The above is day one… 98% dry… and the result of my sudden but not unforeseen fall from the Bandwagon ‘O Gel.

This hair?  Never stiff.  Never crunchy. Voluminous even while wet. Decent definition. Dried fast. And while it probably won’t live to fight another day, I checked my pockets for any spare damns and wouldn’t you know it? None to give.  It feels good to have third day hair on day one!

Not sure if y’all can tell, but I’ve been going ham on the products lately.  I stay trying new stuff and I’m doing it in a haphazard and generally unhelpful way.  Sometimes my PJ gets a bit overzealous and the next thing I know, I’m re-styling everyday and trying crazy product combinations only for my curls to go all piece-y, stiff and unresponsive on me.  So I hit the reset button and clarified, vowed to pick a routine and stick with it, and then deep treated overnight with visions of the new and mostly permanent product combo dancing in my head.  

This morning Hubby took G-Boog, so I excitedly snatched off that wretched plastic baggy and hit the product cabinet in my hunt for something new to try.  I had narrowed it down to Curl Junkie or Curls Unleashed when something deliciously familiar caught my eye. There, in the corner of the cabinet, damn near dusty, sat a mostly empty canister of Ouidad’s Hydrafusion Curl Cream. Reunited at last.  When I tell y’all I have a problem… ish gets real over here. Somehow, I’d completely forgotten- like totally no memory at all, no recollection of my beloved Hydrafusion, and in an instant all the memories of my awesome Brazilian hair adventures came rushing back. And just like that, it was decided. 

So after rinsing the DT, while still in the shower, I applied some Tresemme Naturals to the right side and some Living Proof Thickening Conditioner to the left (…a story for another day!).  I did a very quick cold water rinse (thanks Tracee) leaving in more than 50% of the conditioners and gently, using praying hands, smoothed away excess product and water.  I then placed each side in one big two-strand twist and ten minutes later was in the mirror all elated over the effortless definition and clumps (the sides were identical despite the product difference).  I then took small amounts of the Hydrafusion and smoothed it through individual curls.  I finger curled here and there and smoothed a ton… no raking or finger combing at all.  I sat under the hood for 10 minutes and air dried the rest of the way and I must say… I wish I had somewhere to go to test drive this ish!  I forgot how soft and lush this cream leaves my hair.  It claims to ‘stretch’ the curl a little and volumize and I think I’m  experiencing a teeny bit of both.  I’m loving the feel of it (or lack thereof… no producty feel at all) and I’m excited to have been reunited with an old fave!  What else have I forgotten about?!

50% dry
100% dry

It’s not at shiny sans gel, but there’s a serum for that…