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Curly Nikki

Hair Today and a Giveaway!

By January 27th, 2021207 Comments
and the winner is… 
Send me your address and contact info ASAP (! Congrats chica and thanks to all that participated!  Look for more contests soon!

Hair Today and a Giveaway!
So I was supposed to style with Generic Value Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm yesterday but it felt so heavy that I abandoned ship.  While still in the shower, I rinsed the Balm and then generously applied Tresemme Naturals throughout… root to tip.  I smooshed it through, did a very quick cold water rinse leaving in more
than 70%, and then gently, using praying hands, smoothed
away excess conditioner and water.  I then created a two strand twist on either side of my head and got out of the shower.  After lotioning and thangs, I removed the twists and again took small amounts of Ouidad’s Hydrafusion and smoothed it through individual curls to help them clump and hold.  I applied it to the majority of my ends and crown, finger twirling here and there and smoothed and smoothed… for like 20 minutes.  No raking, no combing.  Finally, I sat
under the hood for 10 minutes and air dried the rest of the way and yeah, got the same hair as last time!  This routine just may be a keeper! 
Hair Today and a Giveaway!

Below, share your top tips for achieving predictable results with your curls for your chance to win my (current) fave product combo– Tresemme Naturals + Ouidad Hydrafusion.  Tomorrow at 5pm EST, one curly will be randomly selected to receive full size bottles of each!  Good luck!


  • Derika says:

    Your hair is always on point Nikki! I love your hair!

  • safarascurls says:

    Wow you can put olive oil instead of knot today!! I love kinky curly. It always gives me great, consistent results.

  • Tina says:

    Damp hair, Beautiful Textures Leave-in and bantu knots overnight!

  • Felicity Rhode says:

    Wet hair. Olive Oil. Kinky Curly Curling Custard. It never fails. Always gives me the same great results.

  • Shashou says:

    As easy as possible a wash n go. However, to get what I know will be after all is said and done I have to do the following: put hair in atleast 4 sections, shampoo/condition and detangle in shower, apply moisturizer to each individual also in shower, then release sections and the doggie shake and BAM. A well to do and defined wash n go.

  • Autumn H. says:

    I co wash with either tresseme naturals or v05 moisture conditioner, finger combing makes my curls POP a lot better, then I rinse out while finger combing, and apply leavin, then apply Shea moisture under Eco style gel (olive oil) and air dry….that's it #themcurlsbepoppin lol

  • Stephanie Dickerson says:

    My Wash 'n Go is my "" style which gives consistent results. I use the Nothing But Co-Wash, then follow up w/ a little of NB's Curly Pudding & Curl Sealer on freshly detangled hair. Of course, I get my awesome 4B-Z shrinkage, but my curls never fail to Snap, Crackle & POP! Low manipulation, sleep w/ a my satin bonnet & refresh on Day Two w/ Nothing But's Curl Wake-Up Spray & a couple of head shakes.

  • Brandy says:

    Hey Nikki,

    To achieve predictable beautiful curls, for me it all starts on wash day..I wash with Shea Moisture Raw Retention Shampoo and deep condition with Shea Moisture Anti-Breakage masque and Olive Oil for 30 min. Then I rinse with cold water and apply Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque as a leave-in followed by my mix of Shea butter, Olive oil and Grape seed oil to seal. Lastly I twist with Shea Moisture Curling Enhancing Smoothie. My hair is fully moisturized to yield fantastic curls every time.

  • PDF says:

    Absolutely Gorgeous!!!

  • PDF says:

    No, it is not crazy!!! A video recording of your styling sessions is a great idea!! I need to do the same. There are times when my hair turns out terrific and sometimes not and a video recording would have been good to refer back to. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Perrinne says:

    Leave-in conditioner, twist with gel and refresh nightly with Carol's Daughter Hair Milk! Classic, and very, very predictable!

  • Brii says:

    I just realized this statement might be a little offensive to some. My family is mostly natural, at least within the boys side (and they all grow out their hair). And what I noticed was the lighter their skin, the finer their hair. Because I am darker, I thought my hair would be courser, maybe even a 4C. Instead, I am a 3B-3C and I find that strange. But only from what I have seen in my family. Please do not assume that I was trying to be mean/offensive.

  • Brianna says:

    Thanks. That's exactly why I do it! One time I use a different comb when attempting a twist out, made all the difference. Didn't realize it until I checked my records. Lol

  • Charlene says:

    Sheamoisture sec and milk gves me amazing curl definition that lasts for days. Its the closest thing I get to predictable anything.

  • Aeolain says:

    My routine is simple. I cowash with Honey I'm Strong from the Herbal Essence line of conditioners. I use Giovanni Direct Leave In. Coconut Oil for my moisturizer and IC Fantasia Gel to smooth edges as needed.

  • Jamie R says:

    I used to get predictable results from a braid out using Giovanni's Leave In and I'd seal with a mixture of Jamaican castor oil, olive oil and coconut oil mix then put some shea butter on top of that. But lately man……I dunno. It doesn't hold the definition well & if I daare separate the curls it's a mess. Oh….this wasn't a ranting post. K. Cool. My b.

  • Eboni Watson says:

    While i'm in the shower i wash my hair with Hollywood Olive Oil Deep Conditioner with Aloe Vera, no poo, and put two big bantu knots on each side while getting clean as a whistle. After rinsing out HOODC and repeat I then apply Tresemme Naturals and rake fingers, from tip to root, detangling and put back into two big bantu knots as I shower again. I then rinse conditioner with luke warm water and repeat but do quick rinse. Once out shower and dried up and lotioned… I then section hair into 4 parts and add Tresemme Naturals, as a leave-in conditioner, Argon Oil curly cream, smoothing and raking. After raking i take medium sections and apply Ecostyle Olive Oil gel to root and tip and twirl. I do this all over head. I sit under hair dryer for 15-20 min until 70% is dry. Apply Vitamin E oil, which has Coconut oil as the only other ingredient, let hair air dry. Once at 100% dry I then begin to seperate and scrunch and outcomes beautiful, soft, voluminous, shiny curly hair…

  • Danielle Elaine Tripp says:

    Well I like to use Giovanni's Shampoo and Conditioner. I do a deep treatment with the conditioner and I use Cantu's curling cream when i do twist outs.

  • garbanzo says:

    wash and gooooo!

    tresemme naturals + teeeeny bit of kinky-curly knot today + kccc + herbal essences set me up gel mixed with a teeeeny bit of biosilk rock hard gelee. smooth/rake the the kccc and gels in –> shiny, bouncy curls each time. I've been using this combo for 2+ years with fantastic luck (except when HE SMU reformulated…hence the bit of BRHG mixed in with it).

  • Netta says:

    The only "predictable" curls trick I have is to use aloe vera gel and make sure that your hair's twisted every night. No matter what other variables I change, those two have yet to fail me.

  • Curly Chellez says:

    I still dont know how to get predictable results, unless I use curlformers 🙁
    I need help!!!!

  • Imani BeautifullyPissed Monroe says:

    My braidouts have been quite predictable. All i do is spray my hair with water and conditionrr seal with coconut oil and braid 5 cornrows with ors smooth and hold puddibg

  • CC says:

    My predictable routine involves cowashing with Herbal Essences or Tresseme Naturals, detangling, using Cantu Leave-in and raw sheabutter with coconut oil (straight from Ghana) to seal. I then put my hair into braids and go to sleep while it air drys. I wake up with wild voluminous curls.

  • Nemetria Wilson says:

    I just wash then coat with a leave in. Detangle then apply whatever styling product catches my eye

  • 101Corkscrews says:

    That looks awesome!

  • Jacquelynn says:

    My hair idol…love your hair…Always looks wonderful

  • vona says:

    i am a treseme naturals cowash, giovani direct leave in tee shirt drying girl. i run some eco blue through lightly and air dry.Most importantly is when i am dry i put a little more giovani and a lot of vegeatable glycerin for soft springy curls that last for a week and the glycerine draws the moisture to my hair so it stays soft and my curls have memory, movement, and moisture . for the rest of the week i shake and go. I do deep condition after every wash under the hood for 15 mins and cool water rinse. If i am in a hurry i just do a treseme nat cowash, treseme nat condition and i don't rinse it out, it is my styler and leave in. I still get great curls, just have to redo in about two days.

