Hey Nikki,
I decided to contribute to this
segment because I remember the trauma I went through trying
to find styles for my newly natural hair.

got married on July 23rd 2011, at a beautiful location in Montego Bay,
Jamaica- “The Wharf House”. I definitely wanted a laid back beach-y
rustic feel as this is the kind of couple we are. It was a beautiful day
and in the end, I loved everything about it.
hair is an unusual story.  I started my journey on November 7th 2009. This was the day of my last relaxer and I Big Chopped in March 2011.  What
led to this Big Chop only 4 months before my wedding day, was an odd revelation. 
The original plan was to flat iron my new growth, so that I would then have long flowing
hair for my wedding day (my hair, at the time, was past bra strap length). Things didn’t quite work out that way. 
day I mentioned jokingly to Hubby that I was going to Big Chop right
before the wedding and he looked as if he was hit by a truck, almost
devastated. “You cant do that!” he said, “What then are you going to do with your
hair?”. It was at that point that I had a revelation… how can I get my
husband to love my hair if he has never seen it?
How could I expect him
to love it if the message I was sending was the opposite?
I didn’t want
him to get married to one person and to wake up to another after the Big Chopped.  I had to do it, I had to Big Chop.
I BC’ed it was really difficult trying to find a hairstyle,
I didn’t have a plan, I was lost. I then thought that I would do what I
usually did. So I placed my hair in a low set chignon on a freshly done
braid out ( fake hair was added to bun to add some body to it). The veil
belongs to my mom, it’s over 30 years old (the borrowed item) and the head
band was made of genuine swarvoski crystals. The headband was an attempt
to fight any frizz which was bound to happen in this humid weather.
Most of my other sisters are natural, the pictures were beautiful, the
day was beautiful, the natural hair was beautiful!
really hope that all those ladies out there who are hesitating to Big Chop or wear their natural hair because of fear or uncertainty, will
realize that they will look amazing, more so because natural hair is the
hair we were blessed with… especially the Brides to Be out there.  Think to yourself “How do I want to be
remembered on my wedding day?”.
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