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Curly Nikki

Two Natural Hair Buns, Zero Pins- Style Tutorial

By January 27th, 202115 Comments


  • Plsnt says:

    I didn't even consider using pins. I assumed that a headband (I like the silicone/gelly one's) was how everybody did it. I will definitely have to get me a donut though – NICE!

  • tiffany n says:

    Oh I needs that donut!

  • CurvyCurly says:

    I use the same method with an ouchless band and sometimes a scrunchie. Quick and easy. I usely have to add a thin headband to keep the frizzies or flyaways under control.

  • Jessica Coletrain says:

    Great tutorial, looks easy enough.

  • Gwenn4ya says:

    I've been meaning to buy me one of those donuts for my hair. Lots of people use them and they seem to work perfectly!

  • Hernandez says:

    That was really really cute… :)

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  • Derika says:

    I'm not fully natural yet because I'm transitioning but I'll be sure to remember this for when I am 100% natural! This looks super easy and cute!

  • Angela B. says:

    I use ouchless bands and bobby pins to make my buns.

  • Megan M. says:

    I use a big satin scrunci put it in a tuck and take the rest of the hair around the scrunci to hide it and put a few Bobby pins and I am done. I like doing my buns on stretched hair twist outs and tnc's, I never do them on wash n go's or damp hair, but I make sure I moisturize and seal before. I have always been curious about sock buns.

  • Sydney says:

    I love my ouchless bands so much I always keep at least 1 on my wrist and 1 in my purse. I need to get a hair donut! I've seen them but never really knew how to use them. Are they made of satin or something that won't snag the hair?

  • wavezncurlz says:

    I use hair sticks and flexi-combs for my buns. I've gotten good at using just these tools without any other pins/ponytail holders. Youtube has some good tuts on hairsticks.

  • Sweetdrk1 says:

    Super Cute, I don't think I have enough hair though. Im gonna try this! Will come back if it's successful

  • Davina916 says:

    Really cute!

  • Shashou says:

    I use the ouchless ponytails as well. I pull all my hair into the ponytail. And starting from the middle of the ponytail I wrap my hair around the ponytail to get the bun look. To ensure my hair doesn't start to come out I'll put another ouchless ponytail around the bun.

  • Angie Ang says:

    I'll have to give that doughnut option a try!
    ( /)( . .)c(”)(”)

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