So I dog State College at every turn, but it hasn’t been all bad.  Besides discovering a funnel cake delivery service, we’ve also been lucky enough to make a few friends, and you know what they say– ‘a place is only as good as the people you know’.  Well, that coupled with hard learned lessons from attending college in the boondocks- ‘a place is only as fun as you make it’- means I’ve pretty much become a party in a box. So yeah, we kicked it today… we shut Happy Valley down.  With pinkies out and bottoms up, we helped Gia’s new friend Zena celebrate her 1st bday, with what can only be described as a ‘Princess Minnie Mouse Awesomesauce’ party.  And did I mention it was fancy?  There were face painters, balloon animals and a got damn Disney Quartet. 

Peep the view-

Momma Tracy w/ her youngest and bday girl, Zena!
*whispers* Tracy’s #TeamNatural too, she was just being all luxurious today.
The piΓ±ata aftermath… and that cute munchkin in pink back there… that’s Tracy’s oldest, Zoe.
 hand paintings and party hats 
 Now watch Boogie…

exit stage left
Yeah, so we need to work on that… πŸ™‚
She came, she saw, she Deebo’ed a few kids for their balloons. 
It was awesome to hear her introduce herself to people though… they’d ask,
‘and what’s your name?’, and she’d say, with all the confidence, ‘eeee-ya’! 
The Hurr- 3 day old WDTM&G, specifically, ‘The Tracee’ using Ouidad’s Hydrafusion
The Jacket– Gifted House of Dereon
The ShirtJ Crew (also worn HERE)
The Jeans– GAP
and my Steve Madden Combat Boots of course!
Meanwhile, Boog rocked out in Tarjay… head to toe.  Peep that foot work, though!