  • bri w says:

    I have a simple routine: twist my hair with east african shea butter. It has been giving me great results and my hair responds well.

  • Monique Bezear says:

    I recently found my staple. I co-wash with Ouida new co-wash cleanser seal with either coconut oil or JBCO then do mini 2 strand twist using Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie. I let it air dry, if I have time and unravel with coconut oil to a perfect twist out.

  • Domineque Hopson says:

    I just simply wash and go…

  • ZulibethV says:

    I normally use two-strand twists as a protective style because my hair becomes much more manageable. I have really tight curls so I would usually style my hair first by applying curl junkie smoothing lotion and shidanaturals moisturizing cream from root to ends. Then I apply shea butter as my sealant (which I love btw, keeps my hair so soft and defined) and then finally apply olive oil gel to keep the twists in place. I keep the twist outs for a week and then restart the routine.

  • Kim says:

    I found that washing my hair with 6/13 by Chaz Dean and then applying Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie is all I need to get curl definition and moisture. It works for my twa right now.

  • Megan M. says:

    Your hair is so amazing! Your my hair crush now. I use my tresemme natural conditioner after I wash my hair rinse that out and use my Shea Moisture leave in CES or RSB one and seal it in with olive oil or Mimosa hair honey and use my Curls goddess gel results are fantastic I be dancing saying good hair day! One day I did not use my tresemme naturals my hair was okay but did not last as long as it would. I decided to use Garnier Triple Nutrition instead, disliked the results.

  • Adel says:

    My routine is wash with wen, then condition with herbal essences, then smooth down butter treat, Vatika oil, then mixed chicks leave in, then I apply Eco styler gel (the brown one). Then I air dry. Lasts for a week, and i I get a very defined curl.

  • Kholla says:

    I usually get predictable results by layering on damp hair leave -in, styler(pudding or curl cream), and/or gel, and seal with an oil. I am a PJ, so the the products that I use sometimes varies :0), but the technique is the same and it gives me the results that I like pretty much every time

  • M1ssLovely says:

    This is a routine that I have been using for a minute and has given me consistent results. I either co-wash with V05, yes Dollar Tree and Dollar General under $1 V05, clarifying conditioner or either wash with my homemade mudwash (thanks YouTube's missT1806 for the recipe!). I then rinse thoroughly and apply either Herbal Essence Hello Hydration (blue or purple bottle will do) generously all over, create 4 sections that are twisted and pinned, and gently squeeze out the excess conditioner and water with a cotton t-shirt (no 2nd rinse needed). Next, I put on a shower cap, call it a night, wake in the morning, take down the twists (careful not to disturb the curl pattern) and let it air dry. This usually lasts for 3-4 days tops, with maintaining with water only refresher spray at night and a shower cap and fluff and go in the morning. Simple and no-fail every time!!!

  • Mishie says:

    I haven't established a routine yet because I'm about 4 months post and just recently decided to transistion. So far, my favorite products are Qhemet's detangling ghee, Aussie 3 min miracle and Wen cleansing conditioner.

  • Jessica Coletrain says:

    I alternate products in order to keep my hair from getting 'bored' or used to one product. My favorite combination has been using Kinky Curly Knot Today on freshly washed hair, followed by coconut oil and Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Milk. I wash with Curls Shampoo and condition with Tresemme Smooth as Silk.

  • Maria P'hardy Pacino says:

    The adorable bantu knots.My hair is most predictable when I do bantu knots. I don't use many products on my hair, just because I don't think it's necessary. I finger part, apply shea butter, twist it up and put it in a bantu knot. I always get the same shiny, beautiful, curly hair.

  • Candice Selby says:

    I co-wash with Giovanni Direct or devaCurl conditioner. Then I use Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie and ecostyler gel for my twistouts.

  • earth218 says:

    Still working on it, I was walking around with crunchy Ecostyler hair. Not until I saw your hair like that did I realize that I don't have to walk around with crunch stringy hair on the first day. It got better as the days went on but I don't have to put up with it at all! I am dying to try your combo! I haven't used the ecostyler gel since I saw that photo of you. LOL!

  • Yohanna says:

    I shampoo (elucence), condition/detangle (honeysuckle rose and tressemme moisture rich mix), and then tension blow dry my hair for twist out (done with darcy botanicals products). Comes out great every time.

  • Ashley says:

    Oh btw… my bday is tomorrow so it would be awesome if I lucked up and won… icing on the cake lol.

  • Ashley says:

    My fav routine when out of deep conditioner is to mix honey and a reg. Conditioner together and treat it as adeep conditioner. Rinse most out with cold water and my curlies are super defined and hydrated even 70% dry and no oil.

  • hairscapades says:

    So soft and fluffy Nik!! I need more products like I need a hole in the head … but, I can't resist the chance to try and win the Ouidad Hydrafusion b/c that jawnt is EXPENSIVE!! LOL!!!

    Okay, so I've found that I get my best WnG when I apply a liquid leave-in like Infusium 23 (or the Sally's GVP version) to very wet hair, comb it through and then do the rake and shake method with the discontinued Samy's Get Curls gel or Jamaican Mango & Lime Lock Gel mixed with Carol's Daughter Healthy Hair butter and then diffuse or don't touch it until fully dry.

    *fingers crossed*


  • Wanda S says:

    I make sure my hair is well moisturized before adding any styling product.

  • Michelle Rosborough says:

    I am still trying to find something that works ;(

  • MarryMeAlready dotcom says:

    Too bad I STILL have not found a routine for creating RELIABLY consistent curls…(perhaps this giveaway can HELP w/that?) I've tried devachan, Ms. Jessie's, Curl's, & about 5 other brands I can't think of right now (everything from pumps to gels to pudding to cream) & STILL I end up w/some frizz, some defined parts…overall I like creams that DO define curls, but end up "crunchy" by the end of the day. Can you help??
    Thanks & spreadin' the word about all your great advice!!

  • Destynee' says:

    I know people say that they don't use products containing sulfates and other things but Dove's daily moisture conditioner makes my hair easy to detangle and makes my hair feel ohhh so soft with my wash and go's. When I use it I know every time that me and my curls will be satisfied. (: I've tried many other all natural conditioners and they just don't give me the same results. However, I'd like to give Tresemme Naturals a try, I hear its nice.

  • Sydney Brown says:

    Good idea! Especially if you're trying different techniques and products.

  • Blair says:

    As far as products go, I can expect a great twist out after detangling, washing, and conditioning by using Carols Daughter Loc butter on 90% dry hair. My twist outs always come out stretched, fluffy, and defined. Throughout the week, I mist with water infused with rosemary and lavender, seal with grapesee oil, and then twists or braid to keep the style. Unless the weather outside changes, I'm good to go!

    P.S.–"lotioning and thangs"—>lol!!!! Love it.

  • Sydney Brown says:

    Have you ever tried straws? I know some people use them and the curl definition comes out amazing!

  • Sydney Brown says:

    My "go to" products for predictable hair are my all time favorite DT (Rapid Recovery), Home made aloe ver refresher spray (Ahmazing!),Shea Leave in conditioner, and One N Only Argan Oil Treatment. My hair is always super moisturized and I get good definition in my twist outs or up styles.

  • lovenaturalash says:

    The way i receive predictable outcomes is with a proper detangling session, stretching my hair with chunky braids, and the loc method.

  • Anna Reynolds says:

    Your hair is lovely!!! My tried an true routine also involves Tresamme Naturals. I cowash with that and then apply Giovanni Direct Leave In after I get out of the shower. While my hands are still wet with the leave in, I rub some castor oil between my hands and massage my scalp. Then I put an old tshirt over my head for about 10 minutes to absorb moisture. Once my hair is damp/not wet, my final step is to apply Carols Daughter Curly Milk Pudding. I feel like I use too many things in my hair and would love to simplify. Your routine sounds great and we have similar hair.

  • Nia Marie says:

    I'm all about the braid outs! The key element to my braid outs is to have ample drying time. I apply a little Aussie Moist to a section of hair. Then apply some of my oil mixture to each section. Before I braid each section i smooth some shea butter over the section. It turns out to be about 10-12 braids.

