My Bush is Back!!!!!!
by Janet Hubert

Okay, so I know I said I wouldn’t do it, but I did it again!  I locked my hair for the second time in my life. The first was for 2 years and this time, only one. My hair has this thing that it does, and I am sure others with the same hair type as me will testify.  It coils around itself something terrible, so I allowed it to do what it wanted to do.  

a closer look

People always asked what they were… if they were twists or locs.  I called them my lumpy locs!  I left the front loose so that if I ever needed to blend a wig for a part I could.  But even the front would try to loc if I left the twists in for too long.  

Fastforward a bit.

I started seeing folks taking their locs down on Youtube and I got the bug!  Plus, Nikki turned me on to some incredible products that my hair seems to LOVE with a capital L. Even when I was locked, I could apply some Qhemet Root Butter Cream to my son’s locs and mine and get instant, soft, dreamy locs. I didn’t feel the Twist Butter because of the wax in it. I learned that last time when someone put wax in my first set of locs… I remember trying to wash that gunk out and it was so awful. Plus, the wax left my locs white until they dried. So nix to that… sorry, I do digress.

Weapons of mass delumping, detangling and softening!

I found this product called SLIP from Curly Hair Solutions quite by accident one day and ordered it.  When it arrived, I sprayed some on one loc, started to comb and was shocked at how easily it started to release.  I decided to do 5 locs a day and I was loving feeling each new section. I did it this way so that there was no real pressure. I admit that for each one I removed there was this feeling of, ‘Lord I got to deal with the big bush again‘. There was a wonderful freedom with locs that I’d come to know. Similar to the freedom I experienced the first time I had my head shaved down to the nub. That is the beauty of our hair, it does so many things.

 My secret weapon!
 Here’s a horrible one! My hair curls inside itself no matter what!.

Add Root Butter Cream or Ghee to roots with wet hands…
After Slip, and a little Qhemet Root Butter Cream it’s so soft! See the ends already unlocking…
Just a little hair lost after the take down of one entire section 

By day 25 or so, they were all out. Some of the really tiny ones were a challenge but armed with SLIP, a rattail comb and a thumb that was getting a little raw from the constant combing out, I survived the loc down. I am loving my big, beautiful bush and am so very happy to see that so many others are joining the Natural Revolution. I feel like we all have this wonderful connection that no one can really copy. Though I don’t like this system of curl pattern typing, I think it makes us again slaves to needing and wanting texture and curls. I was in the braid salon the other day getting some twists which by the way, all twists are not created equal, and this African sister was admiring my hair saying that she wished she could wear her hair that way. I commented, why don’t you? Her response was that I had good hair and she had African hair. I was stupefied, I’m looking at her and in my mind, we were exactly the same. Now I don’t know the gentleman who invented it but I think since it is supposed to be about being all the way natural, us kinky coiled queens should be 1, not 4 and go the other way for once. Let’s finally really celebrate our kinky style!

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