally Glamorous!

By January 27th, 202153 Comments
Trice is Naturally Glamorous!
introduce yourself!

Hiyee! My name is Patrice Linen, but you all can call me Trice :-)
I’m a 27 year old makeup artist from NYC. Auntie, girlfriend, best
friend, sister, and all-around extra dope individual. I’m known for my
big personality, big smile, and even bigger hair! 

is your current hair care regimen?

My regimen is pretty
simple (I think). I co-wash twice a week and DC every time I wash. I use
shampoo once a month or if I’ve got a lot of product buildup. I massage
my scalp 2 or three times a week and baggy on those nights as well.
After I wash, I plop for about an hour, add my leave-in and seal, then
twist and air dry. Other than various styles, that’s pretty much it. OH!
And I’m a (variation) CG girl -no combs, brushes, silicones, etc.
Trice is Naturally Glamorous!

Describe your hair and what works best for you and your curls.

I’m some kind of hodge-podge of type 4 hair. Except the very
back/nape area… I’m like a type 5,6,7 (it’s THAT coarse, and tight,
and curly). The back of my head just doesn’t like me. LOL! But, yeah,
type 4 all the way! I’ve found that finger detangling with Tresseme
Naturals conditioner, moisturizing with water, and sealing with shea
butter are the BEST things for my hair. She gets very dry and tangles
like nobody’s business. Every since I introduced her to the Tresseme
conditioner, she’s been much nicer to me. Finger detangling is a breeze
and my time spent on wash days has been cut WAY down since I’ve started
using that conditioner. Water is the best moisturizer over anything I’ve
ever used on my hair, and for some reason, while I really don’t care
for the way shea butter smells, it makes my hair FEEL like butter. It’s
crazy soft and moisturized for a good day or two! My hair LOVES it! Even
that angry back section is not as mean to me when I use shea butter. 

reaction did you get when you first decided to go natural?

I actually went natural before I even knew I
was natural. After high school, I just didn’t want to relax my hair
anymore, so I started rocking cornrows and pressing my hair. But when I
started rocking my fro, it was very well-received. Everyone said it
actually fit me, my style, and my personality more than straight hair.
It was almost like the “thing” I was missing. People always wanted to
touch my hair (still do) and I got tons of compliments and questions.
And many people wanted to take the plunge after I did. Even my guy, who
was skeptical about it when I first told him I was going to chop, loved
it. To this day, he hates my twists, but when my fro is out, he’s ga-ga
over it!

Trice is Naturally Glamorous!
you big chop or transition?

Well, like I said in the last question, I didn’t even know that I was
going natural. It was 2003, so natural hair hadn’t really been a big
movement back then. I just stopped relaxing. Didn’t feel like doing it
anymore. Had one too may chemical burns and enough was enough for me.
So, I guess I transitioned by cornrows, and hot combing my hair. I cut
my hair a lot during that time, because I liked the way my short bob
looked. In 2009 I had an episode of Bell’s Palsy and lost all movement
on the right side of my face. To cover it, I decided to rock a blowout
and wear my hair in my face. I loved my big hair so much that I decided I
wanted it even bigger! I wanted to grow my hair out and was doing some
research on how to make it grow faster when I discovered the natural
hair community on YT. Around the same time, I met a good friend of mine
who was deep in the natural hair movement, herself. She put me onto the
blogs and forums. She had a TWA, but it was the cutest thing I had ever
seen. Long story short, Christmas 2009 was the last time I pressed my
hair. I noticed that I had some heat damage, so I trimmed my ends
January 2010 and I wore my first twistout. It looked OK, but not like
the ladies on YT. So, February 2010 I decided to cut off about another 3
inches of hair. which left me with about 3 inches of hair. And that was
my somewhat “big chop”. I had a baby fro and I was REALLY scared about
how I would be received, but everyone still loved it. March I wore my
first twistout, and it’s been an amazing journey ever since!

Trice is Naturally Glamorous!

Why do you love your hair?

What makes me love my kinks, curls, and coils is the fact that
they’re MINE! Many may try to imitate, but they can NEVER be duplicated.
It’s really as simple as that.

can we find you on the web?

