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Curly Nikki

I Rock Rough and Stuff…

By January 27th, 202153 Comments
I Rock Rough and Stuff...I Rock Rough and Stuff...

 … I did yesterday, anyway.  That was the result of a frizzy wash & go, secured with a doubled over Goody Ouchless Headband.  I accessorized with combat boots and took Boogie to the park where we watched a kid absolutely melt down.  Dude went gorillas when his mom tried to get him off the swing.  Total tantrum mode for like 5 minutes. I was embarrassed and amused at the same time and felt compelled to either (1) handle it, or (2) cover Gia’s eyes ’cause that mess would not fly.  But yeah, now it’s time to pre-poo and start a new.  And next week, I promise to post my new regimen and updated products.

What did you do this weekend?


  • Megan M. says:

    I took my mom out tor lunch something I did not do in along because I am busy with my college classes.

  • Alwina Oyewoleturner says:

    Besides cleaning, laundry, and church, my hair and then a hair meetup. After reading all the responses on how to handle children, it makes me confident about handling my own when I have children. I currently teach elementary age Sunday School and the kids are for the most part well-behaved, with the exception of a few. But we do have one kid that God helped him the day I met him. He got extra with me and his mom barely did anything. And because I teach Sunday school, I'm not going to look bad because this kid is acting up, looking for a God-size whooping. So I kept my cool and other Sunday school teachers are managing him. Left up to me…

  • Davina916 says:


  • CurvyCurly says:

    Agreed! I met Danny Amendola this past Spring….yum!

  • CurvyCurly says:

    Girl I know all about the momma eye/look…..priceless

  • CurvyCurly says:

    I second that!

  • Shashou says:

    I did my twice a year blow out. I usually don't apply heat to my hair. But decided to blow it out and try "The Poof". Came out nice. In the attempt to not reapply heat to manage what still seems to shrink type hair, I would put my hair in chunky twists at night. Using the Ecostyler gel, Olive Oil and water, I'll be managing this for atleast another weak.

  • Miss Anne says:

    I just submitted it for Show&Tell…. hopefully it'll make it in a few weeks! Pick me, pick me… LOL! xxx

  • CurlyNikki says:

    hella messy but the results, especially after your second and third treatment will be totally worth it πŸ˜‰

  • CurlyNikki says:

    well test on!

  • CurlyNikki says:

    LOL! Girl. HILARIOUS story! I've seen a similar situation play out where another mother stepped in to help and DID. The lady with the out of control child was like, 'OMGosh, thank you so much! I can never get him to behave in public'. Um, y'all need to recalibrate.

  • CurlyNikki says:

    ^^^^THIS! and thanks (re:puff)

  • CurlyNikki says:

    LOL! And yes, w/ Boogie, I've learned that ignoring when she's trippin' does help a bit as wel! As far as shedding, sometimes it's seasonal or natural but if you feel like it's excessive you may want to make an appointment with your dermatologist. I've been on Biotin now for 2 months and I swear I'm shedding less… like TONS less. So after seeing your doc, you may want to start a biotin regimen as well!
    I take a multi too.

  • CurlyNikki says:

    Thanks Derika!

  • CurlyNikki says:

    Boogie has never trantrumed on me, but once when I put her in one of those little kiddie play pin/indoor jungle gym situations at the mall, it was difficult getting her out. After 5 minutes, bigger kids were climbing in and getting rough, so it was time to go and I politely asked her to come to me so I could reach her, but she yelled no and ran her little ass to the back corner. I asked again, nicely, and she said no again and stayed in the back. So I raised my voice a little and gave her that mama eye and she got close enough for me to pull her out. I was about 5 minutes from sliding my self down into that ball pit! I was like, 'oh no boo… you don't say NO to mama!'

  • CurlyNikki says:

    πŸ™‚ Thanks chica!

  • CurlyNikki says:

    lol πŸ™‚ Thanks Miss Anne, I"m about to start compiling it now! And I'd love to see pics of that kick ass bantu knot out!

