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Nik on TV- ABC’s Katie Couric (Updated!)

By January 27th, 2021165 Comments
Nik on TV- ABC's Katie Couric (Updated!)

So remember back in May when we went to Carolina to witness Hubby’s doctoral hooding? Well during the ceremony, I received an email from Katie Couric’s crew, asking if I’d be interested in appearing on a show about the psychology of hair. Now I usually think of daytime TV as ratchet, but seeing as how this was the same Katie Couric that buried Sarah Palin’s vice-presidential bid, while simultaneously launching Tina Fey’s career and got Wayne to infamously proclaim, ‘I’m a gangsta Ms. Katie‘, I was like… ‘hell yeah Ms. Katie!’.
So tune in tomorrow at 4pm Eastern to witness not only my 2 seconds with Katie but also the tons of gorgeous naturals in the audience… TIVO it and see who you can spot!

*To find your local tv station and airing time, click HERE!

*Any techies out there? Perhaps you can secure a clip for me to post on the blog?!  Email me at

Thanks everyone!

The view from behind the scenes- 
Nik on TV- ABC's Katie Couric (Updated!)
Gaye (aka SweetDrk1) and daughter Shelbey hung out in the green room on Boogie duty! 
Nik on TV- ABC's Katie Couric (Updated!) 
Nik on TV- ABC's Katie Couric (Updated!)

Nik on TV- ABC's Katie Couric (Updated!)

on set blogging of course!  I was putting up the Tracee Ellis Ross interview!
Nik on TV- ABC's Katie Couric (Updated!)
 screen capture from backstage courtesy of Hubby

 I’m now a part of Katie’s illustrious ‘Crew’… check out today’s installment!
Nik on TV- ABC's Katie Couric (Updated!)
What I Wore-
Orange Blazer gifted from Romwe (also worn HERE)
Shirt- Express
Red Skinny Jeggings- Pacsun 
Shoes- Macys
*clutches pearls* Miss Jessies w/heat stretched roots via a blowdryer and air concentrator!  I was in full product junky mode and tried the Stretch Silkening Cream.  As I mentioned in this post,  the silkening cream was nearly a win.  It gave me stretched, soft, defined hair that didn’t make it more than 12 hours and had this terrible tacky feel to it. But yeah, it looked good!
All in all it was a good experience and I was in the company of some pretty amazing women.  It sucks being at the mercy of producers though… I have this love/hate thing with media.  It’ll be nice when ‘natural hair’ gets more than 2 minutes on a show. We’re doing it, dammit… folks betta recognize!
Later Gators,


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