Not sure about y’all, but for me, the second styling session on the same damn day is not met with quite as much enthusiasm or patience as the first. But this mildly annoying episode, coupled with my resulting laziness birthed a new technique… one that just so happens to produce ‘clumpy’ wash & go’s.  Well, at least it did yesterday… we all know the precarious nature of curly hair and how the same products and techniques used Monday can yield astonishingly different results on Thursday.   But I digress.  

I knew I didn’t want to shampoo again, so I grabbed the co-wash, prayed and was relieved at how easily the ratchet rinsed away!  After an initial co-wash w/ Tresemme, I loaded up with tons of Redken’s Smooth Down Butter Treat, allowed for marination and then stood under the shower stream. Instead of my usual raking action, I smooshed the conditioner out, as my hair was already thoroughly detangled.   Next, I gently wrung (wrang? wringed? wrenched around and wrenched it off! lol) to remove excess water and made one solitary part down the center of my head.  I applied a sliver dollar-sized amount of Living Proof’s Thickening Cream to each half and created two large two-strand twists– one on the left and one on the right side. At this point my hair was smooth, conditioned and still dripping wet.  I then took to the mirror and applied a layer of As I Am’s Smoothing Gel to my crown (and down either side of the middle part, smoothing the waves down toward the twist) and smooshed a generous amount into each twist.  I sat under the hood until my hair was 50% dry and then unravelled the twists to reveal… clumpy ass curls! I finger curled a few frizzy pieces and added a bit more gel to the fuzzy/undefined bits and…

70% dry

100% dry & fluffed

Not bad for where we started… and I promise I didn’t use any more of that EcoStyler than I use of the As I Am gel on a regular wash day. The consistency of the Eco isn’t any heavier, but it’s obviously more concentrated.

So with that–

Shrinkage, I’ll never curse you again, I appreciate you… on some real levels.  And I suppose that’s it! Deep conditioning is in order for me at some point this weekend.

What about you?  Share your hair plans as well as recent product wins and fails below!