  • Cynthia says:

    For predictable results, I now have learned that applying my leave-in conditioner on soaking wet hair in the shower and plopping it on my head and wrapping it with a t-shirt works the best. No matter what styler product I use afterwards my hair is moisturized and ready to go and is no soaking wet due to the t-shirt. If I seal with coconut oil and then apply a styling product, I know my hair will take over 12 hours in a braid out to dry. If I use just the styler afterwards I drying time is significantly cut down.

  • Belles says:

    I tend to frequent WnGs and a big "Grecian" side twist but Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie mixed with Infusium 23 leave in conditioner via spray bottle get me the lush curls I want every time. It even helps detangle for my big twist. Win-Win!

  • Alicia Brooks says:

    My tip for achieving predictable results is to know what certain products and ingredients do to your hair. Once you know what works and how much to apply, don't change it for a the hot new product unless its a similar ingredients list. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Also, put into account the weather conditions.

  • Shayjsongbird says:

    Ive been using Shea Moisture Curling smoothy (or whatever its called).I co-wash with Aussie conditioner and use shea butter to seal the ends. but honestly, the results arent completely consistent. I went to buy the ouidad hydrafusion today but couldnt bring myself to shell out the $26 bucks. i would love to win this!

  • chichi says:

    I don't really have curls but I have coils. For the most part I leave my hair alone in regards to manipulation. I just keep my hair moisturize and there's coils all over the place. Right now I'm wearing a teased model model wig Tropical Spice in 1B/530. I moisturize with Honey Dew / Cantu Leave In, then I put a blend of Wild Gro and Jamaican Black Castor Oil on top to seal. I do this every night.

  • blutea says:

    My go to routine right now: I'm really loving my twist-outs, so I've been keeping my roots stretched at night with hair ties. To refresh my curls I spray each section with enough water to make them damp all the way through, then I apply Cantu Shea Butter (I'm using H.E. Totally Twisted while I'm busy being broke), then I apply a little bit of Vegetable Glycerine as a humectant. Afterward, I use Shea Moisture Curling Smoothie or Conditioning Milk and then seal with Sweet Almond oil. Once I fluff and smooth my edges, I'm good to go!

  • Wendy Johnson says:

    Predictable results for my curls involve co-washing with As I Am Co-Wash, applying Sally's GVP The Conditioner and then raking in Eco Styler Olive Oil gel, and then slick back into a puff.

  • KayC, The Quiet Storm says:

    Co-wash with Tresemme Naturals followed by a cold water rinse. Paul Mitchell The Conditioner or Knot Today as a leave in followed by my oil mixture and Eco Olive Oil gel. Same great results every time!

  • BrooklynCurly says:

    Be kind to yourself and find what works best for your unique and beautiful texture!
    First embrace your unique texture, and then find a product and process to enhance it. So many of us desire to have someone else's hair and it just isn't possible. Ugh…that's all I got! Love & Light Curly Sistren

  • Diane Swopshire says:

    Hair looks beautiful and frsh Nikki!

  • Rodgerika says:

    My favorite method is shingling gel through damp hair with leave in. Works for me every time!

  • Shamica says:

    I currently just keep it really simple by twisting at night. I know if I do a bantu twist that my hair will come out with tight curls and if I do a two strand twist it will be more stretch out. I try to keep my hair up and out of the way with a banana clip or a scarf.

  • ✨Jay✨ says:

    CoWash, Butterize* and retwist my hair every 3rd day plus DT and Butterize once every two weeks keeps my hair very predictable. I have been able to maintain moisture, bounce and volume since May with this routine

    *Butterize means to add my homemade creamy hair oil(Shea butter, mango butter, coconut and castor oils and a dab of heavy condish) and spray my scalp and ends with a leave in condish to my hair

  • Deandra Anjahlee Hernandez says:

    My most predictable hair day starts with a cowash using trader joe's nourish spa conditioner. Follow that up with some giovanni leave in conditioner. I then put some olive oil to seal that goodness in. High humidity day or any day that I want extra definiton… a little ecostyler gel mixed with almost any styling butter/cream. Air dry while I get dressed and have face time then go. Now if I want to achieve a little stretch, I'll wrap it into a tight bun on my way out or heading to the train station for a few minutes 🙂

  • Amber Johnson Swinney says:

    I have a hard time getting the same results each and ever time, but I do notice that my hair LOVES Shea Moisture Yucca and Baobab lines (green bottles) My hair is soft, moisturized for DAYS (unheard of for my hair) and smells AWESOME!!!!! Shout outs to KinkyCoilyMe (janelle) for the Youtube review…

  • Tasha Gibson says:

    Well Ms. Nikki, to achieve the curls I absolutely adore is either a two strand flat twist out or a two strand twist out. I start with slightly damp hair(detangled of course), then I use a combination of Shea Moisture curling smoothie and Carol's Daughter Honey Mimosa to moisturize my hair then I seal the ends with light almond oil. I get the best results when it is half damp. In the morning I take them down with oil on my fingertips, shake and go!

  • Vanessa says:

    Thanks! CurvyCurly 🙂

  • AnnabelTRP says:

    My predictable and no fail style is a wash and puff. wash hair with a conditioning shampoo with lots of slip (giovanni smooth as silk or Tres Nats), detangle, leave in about 20% of conditioner, apply an oil seal, the leave in, slick hair back into a puff, wrap with a t-shirt to removeexcess moisture and tie down with a satin scarf for 15 minutes, while I do my make-up, get dressed, etc. Then I'm good to go. Love your results by the way!
    LOC Method has done wonders for my frizz and moisture maintenance!

  • Nik says:

    I use coconut oil on damp hair and set with Carol's Daughter's Hair Pudding. 🙂

  • MegannB says:

    I have finally found a routine that is giving me consistently awesome results. I have been applying organic Argan oil for coarse hair directly after washing to wet hair. Then I let my hair dry about 70% in 8 two strand twists. When it's 70% dry, i take the twists down one by one and apply motions hydrate my curls curl pudding. I smooth that on, without raking, until j see my curls taking their usual form. Then I smooth on a small amount of olive oil Eco styler gel for a little hold. After my hair is completely dry I crunch some olive oil in and I have really defined, soft, shiny, and chunky curls.

  • Kyra Nicole says:

    Moisturize, take your time and make the best of it. Just because you were going for a certain look and it didn't work, doesn't mean you don't still look good!

  • CurvyCurly says:

    Nice! Like the motto.

  • CurvyCurly says:

    The only time I can achieve predictable results is when I wash, use Tresemme Naturals conditioner as a rinse-off, As I Am Leave-in and then twist (about 10) using Original Moxie Hair Bling. Twistout turns out nice every time and the shine is ridic. My wash-n-go's have always been unpredictable BBUTTTT I'm trying Nikki's new method with the two twist on either side of the head sans the prayer hands (will try later) and finger coiling and then sitting under the dryer….luv it! I'm about to whur-it-out!

  • ✨Jay✨ says:

    CoWash, Butterize* and retwist my hair every 3rd day plus DT and Butterize once every two weeks keeps my hair very predictable. I have been able to maintain moisture, bounce and volume since May with this routine

    *Butterize means to add my homemade creamy hair oil(Shea butter, mango butter, coconut and castor oils and a dab of heavy condish) and spray my scalp and ends with a leave in condish to my hair

  • natural dancer says:

    Hi, Nikki!!! I get the most predictable hair I can get by wrapping my hair in a tee shirt for an hour or two after washing to get simply damp hair. (My curls do not like being styled sopping wet!) After that, I smooth or rake Shea Moisture Curling Souffle & top it off with any variation of ECo Styler. Nice, soft, shiny results every time without fail!

  • Tina says:

    Bantu knot out on damp hair

  • alaine elise says:

    I have been using Carol's Daughter products and they work well. I am always looking for new products to help tame my hair!!
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  • FlatTwisty says:

    I'm transitioning, so no wash n' gos for me, but I do have a process. I pre-poo overnight with olive oil, massage ACV into my scalp and rinse out, wash with Creme of Nature Argan Oil Shampoo, add cheap conditioner and detangle, rinse, and then add Creme of Nature Argan Oil Conditioner. I leave it in for a while and then eventually rinse it out, spray with Aloe Vera Juice/Water, and seal my ends with castor oil or jojoba oil. My go-to style is two flat twists along the sides of my head.

