by Antoinette of Around The Way Curls
“Some Like It Hot” 

Yes. I used heat. (Cue screams, gasps and Shanti and Hey Fran Hey shaking their heads in dismay at me). But as stated in the video, I use heat on my hair sometimes and CAN’T NOBODY TELL ME NOTHIN. (Remember that post? lol ) Anyway, I take really good care of my hair and it’s the healthiest it has been in a while so I figure, I can. Now, I am not the girl that has splits ends, heat damage and dry hair constantly picking up the Chi. To those of you out there that are…. STOP IT!!! Wait till your hair has been nursed back to health and is good and ready. Keep in mind, I do diffuse with my blow dryer but I don’t count that because diffusing mixed with my leave-in and aloe vera gel is like giving myself a mini deep conditioner. I swear. And if Kim K doesn’t count botox as plastic surgery then I damn sure ain’t counting my diffuser as heat. #boom

Anywhoo, peep the video tutorial below on how I did it.

What chall think? Does a little heat go a long way?