I’m a picture FIEND, so you can fine me on instagram @CallMe_Trice. I post pix religiously. I’m on twitter by the same name.
I have a blog that I neglect and everyone asks me to update it all the time. I will soon. It’s
My website:

Trice is Naturally Glamorous!Trice is Naturally Glamorous!

Anything else?!

Anything else? Um…. Yes! I never understood this until I learned
it, myself: YOUR hair is YOUR hair and you have to listen to what she’s
saying. Take time time out and get to know each other. If she happens to
be a mean individual, accept that and learn how to work with her. If
she’s nice, that’s great, too. But you have to know who your hair is.
Aside from styling options and some general guidelines, the only thing I
can tell you is what MY hair is saying to me …and she curses a lot,
so you may not wanna hear what she has to say. LOL! But seriously, you
and your hair are a FABULOUS team! When you learn to work together
you’ll never have another bad hair :-)

Trice is Naturally Glamorous!


  • LM says:

    after being over a year natural, I am still discovering new things about my hair and tweaking my regimen accordingly. In regards to hair personality, I really think my hair is bipolar lol. I really do love it though, because my good hair days are awesome! The only not so good days I have are when I don't have time to style my hair the way I want.

  • Sydney says:


  • CHI says:

    beautiful all around!!!

  • Cassandra [C.] says:

    me too , shelli, to everything you just said!!! That puff is simply astonishing. . .

  • Cassandra [C.] says:

    The second photo!!!!! OMG!!! I so want that hair. If i had hair that long and full, I would rock that puff 24/7!!

  • Davina916 says:

    I like that color.

  • Colleen R. says:

    lol thanks! i really like finger detangling so I think I'm going to continue experimenting to find the best technique for my hair.

  • Jessica Coletrain says:

    Love Love Love Love Love Love the hair! OMG it has a personality of its own.

  • Derika says:

    I. LOVE. HER. HAIR!!

  • CallMe_Trice says:

    I'm going to take the time to respond to the negative commentary because I feel that these misconceptions need to be addressed. I'm sorry that any of you feel the way that you feel regarding my thoughts toward weave and those who "need" them. It honestly was a joke with no malicious intent behind it. I encourage any and everyone to do what they feel it is that they want to do with their hair. Whether you're relaxed, natural, weaved up, bald… whatever it is that you decide to do with your hair, just take care of it. If more attention was paid to the article rather than random comments, you may have caught that the first time around. I'm most certainly a healthy hair advocate -natural or otherwise. My mother is relaxed, and while I've tried to convince her to go natural, she refuses. So, I travel two hours outside of Manhattan to her house every two weeks to take care of her SBL relaxed hair. My best friend who has tried to wear her natural hair several times unsuccessfully has resorted to weaves as protective styles to help her natural hair thrive. There are SEVERAL natural ladies who use weaves and wigs as a means of protective styling to get their hair to thrive. It the best way for THEM to take care of THEIR hair. And while their natural hair itself may be beautiful, they need the weave for them to take care of it properly. Regarding my inimitable hair, it is. So it yours, and every other individual walking this earth. The hair that grows out of YOUR head is unique. It can't ever be copied, imitated, or duplicated. I can't grow your hair, and you can't grow mine. It's unfortunate that loving my hair because it's mine and mine only is mistaken for arrogance :-(
    I do hope this clears some things up for you. Honestly, I do.

  • CallME_disappointed says:

    Disappointed to see her leaving these responses re:weave. Confidence does not mean arrogance and humility will take you a longer way in life than a big fro and the notion that your hair is inimitable while others need weave. Not nice. Curlynikki time to feature girls with a bit more of a positive outlook on natural hair.

  • CallMe_Trice says:


  • CallMe_Trice says:

    Since I've started finger detangling, knots have really been a non-issue. If I do come across a knot, I just take my time and separate the hairs one-by-one. The knot usually works itself out. One a very rare occasion I may have to whip out those scissors, but that hardly ever happens. But overall, when I take my time with my hair, she usually cooperates. I also only detangle with a ton of conditioner in my hair, but I don't do it in the shower. I find that soaking wet hair tangles more. But, again, that's just how my hair acts. I swear she has a mind of her own! LOL!

