3rd day hair.  

I did ‘The Tracee‘, rinsed, smoothed in hella Ouidad Hyrdafusion and got out of the shower. While standing in front of the mirror, I sectioned out the upper most layer of hair that frames my face, as well as the upper most layer of the crown.  I created 4 two-strand twists (medium size)- two on either side of the part and one at the crown (in the middle, going to the back).  Why? Because I heart the volume and shrunken awesomeness of a WDTM&G, but the chunky definition of a twist-out.  The problem is that wet-set twists can sometimes leave my fine hair flat and limp.  So with this, I get the best of both worlds- the definition where I want it the most (on top, where people can see), with the bottom layers remaining piece-y and fluffy to provide the illusion of a lot of hurr.  This idea is not at all novel, in fact, I used to do this in graduate school (circa ’06)… it was the last evolution of my Wash&Go before I moved on to the Twist-n-Curl, which, of course, reigned supreme until this year.  I preferred wet-set ‘Twist-n-Curls’ over ‘Twist-outs’ because (1) the rolled ends gave the look of a shorter bob, resulting in the illusion of volume, and (2) stretching the ends kept the single strand knots at bay.   I’m sure I’ll be revising the wet-set TnC shortly. But I digress.

Stay tuned this weekend for more pics… I drove 13 hours, got stuck in disrespectfully slow moving traffic, and ate ratchet-ass McDonalds not once, but TWICE, in order to arrive in St. Louis to help my grandmother celebrate her 87th birthday.  Happy birthday Gma! We shall party like rockstars.

Later Gators,

What are your weekend plans?!
and for my St. Louis curlies, where’s the party at tomorrow night?! 



We basically stormed Grandma’s house un-announced, bringing the usual Lee family gourmet buffet – DQ ice cream cake and Ponderosa chicken. Of course, her initial reaction was, ‘y’all better hurry up before I fall asleep’. Smh…we love you too Grandma. 

Meanwhile, Gia, in typical baby diva fashion, flashed her nails all
night and did a very Vanna White-esque introduction for every new guest
where she’d walk up to each family member and say, ‘dis mama’ and ‘dis
is ‘ain’ all the while her nails were on display. Apparently, in her
mind, she was the host of this little shindig.  

Old dusty wall photo shot of the 4 sons she had (my dad is on the left)…

… and then the 7 kids they produced… peep me rocking my college afro puffs! 

 and just for fun… that big head ass baby? Me! Kicking it with Grandma! 

 We gave grandma a crap load of lottery scratch offs, her favorite
past time! And we’ll take her to the boat on Sunday. I don’t gamble,
but I do enjoy the cheap drinks… even at 11am, I’ll have a glass of
wine… it’s 5pm somewhere! 😉

#SecretLifeOfNikki I’m just a big ol’ kid

Boogie got passed around like a hot potato
and loved every second of it. She’s with Aunt Joan on the left and with
Grandma ‘Ain’ on the right. I think ‘Ain’ is her interpretation of
Elaine, but my dad insists it’s short for ‘Ain‘t the paw-paw’… and
he’s ‘the paw-paw’… calls his name ALL DAY.

“See my nails? See ‘em!? Lookit!”


My sister-in-law, Drea. She’s 1 month into her transition and loving it. She’s rocking a rod set here.

I’m sure she just said something mildly inappropriate, but no doubt hilarious. #LoveMyGma

Sweater- Gifted from Romwe