When I got a message from a reader today on FaceBook asking my opinion on ‘Prince finally going natural…’, my first thought was- ‘but homeboy had a fro on his first album cover though!’ Thanks to my dad, I grew up on a heavy dose of Teddy Pendergrass, Cameo, Maze,
Sade, Earth, Wind & Fire, P-Funk, Rufus, Confunction, Teena Marie, and of course Prince… to name a few.  So yeah… all I can say is, ‘Welcome home, Prince. Welcome home.’

first album cover swag… circa 1978

2012 swag… today on ‘The View’! #NotMadAtIt

He was on the show to promote his upcoming Chicago shows that will support Rebuild the Dream, a program to restore jobs and economic opportunity. 



 QuestLove’s reaction-



What’s your reaction?! What do you think?! 

Who’s catching a performance while he’s in Chicago?!


Which artists make up the soundtrack of your childhood?