introduce yourself!

Hiyee! My name is Patrice Linen, but you all can call me Trice 🙂
I’m a 27 year old makeup artist from NYC. Auntie, girlfriend, best
friend, sister, and all-around extra dope individual. I’m known for my
big personality, big smile, and even bigger hair! 

is your current hair care regimen?

My regimen is pretty
simple (I think). I co-wash twice a week and DC every time I wash. I use
shampoo once a month or if I’ve got a lot of product buildup. I massage
my scalp 2 or three times a week and baggy on those nights as well.
After I wash, I plop for about an hour, add my leave-in and seal, then
twist and air dry. Other than various styles, that’s pretty much it. OH!
And I’m a (variation) CG girl -no combs, brushes, silicones, etc.

Describe your hair and what works best for you and your curls.

I’m some kind of hodge-podge of type 4 hair. Except the very
back/nape area… I’m like a type 5,6,7 (it’s THAT coarse, and tight,
and curly). The back of my head just doesn’t like me. LOL! But, yeah,
type 4 all the way! I’ve found that finger detangling with Tresseme
Naturals conditioner, moisturizing with water, and sealing with shea
butter are the BEST things for my hair. She gets very dry and tangles
like nobody’s business. Every since I introduced her to the Tresseme
conditioner, she’s been much nicer to me. Finger detangling is a breeze
and my time spent on wash days has been cut WAY down since I’ve started
using that conditioner. Water is the best moisturizer over anything I’ve
ever used on my hair, and for some reason, while I really don’t care
for the way shea butter smells, it makes my hair FEEL like butter. It’s
crazy soft and moisturized for a good day or two! My hair LOVES it! Even
that angry back section is not as mean to me when I use shea butter. 

reaction did you get when you first decided to go natural?

I actually went natural before I even knew I
was natural. After high school, I just didn’t want to relax my hair
anymore, so I started rocking cornrows and pressing my hair. But when I
started rocking my fro, it was very well-received. Everyone said it
actually fit me, my style, and my personality more than straight hair.
It was almost like the “thing” I was missing. People always wanted to
touch my hair (still do) and I got tons of compliments and questions.
And many people wanted to take the plunge after I did. Even my guy, who
was skeptical about it when I first told him I was going to chop, loved
it. To this day, he hates my twists, but when my fro is out, he’s ga-ga
over it!

you big chop or transition?

Well, like I said in the last question, I didn’t even know that I was
going natural. It was 2003, so natural hair hadn’t really been a big
movement back then. I just stopped relaxing. Didn’t feel like doing it
anymore. Had one too may chemical burns and enough was enough for me.
So, I guess I transitioned by cornrows, and hot combing my hair. I cut
my hair a lot during that time, because I liked the way my short bob
looked. In 2009 I had an episode of Bell’s Palsy and lost all movement
on the right side of my face. To cover it, I decided to rock a blowout
and wear my hair in my face. I loved my big hair so much that I decided I
wanted it even bigger! I wanted to grow my hair out and was doing some
research on how to make it grow faster when I discovered the natural
hair community on YT. Around the same time, I met a good friend of mine
who was deep in the natural hair movement, herself. She put me onto the
blogs and forums. She had a TWA, but it was the cutest thing I had ever
seen. Long story short, Christmas 2009 was the last time I pressed my
hair. I noticed that I had some heat damage, so I trimmed my ends
January 2010 and I wore my first twistout. It looked OK, but not like
the ladies on YT. So, February 2010 I decided to cut off about another 3
inches of hair. which left me with about 3 inches of hair. And that was
my somewhat “big chop”. I had a baby fro and I was REALLY scared about
how I would be received, but everyone still loved it. March I wore my
first twistout, and it’s been an amazing journey ever since!

Why do you love your hair?

What makes me love my kinks, curls, and coils is the fact that
they’re MINE! Many may try to imitate, but they can NEVER be duplicated.
It’s really as simple as that.

can we find you on the web?

I’m a picture FIEND, so you can fine me on instagram @CallMe_Trice. I post pix religiously. I’m on twitter by the same name.
I have a blog that I neglect and everyone asks me to update it all the time. I will soon. It’s
My website:

Anything else?!

Anything else? Um…. Yes! I never understood this until I learned
it, myself: YOUR hair is YOUR hair and you have to listen to what she’s
saying. Take time time out and get to know each other. If she happens to
be a mean individual, accept that and learn how to work with her. If
she’s nice, that’s great, too. But you have to know who your hair is.
Aside from styling options and some general guidelines, the only thing I
can tell you is what MY hair is saying to me …and she curses a lot,
so you may not wanna hear what she has to say. LOL! But seriously, you
and your hair are a FABULOUS team! When you learn to work together
you’ll never have another bad hair 🙂