  • NJ Johnson says:

    I am 5 months into my transition and the only way for me to get consistent results is to write down everything I do, products used, and note the response of my hair until my next wash session. I have learned so much about my hair these last few months. I also re-write my notes while I'm at work if I'm really bored!! I can't wait to be 100% natural.

  • Mandisa Styles says:

    1.Never rake fingers through wet hair that you do not plan on styling in a manipulative manner. Raking cause frizz with a wash and go, and is a definite NoNo with wet set styles.
    2. Most times, Less Is More! Use small amounts of the product, especially to wet hair because the product is distributed much easier than on dry hair because the water from your hair makes the product less viscous. You can always build up to a desired amount but taking product away can be tedious and time-consuming, avoid the battle at all costs!!!
    3. FOLLOW the directions!!! The manufacturers of the product know exactly how THEIR product is supposed to be used and they put a lot of time and effort into providing you with the instructions for "fail-proof" hair styles and techniques. Now if you try it and it doesn't work then you can go back to the drawing board and find a new way to use the product to make it work for you or move on to a different product. But try the directions first, they are there for a reason, not just to make the container look pretty.

    My current "predictable curls" routine is a bantu knot out using Beautiful Textures' technique of mixing the Moisture Butter and the Curl Control. First I spritz with water, apply the products, seal with oil, three-strand twist and bantu knot, sit under the hood for 25-30 minutes and/or let dry overnight, unravel with oiled hands, fluff, and go.

  • Patience Tinsley says:

    My predictable hair is styled at night. A wash n go! Tresseme Naturals in the shower fingered through and rinse 80% out. Then a small amount of V05 smoothed through two sections. I finish by applying eco styler here and there with praying hands and a generous amount to the ends and i throw it in a high bun with a scarf. I wake up in the morning and shake and pull and I'm ready to go.

  • Amanda S says:

    The longer I have my hair natural, the more I'm convinced that the secret to a wash and go is just one important product. I love my curls unleashed take command cream and my giovvani leave in.cdeoebding on the weather I might add a gel, kinky curly custard or Eco, but most important for me is the cream and leave in!

  • Desireé Battiste Watkins says:

    My predictable results come via flat twist outs or Bantu knot outs. I figure, why mess up a good thang?

  • Rits says:

    I'm trying to learn how to keep it simple now that I've given up my protective styling for the time being. I have very fine and thin 4C hair, with a patch of 4a/4b in the back (random I know). It's a bit longer than a TWA but doesn't have the density to rock wash and go styles every day. My usual goal is to give my hair enough fluff to make up for the lack of density, but still retain some definition so that my hair doesn't look frizzy and over teased.

    Routine: Lately what seems to work for me is co-wash with Tresseme Naturals conditioner (the one with coconut oil). I rinse my hair with lukewarm/cold water. I then dry the excess water my hair with a cotton t-shirt. I section my hair in two while it's semi damp and either use the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie or Shea Moisture Organic Yucca & Baobab Thickening Conditioner. I then do a two-strand twist of french braid, and use coconut oil or jamaican black castor oil as a sealant.

  • Zandria B. says:

    My twistouts always have the same results when I use SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I am never surprised.

  • Takeya says:

    For some reason, predictability eludes me! My hair is quite dense and long but shrinks like crazy! I apply tons of gel and still get big hair and frizz! If I want more defined curls, I have to smooth my curls between my thumb and forefinger. Your hair is so beautiful and your blog has been so helpful with my hair journey. Thanks!

  • cecily malone says:

    right now i am using BEAUTIFUL TEXTURES rapid repair as a deep conditioner weekly, for my transitioning hair, and to stretch my curls length i apply BEAUTIFUL TEXTURES MOISTURE BUTTER in my hair nightly from root to end and pull my curls a pineapple. and my daily staple is my spray bottle with my hair trinity: water, evoo, & garnier fructis leave in conditioner

  • Nikola Mitrovic says:

    Love your hair 🙂

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  • Jenn Jackson says:

    Don't weigh the hair down! We are all PJs at heart but we have to let it do its own thing. I like to use extremely mild conditioners in my co-wash (Suave Naturals at the moment), a good deep conditioner and a little bit of jojoba and shea to round it out. Our hair will do what it is good at doing when we leave it alone! Love you Nikki and so glad I found your site.

  • A.J. says:

    I'm 6 months into my transition and my hair has looked the same for the past 4 is due to braid outs!! After my wash or co-wash I deep condition and then on damp hair I apply my coconut oil first and then my shea butter. I recently found that gently brushing my hair provides for a smoother braid and in turn less frizz when I take it down. Hair looks the same EVERY TIME and it blends my two textures seamlessly.

  • Dimples says:

    I'm all for simple! I cowash with hair rules quench ultra conditioner, condition with Giovanni deep conditioner rinse 50% out put some hair rules curly whip on it and that's a wrap. All these products didn't work while I was transitioning but are the bomb after I cut all the relaxer off. Here's to going back and trying again!

  • NewlyNina says:

    I suck at wash & gos, so to achieve a perfect twist out I have to work with freshly washed (elucence) and conditioned (curls or tresemme) hair. I apply my styler (KeraCare or Entwine or Dary's Vanilla Styling Cream) to damp hair, re-wetting when needed. Let hair air dry over night. I untwist the next day with oil; fluff and style as needed. Voila! I'm good for the week.

  • TheUncommonBeauty on blogspot says:

    Stretching (usually braiding) my hair after washing works for me! 🙂

  • Newly natural says:

    Why cold water? When I wash with cold water my hair stiffens up & I feel hair breakage occurring :-/

  • ambrey watkins says:

    My #1 tip for achieving predictable results for MY curls…give up on believing there is such a thing as predictable results. hahahahaha!! I'm joking and serious, because actually our high expectations can be our enemy at times. Try and do what you can and if it doesn't work out…shrug your shoulders and keep it moving 😀

  • ltdedition says:

    Hey Nikki, Love the site! Can you post a picture of the twists you put your hair in after its washed?

  • Misty Carter says:

    My predictable results pretty much are when I stretch my hair it always comes out better!! I shampoo with Creme of Nature Sulfate Free Shampoo. Then I use Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker Leave in and I grab sections of my hair (after detangled with creme of nature Argan Oil conditioner) and I use Darcy's Botanicles Madagascar Styling Creme and braid my hair in like 10 sections to strech it. I put on my satin cap in the morning its pretty loose and soft and shiny.

  • Brittanny Winters says:

    I find that if i use the rope twist method I have defined twists that last longer and I only use water, vo5 conditioner and shea butter.

  • Tawanna says:

    My predictable results come courtesy of the flat-twist and curl. An oldy but goody! Unfortunately with my type 4a hair, I have not been able to get consistant wash and go results. But separating the flat-twists 2 or 3 times gives me the appearance of a wash and go. That is why I love that hairstyle! I can keep it chuncky or do varying degrees of separation for a curly or wash and go look. WORKS EVERY TIME.

  • Shelby says:

    To maintain the same 3bishh curls I rely on coconut oil IT IS MY PRODUCT!!! I either wash or co-wash my hair depending on if there is product build up or not. I'm not picky about the shampoo I use but prefer Shea Moisture because it does not strip my hair. In the shower I condition using a light weight conditioner (usually a mix of Giovanni and Suave) brush it with a large paddle brush then rise out about half of the conditioner. Finally when I am out of the shower I must scrunch my hair and put a ton of coconut oil in my hair and garnier fructis leave in conditioner. I rely on those final two products for predictable results then air dry or diffuse and yes I got the look- bouncy, voluminous, curls!

  • Starrdae says:

    I feel like I can never, ever get the same results twice. I am almost 7 years natural and I am seriously thinking about abandoning ship because of the difficulty I'm having. My hair has stopped growing even though I pay attention to my diet and maintain it pretty well. Plus, I am on a tight budget and don't have a ton of money to spend on trying new products so I rarely get to try anything new.