  • CurlyNikki says:

    YUP! Glad you liked it! It's changed my life πŸ™‚ Melts tangles away and leaves my hair soft with less frizz!

  • CurlyNikki says:

    Thanks Keisha! Sounds like a blast!

  • CurlyNikki says:

    LOL @ your hair's name! Love it!

  • CurlyNikki says:

    Thanks Jamie and see below!

  • CurlyNikki says:

    Thanks Ree! And I didn't, but w/ my background in psych (I worked with children for 2 years as well, and had several clients with autism and mild mr) I'd like to think I know the difference… this, in my humble opinion, appeared to be a kid that could've just used a bit more discipline at home.

  • CurlyNikki says:

    lol! thanks Gaye!

  • CurlyNikki says:

    Nice! Thanks chica!

  • CurlyNikki says:

    Thanks Rhonda! Sounds like you had the best kinda weekend πŸ™‚

  • CurlyNikki says:

    I was going to ask how you manage night time wash and gos and then I remembered that you do a sort of chunky braid-out situation. Good idea!

  • CurlyNikki says:


  • CurlyNikki says:

    Thanks Mel! and thanks for sharing that pic of your gorgeous fam and that yummy ice cream cake!!! Hope you guys had a great weekend πŸ™‚

  • CurlyNikki says:

    I heard all about it πŸ™ My grandma was so sick she cut on soccer.

  • skepticfeeling says:

    Hair looks amazing… Fresh and natural… the way a young Mama should look… My hair is not curly instead it is very very soft, and I wish to have some volume on my head just for a change but to do so I need to stay like 2:30 hrs at the hair stylist's and put like a ton of spray on my head …

  • MelMelBee says:

    Testing my Disqus profile πŸ™‚

  • Curlylocz says:

    Henna'ed for the first time. Not bad. Kinda messy but I'll get the hang of it. πŸ™‚

  • MelMelBee says:

    Nik, I would have done #2 and then proceed to watch and laugh at the same time. A few weeks ago, I was in the store with my aunt. Susie pulled Billy out of the store and Billy proceeded to bang his head on the glass. My aunt went OUTSIDE to tell Billy that he was acting a fool. Susie was so thankful and said "He never listens to anyone, but for some reason, he stopped for you"…..That's cuz my aunt looks crazy and Billy wanted to keep his life…LOL! Love the hair

  • ss says:

    I agree with the posters that having a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder comes with its own unique challenges.
    But what really frosts my cupcakes is the parent who wants to talk logically and reason with a toddler having a meltdown. A while back a mom with three in tow was trying to reason with an incensed three-year-old about some 'silly bands' in the grocery store. The child wouldn't put them down, and then threw them on the floor when mom said put them back. Mom started talking to her with her "lets work this out together" soothing voice, but baby-girl wasn't having it. This went on for over 5 minutes – really now? Pick her up, pay for the isht, put her in the car seat and give her a cup of cheerios – by the time you get home she's over it and fast asleep! Sheesh!
    Don't waste your time reasoning with a __________ (hungry, sleepy, feverish) toddler. This is NOT a "teachable moment" moms and dads!
    BTDT mother of two!
    Ps. That puff is gorgeous!!!

  • Derika says:

    Your hair looks good! I love ponytails. So easy and simple especially with a 2 year old.

  • Andrea says:

    Lol @ the kid with the tantrum! I'ma need him to knock it off asap! When I babysat in college one of the kids would throw a tantrum sometimes when he realized he's parents were going out… I just let him fall out! Do you boo! πŸ™‚ After a few minutes passed & he realized I wasn't paying him any attention, he stopped. As for my weekend, I hung out with some friends I hadn't seen in a while – good times! Washed my hair, now watching football. Question – does anyone have any suggestions to stop the hair from shedding? I've noticed it's been shedding more lately and I'm not sure why…

  • Davina916 says:

    My Mom thinks Sam Bradford is such a cutie!

