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Tobia’s Naturally Glamorous!

By January 27th, 202111 Comments
Tobia's Naturally Glamorous!
by Alex of TheGoodHairBlog
Please, Introduce yourself!
Hi there! My
name is Tobia and I currently live in Brooklyn, NY.

What is your current hair regimen?

As my hair gets
longer, I noticed that it also gets drier and requires more love and attention. I
co-wash my hair whenever it asks for it (usually twice a week) and deep
condition every week. I start off by detangling my hair with a mix of
conditioner (Treseme Smooth & Silky), olive oil, jojoba, and tea tree; I
section of my hair with six clips and rinse out each section. I then follow up
with a homemade DC (honey, rosemary, aloe vera, and an egg), I often leave the
DC in for five hours, sometimes overnight depending on how lazy I am. When I
wash out the conditioner, I follow up with Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioner,
rinse it out and then I sprits on my leave (Tresemme Leave In Split Remedy),
apply coconut oil and then twist. Once a month I will wash my hair with a beer
and oil concoction, before the wash I prepoo with coconut and peppermint oil
and then follow up with the conditioning process!
Tobia's Naturally Glamorous!

What is your hair type and what works best for your texture?
It’s really hard
for me to pinpoint my hair texture; I have a little bit of everything. The back
is looser with very defined curls while the crown is very kinky and the driest
part of my hair. My hair is very soft and fluffy. Coconut oil and finger
detangling work really well for my texture. 
What reaction did you get when you first decided to go
My family was very supportive of my decision to go natural.
My mother’s hair is locked; my little and older sister both have natural hair
so it was more like I was joining the club. 
There have been a few people who do not understand why I
transitioned back to my natural texture and even a few who have suggested that
I relax or at least flat iron my hair. A few months ago I would probably take
the time to argue with them and defend natural but I now realize that is not my
responsibility. This is just how I choose to wear my hair, the way it was meant
to be.
Tobia's Naturally Glamorous!
Did you
BC or transition, if so when or for how long?
I transitioned for 4 months, just couldn’t bring myself to
BC. I used sponge curls during the transition stage so that I could deal with
the two different textures.

makes you love your kinks, curls and coils?
I love my hair because it is actually mine and I have watched it grow. I love that I no longer run
for cover when I smell rain, I am no longer attached to a blow dryer, flat iron
or any other hair tools to make me feel/look good. I love that no matter how
many naturals there are in a room no two’s hair is actually the same.

Where can we find you on the web?



Tobia's Naturally Glamorous!

name is Alexandra Smith, I am 22 year old single mother of one, full
time Media Journalism student and business owner.I share my curly
girl experience and other kinky haired goodness on my site “The Good Hair Blog.”
My overall goal of blogging for the natural hair community is to
bring us together,men included by spreading knowledge, inspiration and
love about our diverse heads of hair


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