  • CallMe_Trice says:

    Thank you! What you do is pretty much the basic idea of it. But here's a video that explains it a little more in depth. I hope this helps! :-)

  • derdine says:

    great interview. i actually stopped and read which isnt typical of me- your hair and smile is super magnetic.

  • SavanahRae says:

    Love that puff! It's so big and gorgeous! Reminds me of cotton candy.

  • Colleen R. says:

    Since you only figure detangle do you occasionally find an unmanageable knot? I only figure detangled for about 2 months and then succumbed to using my wide tooth comb a few weeks back.

  • CallMe_Trice says:

    That's pretty much the basic idea of it, but here you go :
    Hope it helps :-)

  • hairscapades says:

    OMGawh Trice!! Your hair is EVERYTHING!! Why was I at lunch showing my friends/co-workers the first and second pics and saying … "Now that's what I want!!!!" (Just the week before, I was talking to the one friend about hair and she was saying how we all want what we don't have and then said, "Well not you, you love your hair." And I was like, "Oh no!! I like my hair, but I'd kill for GRAVITY DEFYING hair that is HUGE!!") So, when I say your pics, I was like, "THIS!!! THIS is what I mean!!!" LOL! Seriously, I'm saying, I enjoy my hair. I like it, I really do. But, I lust after hair that blocks people's views. And the color is so cute, clever and different!! And how you personified your hair … how it can be mean and sometimes be nice and all of that?!?! So frickin' hilarious!! I loved this interview:)!!

  • hairscapades says:

    OMGawh Trice!! Your hair is EVERYTHING!! Why was I at lunch showing my friends/co-workers the first and second pics and saying … "Now that's what I want!!!!" (Just the week before, I was talking to the one friend about hair and she was saying how we all want what we don't have and then said, "Well not you, you love your hair." And I was like, "Oh no!! I like my hair, but I'd kill for GRAVITY DEFYING hair that is HUGE!!") So, when I say your pics, I was like, "THIS!!! THIS is what I mean!!!" LOL! Seriously, I'm saying, I enjoy my hair. I like it, I really do. But, I lust after hair that blocks people's views. And the color is so cute, clever and different!! And how you personified your hair … how it can be mean and sometimes be nice and all of that?!?! So frickin' hilarious!! I loved this interview:)!!


  • Karen says:

    You have your right to your opinion and so do I…I dont think anyone NEEDS A WEAVE!!

  • Queen says:

    Trice, girl I was dead with type 5,6,7… Too funny!

  • Thetruthisoutthere says:

    That puff in picture 2 is cah-yute!

  • Pennie Cuevas says:

    Isn't she? Adorbs :P

  • Jada07 says:

    I LOVE her!! Great story and personality. :-)

  • misstiff says:

    Great pics and funny too, gotta love a sense of humor (
    Except the very back/nape area… I'm like a type 5,6,7 (it's THAT coarse, and tight, and curly). GURRRRL FUN-NEEE, cause I understand. And you know I will be trying that conditioner. I hope it works like that over here.

  • Sydney says:

    Hi Trice! Can you link to a video on YT or anything that shows how to properly plop? I use a t-shirt but I just don't know how to wrap it so I basically lay the t-shirt over my head pull the sides around my hair and use clips to keep it in tact (think t-shirt pony tail). Thanks and love your story!

  • Sydney says:

    Love the transition story! I did the exact same thing. After graduating in 2003 from HS I decided I didn't want to be dependent on a chemical any longer so I continued to blow dry and flat iron my hair and just never did another relaxer. I wore it straight until last February (2011) when after drooling over CN and other curlies I decided I wanted to wear my hair "natural". Years of heat styling had left my ends permanently straight so in June 2011 I visited the Miss Jessie's salon in NYC and had them chop off about 2/ 2.5 inches of dead damaged ends. Before that I only really wore my hair in a frizzy up do ( I was still a noob). After my cut I struggled with attempting twist outs/braid outs which usually failed so I was the pineapple wearing queen for months and one morning in October after having the worst hair morning all year I jumped in the shower, washed, DT'd and straightened my hair and then wore it straight the rest of the year. My mom is also on a natural journey and one day in Nov/Dec 2011 she mentioned Curl Formers and showed me Nikki's pics, which I thought unbelievable. I bought a set and whilst on a winter hiatus from my job I did a curl former set and hoped for the best. It turned out amazing and I was right back to wearing it natural. I had a crazy spring and wore my hair straight for 3 straight months (I know) and am now back to wearing it natural. Now when I'm lazy I just put my hair in 20-22 twists and wear them instead of wearing my hair out. I think this will definitely keep me form damaging my ends with heat styling and if I'm lazy I don't have to do my hair. Love the natural hair community!

