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Fall in Love with Your Body!

By January 27th, 202116 Comments

Fall in Love with Your Body!

by Marsha Philitas of

Let’s play pretend…

Imagine you’ve had an
amazing day at work.  You completed your to-do list, put out a couple
of fires that could have destroyed your organization, assimilated new
information and created new products, all while keeping basic functions
moving.  Then, at some point in the day, your boss comes by to berate
you; something about a dirty coffeemaker.  She hasn’t even looked at any
of the work you completed all day long.

What do you feel?  Anger? Disappointment? Frustration?

And what if she did this everyday, no matter how well you performed that day?  What would you feel then?

Most of us are the berating boss to our bodies.

bodies support us each day, they keep our blood pumping, keep the
foreign germs from making us ill, they help us move from place to place
and understand complex concepts.  Yet, most of us only see the “dirty
coffeemakers” of our bodies.  We pinch at the extra pound or 2 or 40 and
berate our hard working temples for not being slimmer.  Which, after
all the amazing things your body does to keep you alive, is really the
last thing your body is focusing on.

What if the exhaustion, ache and stiffness you feel isn’t just a result of the extra pounds?

the watchful eye of a berating boss, even the best of us would lose our
strength, motivation and desire to move forward.  We may be overwhelmed
with anger, annoyance or frustration, all of which distract us from the
task of getting the work done.  Our bodies react the same way.  The
stress of your inner monologue of  “I am not enough.  I am not doing
enough, I am not slim enough.” works against even the best weight-loss
and fitness plans.  It makes the workout seem unmanageable, or never
ending.  You’re left feeling like a hamster on a wheel, running and
running towards a finish line that doesn’t exist.

Your body’s ultimate goal is not weight loss, it’s health.

you’re sitting on the couch all day long or running triathlons, your
body is working hard to keep you healthy.  Your body isn’t really out to
get you.  It isn’t holding onto those last 5lbs on purpose, hoping
you’ll one day have a heart attack.  Your body is on your side.  It
wants to live long enough for you to achieve your dreams and to fulfill
your life purpose.

Re-connect with your greatest ally.

Wherever you are in your journey with your body, it isn’t too late (or too early) to form a team with your greatest ally.

  1. Breathe.  However
    you’ve treated your body in the past, each breath is a opportunity to
    reconnect.  To remind yourself that when you and your body focus on the
    goal of health, you can do amazing things together (the least of which
    is losing weight).
  2. Offer compassion to the part
    of you that believed that without the constant reminder of your flaws,
    you would never be able to achieve the life of health and abundance that
    you crave.
  3. Show gratitude.  Thank each part of your body for how it currently supports you.
  4. Define your vision of health.  What does your
    body do when it’s healthy? Does it dance for hours with friends?  Does
    it laugh and play with your kids in the playground?  Does it go for long
    meditative, walks?  Whatever the vision, write it down.  Bring your
    measure of health away from the scale and towards your holistic goals.
  5. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Breathe,
    offer compassion, show gratitude and meditate on your new definition. 
    Then breathe, breathe and breathe again.  This, as with all things worth
    doing, is a practice.

Once your body knows you both are on the same page, you’ll find yourself naturally drifting towards abundant health.

Are you a berating boss to your body? How do you plan to work towards a healthier relationship?

CN Says:
‘but Nikki, it’s not Thursday boo!’ 
 I know, I know.  But Marsha was handling it, so I just had to share 🙂


  • Derika says:

    Man this article made me really think about my non existent workout routine. After I have this baby, I need to get in shape! I've always had a fast metabolism but my husband always fusses at me because he said I still need to get my blood pumping. I need to focus on my health now in my 20's before it's too late.

  • Imani Monroe says:

    amazing I showed my boyfriend this he usually is a very grumpy angry person and is usually drained aching I too do this I dont give my body enough credit at the end of the day I have to love myself because in the morning the only person who will love and treat me the same is my strong body

  • Tiffany says:

    Great article! I really needed to read something like this

  • Marsha Philitas says:

    Hi Megan — You're very welcome. Glad to hear that this post had such a powerful effect on you. Hopefully when you get ready for school tomorrow, this perspective will make things easier.

  • Marsha Philitas says:

    Glad this resonated with you. There's so much power in compassion and gratitude. I think it's the best catalyst for change that there is.

  • Marsha Philitas says:

    Hi Symone, So sorry that you've had to struggle with so much. I feel how tough it is to have your body "betray you" like that. Glad this post could help. I'm sending positive thoughts your way, wherever you are.

  • Symone says:

    I needed this article more than you know! I used to be active, fit and slim… Then I was diagnosed with early stage cervical cancer. After 3 surgeries in 3 years, I'm 36 years old and in complete menopause, the worse of this is weight gain, fatigue and lack of motivation to workout. I've been angry at my body for "betraying me" and have not taken the time to be patient with myself. Thank you for posting this 🙂

  • CurvyCurly says:

    Good article. I agree; we should appreciate our bodies and what they actually accomplish on a daily basis. Once we thank our bodies for getting us through each and every day, we should strive to do better, strive to better our overall health not just concentrate on weight management. Our bodies will treat us even better.
    Thanks for sharing, good advice.

  • Megan M. says:

    I would never in a million years thought of my body in such powerful way. This has made me love my body more because I am the women who is obsessed at how my looks that I think I am too this or that and i would never be caught seen in that because i do not have the body type in my opinion. Thank you so much I need that today because when I woke up to get ready for school it was one of those days looking in the mirror.

  • Davina916 says:

    Good read!

  • ss says:

    Great article! I never thought about it like that!

  • ambrey watkins says:

    yeah this message was on point!!

  • Marsha Philitas says:

    You're very welcome, Sam!

  • Sam Walcott says:

    Wow. I have not thought of my body as an actual blessing. thanks for the reminder.

  • Marsha Philitas says:

    Thanks for the positive response FirstLadyVee. With all the pressure out there to shape our bodies into some perfect image, it's important to remember how much of a blessing our bodies already are.

  • FirstLadyVee says:

    Yes. Well said and true. Our bodies are temples and should be treated as the awesome creations that they are. Our bodies are capable of sustaining our life and hold within it the capacity to join hands with the Creator and nurture and birth a new life.

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