By Danielle Faust of and

I’ve come to realize in my coaching practice that most issues boil down to helping my clients with self love and acceptance in all areas of their life. Here on CurlyNikki and other natural hair blogs I notice this message of love as well. Namely, loving your hair, and doing all you can to nurture and take care of it. I’ve decided that loving your hair is so overrated. Just because it’s natural, it’s yours and it’s on your head doesn’t mean you have to love it. I say you don’t need to love, like, or even tolerate your natural hair when it’s so easy to just hate it!

Here’s how to be sure you hate your natural hair:

  • Have no hair goals
  • Have no regimen
  • Try everything
  • Compare your hair to others

The first step to hating your hair is to have no goal that you want to reach hair-wise. This will ensure that you don’t commit to treating your hair well and taking care of it so it’ll grow healthy and strong. Be sure to be as wishy washy as you can with setting goals for your hair, or better yet, don’t attempt to set any at all. We wouldn’t want to accidentally reach one.

The next step to hating your hair is to have no regimen to follow. This is key if you want to flounder aimlessly and blame your hair for looking, feeling and behaving the way it does. Treat your hair one way this week and completely different the next, so as to remain unsatisfied and confused with it. Always keep your hair and scalp guessing. This leads to hair hate!

Always do different things so you’ll never know what works best for you. Do not keep things simple, complicate it as best you can. You must try every product, trick, tip, process, and idea you ever hear of, the more outlandish the better! This will keep your hair hate-worthy by ensuring you have no stability and no success. Be sure to try all the products and processes at the same time for enhanced hate results.

The single most important way to hate your hair is to constantly compare it to the hair of others. If you do nothing else to hate your hair, I implore you, please, do this. Look at every curly, kinky, coily, wavy head of hair you see with envy. Look at hair types different than your own and pine away for locks like that. If you have loose 3b waves, pine away for a lush thick huge 4b afro. If you’ve got a TWA, berate it for not being hip length coils. Look at the features of your hair and find a way to make it not good enough. It helps if you have old photos of yourself with permed hair so you can compare your natural hair to your permed hair.

Buck the trend of loving your hair! Follow the steps laid out for you above and you’ll have a long life of hair hatred ahead of you. Good Luck!