  • Hillary says:

    I am 100% sure that using Lets Jam Custard will give me the defintion I want everytime, whether I am letting my hair air dyr, or doing two strand twists. This product is a must for me, as well as Mixed Silk leave in conditioner!!

  • tisha says:

    I don't think I can ever get same results. My hair likes to be mysterious….but I usually do well with Shea moisture curl and style milk and a homemade Shea butter with oil mixture. And your hair is gorgeous with this routine. I think I will try it. Depends on how much the quidad costs…#college girl on a budget 😉

  • Gwenn4ya says:

    I've been reading you ladies comments and you have some wonderful combinations for me to try! Thanks!!!

  • Brittani 'Bling' Sterling-Ghol says:

    I still don't have a predictable routine. There re so many factors: my hair is getting longer and certain products are no longer effective, the weather is changing, and I have hard water. The onlypredictble thing is that my hair will have a mind of its own! I'm currently searching for my next prdictable result go to! I would love to try these two producs!

  • Kim Smith says:

    My wash n gos I normally apply Carol's Daughter Hair Elixir on my hair for 20 minutes, do my co-wash with Suave conditioner (any) and then I apply Shae Moisture onto the ends and work my way down and smooth out each section. After that I apply my eco styling gel and smooth out those ends! This will last two days, I do my co-wash twice a week and deep condition my hair once a week! I only use shampoo twice a month! Love it!

  • Khia says:

    Because my hair doesn't really like oils and is "SO Fine" I know that when I use Kinky Curly leave-in and the gel, I'll have a hairstyle rinse and repeat with no fuss… It would be nice to try this out your curls look amazing!

  • Prieta says:

    I am a wash n go girl! I recently started using your plopping technique and it works very well, regardless of the products i use. My routine is as follows: I prepoo with any conditioner on hand and coconut oil for about 5-10 minutes, get in the shower and rinse and finger detangle…this reduces my tangles. I wash(sulfate free shampoo) or cowash with Lisa Ridal cleansing conditioner, rinse and continue to finger detangle. I then thoroughly detangle with wide tooth comb and lots of conditioner HeHH or Pantene under shower stream. I then deep condition for the rest of the shower and rinse with my head upside down. I ladd some more deep conditioner or leave in and do a cold water rinse in the shower, make my one big twist on soaking hair and use a t-shirt to wrap around my head like a turban until I am dressed. I remove the t-shirt, shake my head and add some styler or pudding to my hair , no raking or combing. I smooth it down my hair. then clump lightly with my hands. I let it air dry on my way to work(30 minutes) and by the time I am at work, it is 90% dry. I scrunch some more, then I pin back the front because I don't like hair in my face. This has worked consistently since I tried it. I used to do this years ago. Thanks for the eye opener.

  • Ara says:

    To get the curls I want, I have to finger detangle with vatika oil (and it has to be vatika, not the same with other oils for some reason O_o) and put some oil on about 6 twists. I get in the shower to rinse the oil out. Then I co-wash with Tresemme Naturals, finger comb that through, and then put a bit more through each twist and put it back up until I get through all 6 twists. I then take out each twist and finger comb under cool running water until most (not all) of the conditioner is out. Next, I apply SM Raw Shea Butter Conditioner, EVCO, a squirt more of SM RSB Conditioner, Eco Styler Gel (Olive Oil), and then I rake, about 5 times for each section, smooth once with praying hands, and move on. Finally, to stretch it, I make two giant bantu knots (nothing too tight) and leave that for about 20 minutes and let fully dry. Same great result every time 🙂

  • SunniJae says:

    Ha! I am a work in progress. I have 4a hair and have yet to find a wash and go routine to my liking. So I set my twist or braids at night for a set style but I work out in the am. Once I get out the shower I sit under my hooded dryer to dry up some of the mositure. I have yet to find my combination of products to yield a nice defined yet moistured set. Im currently using up what is left of my Motions and Cantu products to try something new.

  • Nikki Dual-Smith says:

    I have tried all kinds of products to get a great twist our, but no product has been as consistently, positively predictable like Cantu Shea Butter hair dressing pomade. Royal Crown runs a close second, but all of the Miss Jessie products, Shea Moisture products and various similar cremes and custards just leave my hair feeling dry and/or crunchy. I love to try something new, but each time fall back to what I know works well.

  • Sweetdrk1 says:

    now that it's longer and I haven't cut it yet!! I am in search of the routine that will give me predictable results. The only predictable event with this hair at this point is shrinkage!

  • Shakerah says:

    The most predictable results for me are always my wash n go's, because no matter what my curl pattern does not change. I cowash with SAY YES TO CARROTS conditioner and rinse it out well with cool water. Then I divide my hair into 6 sections, and rub KINKYCURLY'S KNOT TODAY, making sure to get every strand (that's why I section first). After thats applied evenly, I take a quarter size amount of coconut oil and rub it through out my entire head. Then I pineapple my hair up loosely with a satin scrunchy and let it dry. 30 minutes later– Voila!!! Perfection! My curly are ultra bouncy, and I have some length by slightly stretching it out with the pineapple method.

  • Maureen M says:

    I love love love using shea moisture curl and style milk with carol's daughter butter and olive oil whenver i set my hair. I achieve my most defined looks whenever i place my hair in flat twists…even though my definition last for about an hour 🙁 i'm still working on that element

  • Mars Bar says:

    I have to use a leave-in, usually Darcy Botanicals Peach Kernel Hydrating milk but overall the type really doesn't matter as long as it has no protein and I HAVE to let my hair dry 100%. The drying part is the most important though, can't be 90% or even 99% has to be all the way dry and it almost always looks beautiful.

  • Naturalnista76 says:

    Good Morning Nikki, I am establishing a consistent routine and my staple products are Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo, Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Hair Masque, Giovanni Direct Leave In Conditioner, Shea Moisture Organic Curl & Style Hair Milk Coconut & Hibiscus, and Virgin Coconut Oil…. Every week I wash my hair with the Shea Moisture- Moisture Retention Shampoo and I follow up with a deep conditioner (under heat cap) every other week. I apply my Giovanni Direct Leave In Conditioner( I bought the liter size because I use it often) and I create small to medium –sized two strand twist depending on how I am feeling. Once I have completed my twist I apply the SM Curly and Style Milk to my hair , seal with coconut oil and I allow my hair to air dry. I usually conduct my routine on a Sunday afternoon and I wear my twist to Thursday or Friday and wear twist outs for the weekend. I mist my hair with water and use Curly Style Milk to maintain my style during the week. A little goes a long way!!!!

  • Neesha.Cherie says:

    Shea Eco (Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie + Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel) for the win!! I usually get predictable results when I use this product combo on damp hair. It's great for wash and gos, curlformer sets, buns, updos, you name it. I love it!!

  • LishaB says:

    I forgot to add that I DC on wash days too, but I have yet to find a really good DC that I can't live without. I need some help in that area

  • Melissa says:

    I am still transitioning (7 months in!), but even my relaxed ends have a nice loose curl pattern when wet or dry before straightening. I guess that is a blessing because my transition has been smooth beyond belief. I have been trying out different co wash techniques and i have seen that co-washing w/ tresemme naturals or shea moisture retaining conditioner twice a week with a pre-poo using a coconut/olive oil mixture & deep condition using organix moroccan oil hydrating moisture mask on the first works best for me. After i deep condition i apply coconut oil and Whipped hair butter (ordered offline from from a twitter followee @whippedqueen its AMAZING. I encourage all to try her all natural whipped body/skin/hair line) and put two flat twists on either side of the front of my hair and bantu twist the back. This helps hide the two different textures of tight and loose curls and leaves my hair butter soft and smooth. Next morning, i coat my hands with coconut oil, unravel, shake, lift roots, and end up with great results. to preserve this style, i either retwist at night with a few sprays of diluted conditioner & hair butter or put on a satin cap and shake and go the next morning. Lasts me for a good three days if retwisted or covered proprerly

  • Karima Pope-Robinson says:

    I have learned that seperating each section and taking my time is how to acheive my best look. People think that because I have an easy texture of hair that I don't have to take as much time. But if I don't the middle of my head which is way different than the rest so if I don't take my time I look a hot mess.

