by Danielle Faust of

As a wellness and lifestyle coach I work with motivated women daily to set and achieve goals for their life. Setting an ultimate goal along with long and short term goals plus daily “to-do” items will get you from where you are now, to where you want to be. As it relates to your hair, setting goals will get you from your current length and health status to your dream hair in measurable chunks.

To set hair goals to get you to your desired hair you must:

Decide on what your final goal is
Create a plan to get there
Set mini goals from your plan
Take daily action

Decide on Your Goal
This is basically asking yourself “What do I want and by when do I want it?” Whether it’s hair down to your butt, or even ends, or a fully transitioned head of natural hair, you have to write down what the end goal looks like and when it will be. My current goal is healthy, shiny hip length hair when straightened by December 31, 2013. What is yours?

Create Your Plan
This is your regimen on a long term scale. What will you do to reach the goal? Monthly trims? Weekly deep conditioning? What will make your dream become reality? Think about this and be sure to write it down. When your goal and plan is committed to paper, you are more apt to succeed.

Set Mini Goals
This is when we look at our plan and see where we can record smaller successes. My goal may be hip length hair, but if I’m starting at neck length then there are many milestones such as arm pit length, bra strap length, and waist length for me to hit before I reach my ultimate goal. How can you break down your ultimate goal into smaller milestones?

Take Daily Action
This is the key to your success. All the planning, goal setting, and recording won’t matter if you don’t take action! Daily action is required for you to reach any goal, hair-related or otherwise. Whether it be moisturizing your ends, wearing your scarf to bed, or remembering to take your multivitamin, be sure to make it a daily activity.

Set yourself up for hair health success! If you create your plan and do what you need to do each day, there’s no way you won’t reach your hair goals! Get started today and you’ll be celebrating your goal’s fulfillment sooner than you think!

What are your short and long-term hair goals? How do you plan to achieve them?