that’s that ish I don’t like

This ish here? Bet you think it’s wet… nope, not even. These crispy little curls are completely dry. Imagine opening up a pack of ramen noodles, and then placing it on your head. *sigh* And apparently there’s not enough oil in the world to scrunch out this epic crunch. This, ladies and gentleman, is the result of one of my recent product binges. I was supposed to go to Sally’s to replenish my As I Am Gel stash – in my mind. But in reality, somehow I ended up with a tub, no, a vat of EcoStyler gel and a cistern of Fantasia IC. Who needs gel in such massive quantities?

Anyway, I applied the Eco (the olive oil one) as I would the As I Am Smoothing Gel– over Living Proof’s Full Thickening Cream (which the verdict is still out on) and was amazed at the clumping.  Excited, I set up my hooded dryer to speed up the big reveal (Secret life of Nikki: I get about as anxious as a caffeine addicted child on Christmas Eve when I try new products), but was shocked and appalled that it looked exactly the same dry as it did wet.  It’s like it froze in place… in that wet rat stage. My hair looked like Splinter soaked in the ooze and it never shrank.

#throwback #ICrackMyselfUp

 It. Never. Shrank.

What in the entire hell?!  I’ve never wished for shrinkage more in my life! I snapped a pic and jumped back in the shower.  And here I sit with a wet head, typing this article, ’cause sharing is caring πŸ™‚ 

I’d abandoned gels years ago for more voluminous pastures with conditioner and cream stylers- but my recent good experiences with As I Am souped my head up (along with your comments, ‘Nik, try Fantasia’, and ‘…but Nik, Eco is the best gel for the money hands down’).  The result? Well, it put me in the mind of the Miss Jessie’s scare of ’08 (it wouldn’t dry… it never dried!).  Where was I going with all of this? Let’s see, I suppose, (1) stick with what works, (2) just because a product is beloved by the community doesn’t mean it’ll work for you, and (3) yeah, that’s all I got.

Which #TeamNatural ‘product must-have’ failed you?