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Remember this?
The tragedy of watching hubby ring in his 30th birthday in State
College was too much to bare, so we decided to meet up in LA with ‘The
Crew’ for a few nights to celebrate on some real levels. It was
damn near perfect- my parents were already in State College, all ripe
for Boogie sitting, and I had a few over-due Hollyweird business
meetings, so I could efficiently execute the motto– work hard,
play hard. I used the descriptor ‘damn near’ because despite the fact
that I was traveling Boogie-free, for the first time in a long time (no
leaky ass sippy cups, no bulky strollers, no poopy diapers that only get
that way the minute after we board), just about everything that
could’ve went wrong yesterday, did.  I won’t bore you with the details,
but I landed at LAX at 10 am and didn’t get to my condo ’til 3.  You do
the math.  Ish was ugly.  So ugly that I was seriously contemplating
calling it a night when a tweet came through from an old friend.


I text messaged her and she was all, ‘get up, get dressed and get here boo! It’ll be fun, I promise!’ I thought long and hard because I was down to my last nerve, but (1) I’ve been meaning to catch her show for a while, (2) I miss Kim, we hadn’t hung out since the Grow Out Challenge, (3) who could resist a girl’s night with drinks and laughs?! I couldn’t and apparently, The Crew couldn’t either, so me and 4 dudes descended upon The Comedy Union. They totally crashed Ladies Night.

Peep the view- 

 Kim shut.ish.down. We’ve kicked it
before-with bof’ feet- but this was my first time seeing her
in her element.  Truly inspiring.  If you’re in or around LA, get to The
Comedy Union STAT.  Laughed so hard I pee’ed a little! While commenting
on how she slayed with the big sexy hair and all, she disclosed that
it’s a weave. She said, ‘it’s a protective style, but it still looks
like me!’ Genius.

 The Crashers

They were so smitten with Kim. Kept commenting on how buttery
smooth her skin was… I was like, stop touching her, lol, give her 50
feet, got damn!
those gorgeous ladies with Kim are CurlyNikki readers and fellow naturals!  *waves* hey Nichole and Kendra, girl!
 But they weren’t the only crashers… Kevin Hart showed up and showed the hell out! 

I died, met a doctor in heaven, got resuscitated and died again.  He’s only the hottest comedian working right now… also happens to be the host of this year’s MTV’s VMAs!

He wanted to take a few of his VMA jokes for a test drive. And yeah, he’s gonna kill it. 

what i wore- jumper from Loft and sandals from ASOS
So there you have it folks.  The terrible, awful, low down, rotten day turned, well, E.P.I.C.!
Thanks Kim, Kev and Comedy Union for an amazing night!  We will be back ๐Ÿ™‚
Oh, and later that night…
started eating before I remembered to snap a pic!  
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Good luck dolls!