  • Tionna Hadnot says:

    Lately I've been getting my best wash and goes with this routine: pre poo with AOHSR, then co-wash with As I Am, the regular condition with Tresemme Nalturals. After I rinse that out, I apply curl junkie smoothing lotion, seal with either Qhemets Amla and Olive Oil or Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade, and then style with Curls In A Bottle. Moisture and definition that lasts for DAYS!!!!!!! I can wear it five days with no trouble. And I only discovered that last week! Thanks for the chance to win. Your always on point. lol.

  • Hilary B. says:

    I try to use the same products and techniques for predictable results. I pretty much follow the L.O.C method. I co-wash with Tresemme naturals, rinse leaving some on my ends, and use a t-shirt to dry. I then add KCKT leave in to hair that's pretty wet, let it be while I get dressed, and then add jojoba oil to seal. Doing this and not trying to rush the drying process, always gives me predictable results.

  • Ayanna Chamara Evans says:

    Old faithful, two strand twists….flat twists. My hair is very thick and my curl pattern is difficult to achieve unless i co-wash…moisturize and rake and rake my hair with shea moisture smoothie and seal! IF i don't, i would have a HUGE puff! it's a mission….lol

    but i would love to win to try something new!

  • Dominique Mitchell says:

    My routine is to prepoo w/ olive oil, co-wash with tresemme naturals and finger detangle.. put my hair into big twists and let air dry then I apply Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie all over and plait my hair then take it out for the best braidout ever!!!

  • LishaB says:

    pipe cleaners????!!! That is so creative!! Never heard of that…wow

  • Flower says:

    For predictably results moisture is one of the most important thing.After that the hair just acts better, the style i was looking for might not come up well but at least my hair feels amazing.

  • Nikole says:

    Wash, condition, apply moisturizer, apply dax/gel, style as desired. No fuss.. i like it simple

  • Petra says:

    Love the results Nik… Gorgeous as usual

  • Petra says:

    Top tip for me would be co washing in the shower… Finger detangling and braiding into 6-8 sections all while in the shower. Exit shower smooth product over braids – seal ends… Air dry .. Release and go! Works every time

  • MsNika says:

    Hello Nikki, That combo has your hair looking great!!!! I am still on the search for the right product combo for my densely fine strands. I would love to try the Hydrafusion. I never win anything. In order for my hair to look defined for the next day I have to spritz it just a little bit with water, and I use Shea Moisture Curl & Style milk to seal in the water and I flat twist my hair. I love the flat twist look better than regular twist bc it makes my curls appear bigger. I want to let you know that my hair is still in the awkard mullet stage and sometimes it looks like Lionel Richie's back in the 80s….google him to see what I'm talking about. lol.. I can't wait for the front to catch up to the back! Ugh! If I'm doing a wash n go the front has to be pulled up no matter what. I love to use Yes To Cucumbers Conditioner and a little bit of Argan Eco gel from root to tips with praying hands!!! Being natural is the best decision I've made for my hair! Even tho she *my hair* and I don't get along sometimes, I love her through the good and the bad days. lol

  • Erika Divaa Hill says:

    If my hair isn't in braids, it doesn't get consistent results. However, my twist outs usually span from cute to workable depending on the products. I haven't quite settled on a routine yet or a set amount of products (except my Crisco & Coconut oil mix to seal & soften). I am about to take out my summer braids, so I'll be searching for a new routine.

  • ShayT. says:

    Predictable natural hair? Does this actually exist?! To get somewhat predictable results: I co-wash with Tresemme Naturals. Then, I will use a t-shirt to dry up the excess water. I seal the water in with castor oil or Shea butter. Depending on the hairstyle I will then use a lighter leave in like Kinky Curly Knot Today or Giovanni or I will use a heavier leave in like Cantu Shea Butter or Shea Moisture Deep Moisture Mask. I will then style my hair for a braid out, twist out, bantu knot out, etc. I have only been natural for 5 months ( 12 month transition) , so I am still learning!

  • Sabrina Parkmond says:

    My texture is a 4b, and I get soft defined curls when I co-wash with Tresemme Naturals, use Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner as a leave-in, and twist with Qhemet Biologics Alma & Olive Heavy Cream. (This combo is bomb!!!) Soft hair all week… 😉

  • FaithWriter30 says:

    For my type 4a hair, which is dense and coily, I define my curls on semi-stretched, damp hair. I use a nickle-sized amount of a water based moisturizer, then I use a gel or butter for hold–same amount. My dense coils are then stretched and very defined the next day with a little oil for the take down and fluffing for volume. 🙂

  • Taren says:

    My braid outs on semi-dry hair are predictable– wash, stretch in a banded ponytail until 70% dry, make 8-9 braids, and I have great results every time.

  • Rhonda C says:

    Nik, The proof is in the pictures (in this case). You have nailed a winning regimen that yields reliable and fabulous results. Alas, I have yet to get my ish together…but, I am working it out. #workinprogress

  • La' Von says:

    When I want to achieve my high bun with tight curls, I like to co-wash my hair with mane and tail and let my hair air dry for 10 minutes before I apply my leave in conditioner (generic paul mitchell), After I let that sit for a few minutes, then I apply shea moisture's smoothie (my absolute favorite). I let the rest of my hair air dry and have the perfect tight curls for my bun. I like to smooth down my edges with my olive oil eco-styler. I receive lots of complements when I where my hair in this style. This is also one of my go to styles because it is so easy to achieve. I have my co-workers asking me for hair tips because they want to achieve the same look. They've come close but they have never been able to duplicate (that's the great part of being natural because no two people have the same curls or texture of hair:-) ).

  • LiLi Bax says:

    My sweet "Lola" is extremely unpredictable in this Georgia humidity. Shrinkage, high porosity, and three completely different textures make styling like a game of Russian Roulette lol. My constant search for the "Holy Grail" of products sometimes seems like an endless journey… I'm hoping and praying that with more patience and trial & error, I'll find something that she and I both love.

  • Nik says:

    I am transitioning and the only way right now that I get predictable results especially with my twist outs is twist the hair and put pipe cleaners at the ends to curl the ends. Having to make sure the hair is 100% dry and then everything looks great! Your hair is absolutely gorgeous!!! Such an inspiration for me while transitioning. Last perm was July 1, 2011.

  • Lola Bunny says:

    Using Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie on dry, clean, detailed hair I do several large two strand twist. Once all of the twists are in I add some olive oil on the ends set fr a few hours. Then I take them down and fluff. Curls of perfection!

  • Kristal Anderson says:

    I am still looking for the perfect/good combination. I have several different combination of product I like and if I get good hair when I try again it ever the same but i still learning.

  • LishaB says:

    HAPPY HUMP DAY!!! I have been natural for about 11 years now and co-washing has been a curl saver since forever!! Of course back in 2002 it wasnt named "co-washing" and it was considered a dirty thing to do, but it worked!! And still does! Anywho, I just started this pre pooing thing and I actually like it when it is time for cleansing my hair (about once every two weeks). So I prepoo (for an hour) with either EVOO or Castor Oil (I am itching to try Vatika Oil per Hairscapades wonderful results). Then I cleanse with CurlDeva's No Poo, condition with Tressemme's Natural BUT I just found out I am highly allergic to the ingredients in this conditioner (it is breaking my heart to part ways with it) so I am on the prowl for a new great conditioner (suggestions PLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE). After that I rinse with cold water, add more conditioner, then plop (thanks to Nikki) for about 30 mins, seal and smooth (praying hands) with either Castor oil (tiny tiny drops) or EVOO, let most of my hair air dry before pineappling (excuse the spelling lol). When I'm ready to go I take the hair down, shake, spray some of the lost curls with a little water and then BOUNCE! For day 2, 3, 4 hair I am super lazy/tired so I usually sleep however, wake up in the morning, spray with water, put in 4 two strand twist, then wear my hair like this until I get to work driving with the windows down, looking like Buckwheat moving through traffic bumping , so that it can "air dry" and once I'm parked, I take down and fluff. This usually last me 4 days. After about the 4th day I start bunning it and then around the 6th day I cowash it (sans pre-poo and cleansing), plop, and seal it. LOVE the definition of my curls and the shine. My apologies for the length of this…there was no other way to shorten it lol.

