Dear Nikki,

I have to always thank you and the CurlyNikki community for my successful natural hair journey. Why you ask? Well on CN I was inspired, encouraged, motivated and educated for FREE! LOL! Can you tell I love this blog a little bit?! Anyway, here we are, 3 years later, and here is what I now know…

Hair type = Mine!

Lol! If I’ve learned nothing else, I know for certain that my concern should have always been what MY hair could and could not do. I don’t care if I licked the screen, my hair would not miraculously look like MahoganyCurls (my first hair crush) or Naptural85 (is her hair to die for or what?).  I can buy EVERY product that the always fabulous CurlyNikki uses and my hair will never be as dope as hers.  *swoons* Now, my hair is by no means shabby, it’s just that I was being inundated with all of this fabulous hair and I was convinced that if I did EXACTLY what they did, my hair would look like theirs… O-o Uhm, NOT! Did that fact make me hate my hair and run for the chemicals? Nope.  But it did make me pay closer attention to what my curls wanted and needed. My hair is EXTREMELY curly/coily/spirally or whatever you want to call it, and it likes water, period. It shrinks beyond belief and it’s very soft.  And I’ve just about done it all… even lost count of the number of Big Chops!  I loves me a TWA… #TeamLazy all day! LOL! I am currently allowing it to grow out because my beloved daughter wants big hair, so I can’t cut mine ?!?! 

As for products, I know for sure that less is more for me. A good leave in (my favorite is Koils by Nature) does just fine. When I get crazy and start adding all the fancy stuff, I wind up with crunchy, hard hair and I don’t like that at all. So I KISS (keep it simple silly)! The funny part about all the products is this… my hair is #TypeMine no matter what I put in it. There is nothing in a bottle (besides some harsh chemicals) that will change that..and I know it. I embrace it. I love it..whether it’s stretched and big or shrunken and curly….I love it!

What have you learned during your natural hair journey?