  • CurvyCurly says:

    Yeah, I watched the Rams game, of course, 'cause I'm in the STL…….ugly πŸ™

  • CurvyCurly says:

    Glad that you mentioned this. A few months ago while at the airport in Orlando, FL my family and I noticed a boy having what we initially thought was a tantrum but quickly realized it wasn't the case. Same happened in Walmart recently; the grandparent felt it necessary to apologize to nearby customers because the child suffers from aspergers. I definitely agree that ALL kids who have meltdowns are not just bad @$$ kids but many parents can just tell the ones who are just bad/rotten with no home trainin' compared to others who may suffer from a mental disability.

  • CurvyCurly says:

    Lawd, it takes everything in me not to react to kids straight clownin' in public! I usually shoot the child a cut.that.ish.out. look and the parent a look. I've never allowed that type of behavior from my daughter who's 9 now. She knows better 'cause I raised her to believe I could and would go psycho on her if needed. Whenever we would see these episodes I would turn to her and basically (but politely) threaten her with what would happen to her if she ever did the same. Those head games worked, my daughter tried tantrums a few times as a toddler and that was it!
    What did I do this weekend???? Took my daughter to our local consignment shop to drop off her clothes from last Fall that she's outgrown and also purchased quite a few new (to her) items. The sucky part? I had to work!

  • Keicha D. says:

    Lol @ the story! Boogie is such a doll! Anxious to find out your new regimen!

  • Miss Anne says:

    Lol! @ gorillaz on his mum! glad you stayed away and kept Boogie safe!

    Nik hair's still bangin'…. can't wait for the new regimen and products.

    I rocked a kick ass bantu knot out to a wedding yesterday (to the envy of a few… hee hee)… so glad I didn't put my kinky twists in yet. Loved it! teamed with Mac Rebel lipstick… I was feelin myself much πŸ˜‰

  • shadow says:

    I tried your technique of adding yogurt to my DT & loved it! Thanks Nik!

  • keisha says:

    cute puff! i went to the healthy hair affair in dc that Cipriana of urbanbushbabes and angel of kisforkinky hosted! was a very nice event.

  • Netta says:

    I worked all weekend, just having fun with these yarn braids. They're a good inch away from my scalp, so tonight (a few days less than a month) I'll be saying goodbye to these braids and hey to Charlamagne again.

  • Jamie R says:

    Take it from me, not all kids having meltdowns are just bad a** kids. My niece has autism and she goes off when we try to leave the park. Before her I would stay wanting to take on other people's kids who were having meltdowns lol. But now I'm more sympathetic…

    Hair looks awesome btw!

  • Ree says:

    The puff looks great. But I have to ask if you knew this kid or the mom? If the kid has issues/special needs such as autism spectrum disorder, stopping a favorite/fun activity, can cause an epic meltdown. Or it could've just been the run-of-the-mill tantrum. (???) It hard to tell which is which sometimes unless you know the people involved.

  • gorgeousgab says:

    Cute, I was doing a lot of swimming this weekend so for a day I tied my hair back, and since I've put it in 3 frenchbraids going back and have been wearing wigs. Yay for wigs!!! —

  • Rhonda C says:

    Not even….that "rough and stuff" puff is adorable! My gfriend from TX came to visit and we ate, laughed, talked and shopped. Life is really good….!

  • Petra says:

    Haha I'm so gonna sig that song all day..cute puff honey… I worked yesterday.. Then did a night time wash and go that didn't dry over night #naturalhairproblems… Now I need to go make some Ackee and salt fish for breakfast …

  • hairme says:

    Too Cute!

  • Davina916 says:

    I didn't do anything yesterday. I'll be watching football today though. Like that puff!

  • Mel says:

    First I must say that your hair looks good. We must have a different definition of frizzy cause that aint it!! LOL Today I will be celebrating my daughter's 10th bday, yay! I will send you a pic later….she loves you and the blog.

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