  • Stephanie Jones says:

    To always get the same twist out I put kinky curly leave in my hair. Followed by Miss Jessie's Curly pudding. Do about 8 twists over night and the next morning…..walahh….magic!!!!!!!!

  • Sabrina Boissiere says:

    For predictable curls I am boring but I follow the same routine… It took a minute to figure out what worked for me and how long my midi-fro could last after a DC and 2 strand twist out… I will only experiment on the weekends when I know I have time to re-do a mess-up!

  • Sabrina Gay says:

    For me, I know that if I start with freshly washed (shampoo'd) hair, then my twistouts are going to have a keep their definition for at least 4 days without me having to re-twist at night. My favorite product to use for those are jojoba oil and Giovanni Direct leave-in.
    Still working on finding a consistent wash-n-go technique that gives me my curls that are soft. Perhaps your combo would work for me? 🙂

  • Nikki Jackson says:

    I part my hair into 4 sections, hop in the shower and use tresemme to detangle. Then I wash with (lately) henna sooq's moroccan clay bar. I then DC under my steamer, rinse, put in a leave-in and twist or braid in about 20 sections. The next day (or whenever I decide to take them out lol) I have a beautiful twist or braidout!

  • Nicole Clark Betts says:

    two strand twists with tresseme moisture rich conditioner and shea/jojoba/olive oil mix works for me. I would love to try ypur combo though

  • nzinga says:

    I co wash with Aussie moist. Smooth in dpl curl revitalizer. (my hair is super thick) and seal with vatika coconut oil. Produces really good WnG and works for twisting too.

  • Gwendolyn Silas says:

    To get predictable, lovable curls I cleanse my scalp with apple cider vinegar followed with a gentle cleansing with AsIAm Coconut Cowash. I follow the the AsIAm leave in conditioner, a rose water & aloe mix, and my own shea butter/jamaiican castor oil mixture. This weighs my hair down to give me the length that I love & shiny, bouncy curls.

  • Chelonthia Collier says:

    Curl Junkie Argan and Olive oil condish +dax super light pomade + eco styler blue+ soft defined curls that last till i start playing in my hair -____-

  • Marivel says:

    I still have to figure out what works for me. am work in progress, your hair looks great would love to try those products.

  • Anike Clark McKoy says:

    Two-strand twist outs always give me the curl definition I love. After I wash (right now I'm using Shea Moisture Curl and Shine Shampoo) or co-wash (just started trying the Tresemme Naturals..thanks for the tip 🙂 ), I put in a leave-in conditioner, either Shea Moisture Recontructive Elixir (a mixture of shea butter and other oils) or coconut oil, and twist with Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Sometimes, depending on how my twists look, I'll leave them in for a few days, then I'll untwist and my curl pattern is awesome for a few days. And soft too!

  • Ambyr A. says:

    When I use my go to products: Aussie Moist and Eco Styler gel for my version of the Curly Nikki Twist n Curl – I am guaranteed to have perfect results EVERY time. I've been doing it for 3 years now.

  • BriannaC says:

    This may sound crazy, but I started recording my styling sessions. Either on with video on my camera or writing down exactly what I did. It has helped tremendously. I am able to go back and see step by step what i did right or wrong. I only style once a week, but having a reference helps me with consistency. Many times I would achieve awesome hair, but end up skipping a step the next styling session. Also, this helps me keep up with which products have worked for me.

  • Jena says:

    I co-wash with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration, then Deep Condition for an hour, then rinse. I style with VO5 Clarifying Conditioner as a leave in, and use Curls Unleashed Jelly – if my hair feels moisturized or cream if it needs a little more moisture. I take sections with the product with fingers to smooth and rake until curls form. I can wear this all week with lightly spritzing with water in the am and applying a little more product to the frizzy curls. My curls are tight and they shrink, but it is the only routine that I have been brave enough to try.

  • Christi Walton Biggers says:

    Needing to baby my DRY scalp, I use Garnier Nutrisse dry scalp shampoo every 10 days or so followed with their Triple Nutrition 3-minute Undo while I take care of biz in the shower. I then condition with Panteen for curly hair. For styling, I use Blair Care Curli Jelli ( Now, it takes FOREVER to dry; like I start applying product (finger raking) at 6:00am and I'll have to diffuse my roots before bed at 11:00pm. But my WnG lasts longer than my scalp. Refresh and fluff with water in the mornings; sleep in a satin cap w/ satin pillow case. Nikki, your hair rocks out loud! You've got me wanting to try the Tresseme. Hi, my name is Christi, and I'm a PJ…

  • Rochelle Stewart says:

    I'm going natural and my hair is in kinky twist right now…I'm so obsessed with my hair that is growing out…I cant keep my hands off it…I cant wait to cut my hair I'm so excited!!

  • Vanessa says:

    K.I.S.S.(Keep it Simple & Sexy) – Thats my motto with my natural hair. My hair is most predicable when I KEEP IT SIMPLE. My wash and go style produces the most consistent results. I simply wash with KeraCare and condition with Aussie Moist. I finish up with KeraCare Leave-In it has no build up and doesnt leave my hair looking grey once it dries. Done! I twist any fizzy areas around my finger to bring out the natural curl…and Im on mya…. Keeping it simple and keeping it sexy!

  • Mel says:

    I cowash with tresemme naturals conditioner. After hair dries for a while I add coconut oil plus a leave in (either KKKT or AOHR). Right now i'm trying the beautiful textures moisture butter with a braidout and so far so good.
    BTW your results are lovely and your curls are drool worthy!! LOL

  • Kristie Washington Smith says:

    The Shea moisture line is my BFF! Twisting with the curl enhancing smoothie us a guaranteed fluffy fro!

  • A.B. says:

    Hey there! I know that if I flat twist my slightly damped hair rubbed down with coconut oil and curl the ends. I'll have a great wave pattern with a curl at the end. Definitely a game changer for the dreadful Monday mornings!

  • Shamoka says:

    When I just want to get that simple but predictable natural curl results, I use the following. Shampoo with Earth's Nectar lavender flower, condition with lavender flower, finger comb through, rinse, then apply a dime size of the conditioner to leave in, comb through, section off and twist into bantu knots. Hope the picture shows how great the curls are.

  • Sunflowergurl says:

    Co-wash with Tresemme Naturals + Yes to Cucumbers leave-in + Seal with Castor Oil–works every time.

  • LaToya McDaniel says:

    I co-wash my hair with Tresemme Naturals and while in the shower I detangle and put in six to eight large "according to me" twist. I get out the shower and add Black Jamaican Castor Oil to it and a little Shea Moisture Curling Pudding, put the big twist back in and let dry. When I take them down my hair is near so perfect it should be a crime. I usually do this at night, because I don't put heat on my hair.

  • Ashlei says:

    +1 this statement. I use the macadamia oil (shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner) and also the coconut milk everything. I've fallen in love. Oh and the argan oil blow out cream is the truth! entire line is on sale at Ulta right now $4.99- $5.99

  • Candylan says:

    I wash and condition with Pantene then apply Giovanni's leave in along with some oil finger style and let dry.

  • Candice NewMommy Stoutamire says:

    Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie paired with Eco Styler gel are awesome for my hair. Always results in nice curls!

  • Andrea H. says:

    I co-wash with Aussie Moist or Tresemme Naturals Conditioner, allow my hair to air dry for about 30 minutes then apply Garnier Fructis Leave-In mixed with Elasta QP Recovery Anti-Breakage Oil Moisturizer and seal with shea butter.

  • Colleen R. says:

    I co-wash with HEHH and then air dry. Then I added some coconut oil and style with shea butter

  • prettyparticular says:

    Hey Nikki! Your hair looks great!
    Ok…my routine for fab hair…
    Cleanse: WEN cleansing conditioner
    Apply leave in: AG Hair Cosmetics Fast Food
    Apply styler in a rake AND smooth method: Komaza Care Califia Pudding or Uncle Funky's Daughter Curly Magic
    For voluminous hair I apply product in 5 sections; if I want tamed, defined hair I apply product in 9 sections.
    This routine works e'rytime for a great hair day! lol

  • L says:

    Naturally Shawni, I use the same products just in reverse. I cowash wth AO honeysuckle rose and rinse. I then apply Giovann direct leave in and smooth coconut oil in. My curls clump with the leave in. Those that dont, finger curl and go.