  • Bridget Daniels says:

    Absolutely love the thickness! Beautiful hair.

  • Megan M. says:

    I had a similar color in my hair three years ago it took like 2 years to finally grow out. I love it on you. I say the bigger the better I love big hair! I need to try Shea butter can I buy it in the bss or online only?

  • Carla says:

    Gorgeous head of hair lady! Thank you for sharing with us. I'm a new natural and have quickly learned that my hair loves Shea butter and coconut oil as well :) I'll check you out on twitter!

  • wonderwoman1980 says:

    Love your hair!! GORG! So glad you were able to get well Bell's Palsy.

  • abrunnin says:


  • LaToya says:

    Beautiful Hair!!! A lot of growth since 2010!!! I'm gonna take some tips from you. Oh, I'm a Tresseme Naturals Conditioner user as well!!

  • Hilary B. says:

    gorgeous!! I love the color

  • sherida kuffour says:

    Her hair – colour and everything is beautiful!

  • Abstract says:

    Great interview! Great hair! And great message about accepting your own hair. I have fine and thin to medium density hair so I know how it feels to want something you don't have. However, sometimes on these sites all the constant complaining about what you don't have brings me down when I'm trying to keep myself up and celebrate! LOL. OAN, maybe I too should "plop" longer when I need my hair to dry overnight because as of now it definitely does not.

  • CallMe_Trice says:

    Thank you so much!!!!

  • CallMe_Trice says:

    LOL! I still feel the same way, but for those of who have embarked upon this journey, I've got no qualms about doing my part to help. Some of us need encouragement. Some of us need inspiration. Some of us need a regimen… and some of us need a weave. LOL! It's all love :-)

  • CallMe_Trice says:

    Thank you ladies for all the dope compliments! Means a lot me me :-) Hope I helped anybody in any way!!!

  • Davina W. says:

    Good interview!

  • CallMe_Trice says:

    It's when you take a cotton tee (or microfiber towel), wrap it around your wet hair, and let it soak up all of the excess moisture. Eliminates the need for rubbing your hair with a towel, helps it air dry faster, reduces tangles, keeps your curls in tact…

  • Smiley says:

    Funny how I remember her from a comment on twitter where she was going on a rant about how "natural hair ain't for everybody" and now…

  • Esther Komolafe says:

    I love your hair color!!!

  • Gaye Glasspie says:

    simply fabulous!!

  • MyNaturalCurlyLife says:

    Love the color

  • Brittany Preston says:

    OMG! Your hair is absolutely gorgeous! I love the different ways you've colored it! It definitely suits you!

  • Kudos says:

    Trice! My goodness, I love! The way your hair is in the back, is how mine is in the middle, I don't even try to type it, if somebody asks, I just say, "It's a jungle in there!"
    Your hair is definitely you! So ummmm, I'ma need to spill those growth secrets you found to work, please and thanks :-)
    P.S. And yes, Tresseme Naturals conditioner is a blessing straight from God!

  • Miss Anne says:

    I just have to say… your hair is A- to the- MazinG!!! Lush, lush and lush!!! #majorcrush

  • Anonymous says:

    What is "plop"?

  • Gwenn4ya says:

    I agree with nikkinukka1! Your hair is pure hotness! Love it! I didn't know what Bell's Palsy was, but I am sure to look it up. I love hearing natural hair stories. It helps to build me up! Love the fullness in your hair! Awesome!!!

  • Patrice Emeff says:

    Hey Trice! (from another Trice) Loved the hair and the personality! you are beautiful and that hair is GORG! Im gonna follow you on instagram just cause!

  • nikkinukka1 says:

    my gawd i dont know whats more gorgeous the girl or the hair O_o just stunning!!!!!

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