Eliss writes:

Hi Nikki and fam!

I’m elated to share my experience with my hair on my wedding day. My husband and I got engaged in 2011, and we were married on 6/12/2012 at South Coast Winery Resort & Spa in Temecula, California. I’ve been natural since 2007, and I knew I would be a natural bride if I ever got married. I tend to be stubborn once my mind is made up, so luckily no one tried to pressure me about how to wear my hair.
Hair planning started months before the wedding, and I had an idea on how to wear my hair. Due to conflicting issues with the stylist (conflicting meaning, she didn’t show up), I ended up doing my hair on my own. Normally, that would cause stress upon a pending bride, but I think going wine tasting before the wedding helped to calm my nerves, LOL! Since I was already packed for the honeymoon with a plethora of hair products and styling tools, I was prepared to do the styling with some of favorites including Oyin Handmade and Joico. It took me a while to complete the style, but I managed to do so before the ceremony. The main thing I had to keep telling myself was, “Keep pinning and rolling,” because that was the key to the style. The California weather was perfect for this “June Bride,” and it managed to last through all of the eating, drinking, and dancing.

Going natural has allowed me to live for me, and on the day that my husband and I became one under the eyes of God, I wanted everyone to see me in the way He created me…natural (just with some extra makeup, diamonds, and pearls).