  • Kudos says:

    Something weird
    happened with my last comment, so let me try this again:

    DC – Tresemme
    Naturals (mixed with bhringraj, bhrami, kapur kachri, marshmallow root)

    Co-wash – Tresemme

    Apply – B.A.S.K Palm
    Tapioca Deluxe Hair Cream, Vatika oil, and seal end with shea butter mix.

    Style! Ish is soooo
    soft and moisturized!

    DC – Tresemme
    Naturals (mixed with bhringraj, bhrami, kapur kachri, marshmallow root)

    Co-wash – Tresemme

    Apply – B.A.S.K Palm
    Tapioca Deluxe Hair Cream, Vatika oil, and seal end with shea butter mix.

    Style! Ish is soooo
    soft and moisturized!

  • berri_cherri says:

    Since my BC in March, I have found Shea Moisture Organic Retention Shampoo and Shea Moisture Restorative conditioner to be my favorites. Usually I wash with only the conditioner, cold water rinse, then use it as a Leave-in. I add my Elasta QP Mango butter and coconut oil to seal in moisture. I love my results!!

  • kwnatural says:

    My WNGs are great when I apply Tresemme to soaking wet hair, shake, and air dry. It takes forever to dry, and I mean forever! I'm trying to find a way to get it to dry quickly without using a diffuser. Maybe a hooded dryer would work to jumpstart the roots.

  • Carla says:

    The thing that has really helped my curls stay defined is using Hello Hydration from Herbal Essence and Tresemme Naturals Conditioner as a leavein. I put it on my hair and curls just pop out from everywhere and can last days.

  • Tinea says:

    The only way I can get predictable results is to do a twist & curl. Still striving for the perfect wash & go products but I do love cowashing with Tresseme & twisting with the Shea Moisture smoothie.

  • Tara says:

    Unfortunately, I don't have a routine. I have braids in my hair now and before them I would wash my hair with my L'oreal sulfate free smoothing shampoo and use whatever conditioner I have and do a twist out on freshly washed hair with no product. I'm ready to take my braids out but don't know what to do when I do. Your hair looks amazing! !

  • Kudos says:

    DC: Tressemme Naturals (mixed with kapur kachri, bhringrajnji, bhrami, marshmallow root)
    Co-Wash: Tressemme Naturals
    Apply B.A.S.K Palm Tapioca Deluxe Hair Cream, Vatika oil, and seal ends with a shea butter blend. Ish is sooo soft and moisturized! B.A.

  • Rissa Katharine Cobain says:

    Co-Wash with Giovanni Direct Leave In, Cold Water Rinse Completely, Reapply Leave-In, Seal With my Avocado Oil + Grapeseed Oil Mix and a Little Shea Butter, and do the whole "Prayer for Hair" smoothing action. My MBL hair shrinks to my chin, but no worries, I love my shrinkage. Plus my hair dries super soft and shiny.

  • Miss Anne says:

    Okay you have to get me my first Ouidad Hydrafusion!!! I want it soooo bad!

    For my best results: co-wash with Yes to Carrots or Tresemme Naturals.

    Then I apply some EVOO and then some Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in

    I two-strand twist and put them in bantu knots, sealing with my shea butter mix.

    Next day bantu knot out pops… all the time!

    I shall await the mail man 🙂 hee hee

  • Toni Theodore says:

    I wash and condition with garnier triple nutrition. I twist and wrap my hair. After about 30 mins i add infusium moisture replenished and end with patent anti fries straightening cream. This allows for soft defined curls for me.

  • Jara Sturdivant-Wilson says:

    I love to detangle with coconut oil, co-wash/wash depending on the day in the week, Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and twist and let air dry…I love the volume I get!

  • NaturallyShawni says:

    Wow that's what happens when you type on your phone!

  • Danielle Mash says:

    Every morning I rinse my hair in the shower with luke-warm water to prevent possible build up. After quick rinse I wet my hair with cold water to trap some of "yesterday's" product. After removing most of the water with my hands I apply L'Oreal Ever Creme Sulfate-free Moisture System Intense Nourishing Conditioner from tip to end. Apply personal shea butter mix (mixed with other oils) or Pura Cupuacu hair butter on top. Then apply another small portion of L'Oreal conditioner with a small amount of coconut oil. Then I let air dry and where the hair falls hair stays.

  • NaturallyShawni says:

    I cowash with Giovanni then make two twist (one on each side)…apply AO leaving about honeysuckle rose….rinse some out leaving about 40%. I then do about 8 two strand twists and call it good. I would like to try the wash and go but the products I'm using just don't help the cause girl! Lol!

  • LD82 says:

    I am guaranteed luscious, defined curls when I co-wash with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, detangle, air dry until my hair is 50% dry and then twist with melted pure, white shea butter straight from Ghana. My twist out is BIG and shiny every time. 🙂 For the next 4-5 days I simply spritz with water and re-twist.

  • Erica says:

    I co-wash nad finger comb with Tresemme Naturals, rinse, then apply garnier fructise leave-in and shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie (finger combing the products through). Then I will either let it air dry for a wash n go or I will towel dry with a mirco-fiber towel and flat twist. I will let the twists fully dry and wear a twist out.

  • Aida Summers-Fulmore says:

    wash and go's with hello hydration and defining with coconut oil and pillow soft curls!

  • DreamchaZer1920 says:

    Still searching for predictable curls. But generally, on wash day I twist my hair to airdry with leavein and moisturizer during the day, that evening I add a little styler and make 6 big braids..usually works. During the week I spritz, lightly moisturize and re- braid. 🙂

  • Crystal Marie Stewart says:

    A nice mixture of Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Shea Butter on my ends, and the Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper gel that I first received as a sample from CurlMart. Favorite gel to date!

  • MrsG says:

    I think I have tried just about everything…I have more of a wavier curl pattern, rather than actual curls. Cantu shea butter leave in has been one of my staple products because for me it gives me just the right amount of moisture. If I'm doing a wash n go/twist out, I use Beautiful Textures Curl Control cream for added curl definition. I would love to try new products, but sometimes it can get costly trying to find that "it" product by trial and error. I'd love to try your combo and see what type of results I can acheive!

  • Sasha says:

    I know that if I co-wash with As-I-Am and then twist with Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie, I'll have great texture and a nice curl pattern for 3 or 4 days!

  • Brii says:

    It is amazing, you should try it. It works great for my strangely (because I am on the darker side) fine hair.

  • mwill73 says:

    I co-wash my hair with CD Khoret Amen. Section hair into 5-6 parts, detangle, and two strand twist while still in the shower with the condition in. I rinse out most of the conditioner then get out. After about an hour, I take down the large twists and with praying hands (I like that description) add my own mixture of shea, coconut oil, olive oil infused with rosemary, cedarwood, lavendar and sage. The make smaller two strand twist that will stay in for 1-2 days. When I take them down, I add Cantu Shine and a little olive oil. Twists last for up to 4 days. REPEAT! 🙂

  • Bryttani Sylvain says:

    I do the curly girl method and put in Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie with a little souffle and pineapple to decrease shrinkag. Love it

  • CurlyNikki says:


  • CurlyNikki says:

    I've heard great things about the Organix line but haven't tried it yet :-/ uh oh… 🙂

  • Tarsha Savoy Brown says:

    Sadly I have no routine with predictible results except retwisting at night! Your hair came out beautiful! Love it!

  • Brii says:

    I wash co-wash with Suave Naturals (Everlasting Sunshine), then apply Organix Light Moraccan Argon Oil and Organix Curling Perfection Defining Cream. This technique allows me the best definition and minimal frizz. I am now in love with the Organix line. Tootles!

  • Naturalsunshine says:

    I am the first one. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to win. Anywho, in order for me to get predictable results I ALWAYS add some moisture to my hair and retwist at night and I am guaranteed a great twist-out the next day.

  • Gwenn4ya says:

    Even though I don't have GREAT wash and gos, If I mix the shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie with the souffle, my hair curls up. I have no clue what else works cause I haven't been so lucky! Hopefully I will win that way I can try your combo Nikki!

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