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I’m Too Sexy For My…Hair?

By January 27th, 202124 Comments
I’m Too Sexy For My…Hair?
 by Jor-El of ManeManBlog

Last week TIME magazine published an article, written by Alexandra Sifferlin titled Shave it Off! How Bald Guys Can Look More Manly and Dominant,
encouraging balding men to completely shave off their wispy manes.
 Balding is a serious concern for many men who understand the social
impact of hair loss and perceived attractiveness. Well, now there’s some
scientific backing to the claim that a shaven dome makes you seem
stronger, and sexier, than if you let the last few wisps linger or opt
for the ill-fated comb-over.

Researcher Albert Mannes,
of the University of Pennsylvania, conducted a series of studies to
determine the perceptions about balding men versus completely shaven
men.  It turns out that participants found that men with completely bald
domes were perceived as more masculine and dominant than men who opt to
bald the natural way. Interesting, huh? Clean shaven men were also
perceived as taller and bigger in size than balding men.

But here’s the rub, bald men are still perceived as older and less
attractive than men with full heads of hair. Mannes, who is bald
himself, apparently stated that balding men may “better improve their
well-being by finishing what Mother Nature has started.”

Mannes seems to think that his studies will help more men change
their lives for the better by forging ahead with a completely bald head
rather than going the natural way.  I appreciate that Mannes is giving
balding men like him the chance to be perceived as more dominant and
powerful, but I guess my problem is that it reinforces the idea that’s
all men should really aim to be.  Has anyone done research on what makes
you look more responsible?  What about intelligent? Kind? I’m just

I haven’t been able to read the research itself therefore I can’t
speak that strongly to the methodology, but I can say that from what
I’ve read from some posts online, some of the sample sizes seem pretty
small to me.  I think only time, and replication, will really solidify
Mannes’ findings.  While I still have many questions, I  appreciate that
Mannes is giving guys with thinning manes some insight into how others
may be perceiving them. Who knows, there may be a day when I have to
make the decision myself.  To be honest, I don’t know what I would do.
 Do you?

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What say you, ladies? Which do you prefer?!


  • Stephanie Denise says:

    I was going to saw the exact same thing. It definitely depends on the guy. I find a lot of bald men sexy.

  • cecily malone says:

    it doesnt matter to me I JUST LIKE MEN (lol)!!! bald, clean shaven, dreads, twist, fades etc.its all depends on the guy on his attractiveness: i love a man whom can entice my intellect

  • Shashou says:

    I'm with Candy. I think lot's of hair or no hair. But everyone is different. Not to be "appearance foward" but not all styles work for everyone. I'd tell guys to try both see what works for them.

  • Angela B. says:

    If your balding, cut it off! #TeamBaldie

  • MsPooh says:

    I'll just join the gang and reply to you rather make a separate post saying the same thing. I totally agree…some men are attractive with hair and some attractive without. It all depends on the man and how he feels about himself and how he carries himself. To me, Boris Kodjoe (sp?) is totally sexy without hair, but I don't care for him with hair. (Who am I foolin'…I'd take him anyway I could get him if he wasn't married!)

  • Nellboogie says:

    Hubby is bald…starting thinning in his 20's. For me, there was no other way and I think he is mad-sexy ;D

  • Onceuponatime says:

    "Has anyone done research on what makes you look more responsible? What about intelligent? Kind?" This right here.

  • Dr mermaid says:

    Sorry, trying to hit reply and hit the thumbs down button. Anyway, my bf is losing his hair so to the person who said that hair loss is a sign of loss of vigor etc., what about men male pattern baldness? That's genetics. And I agree, that these men are perceived poorly because of something beyond their control. Btw, he's full of vigour ;)

  • Candy says:

    I like either a ton of hair or none. My husband's been clean-shaven for years (by choice, not balding, lol), and it does make him look bigger and meaner than he already does.

  • Megan M. says:

    Wow seriously! I perfer a man to be shaven if he is going bald because majority of your hai is gone anyways why not shave it. I see numerous men who are balding or already bald and try to put the back of their hair in a braid or ponytail not attractive. I think a man is masculine still regardless if he has hair or not or balding. The study really?! If I have husband that goes bald when he is older I will tell him to shave it or I will do it, to me this is like holding on to damaged hair or split ends just to keep length.

  • PennieNotPenny says:

    My husband is bald. He began balding in his 20s (he is in his 40s now), and he decided to just shave it off. It suits him. He's large, and tattooed, and bald – lots of guys have been copping that look ;) Vin Diesel stole his look. I also agree that if you're losing it, you may as well shave it to give it a go. What are you going to do when it starts to REALLY go? Where a toupee? Because THAT is not attractive on anyone. Then again, I can't say what I would do if it were me.

    However – I do have a criticism, and it's about how bald men may be perceived. As a woman who made the switch from relaxers to natural, I've dealt plenty with perception, thinking of how natural hair is perceived by others. (Anyone remember the Nivea ad from a few years ago? A guy with a natural fro? "Look like you give a damn"?) The hell with perception. How others may or may not perceive you should not sway a decision about how you look. It doesn't matter how others perceive you, it matters how you perceive yourself. It's easier said than done, but it's the truth. Isn't it more important to actually be responsible or kind than to be perceived as such?

  • Kiara Briana says:

    Being bald takes a certain shape head so I don't think it's for any ol body, but he who has that perfect Michael Jordan or Boris Kudjoe head HMPH! And dreads, fros, and fades are sexy too…BUT the upkeep must be on point…no one wants to run their hands through dirty stinky hair, man or woman!

  • Nemetria Wilson says:

    I prefer a guy with a low cut but if he is balding he might as well cut it all off and hope he looks good.

  • Jeannette says:

    I was going to say the same but instead I felt that should just reply to you! :). I so agree. For me it's not about if they have hair or not, it's about how they look with hair or bald is the question. Some Guys look so sexy bald and it fits them. Whereas some Guys look much better with hair.

  • nicthommi says:

    Exactly girl…whether totally bald or full head of hair is sexier is totally subjective, but I'd almost be willing to say it is a fact that a bald spot or comb over is definitely NOT the business. It makes men look SO old.

  • nicthommi says:

    A bald spot , retreating hairline, or comb over are never sexy. If you are losing your hair, shave it off and grow some facial hair, b/c that does look really good on a LOT of men.
    If you are lucky enough to have a full head of hair as a man, you should try both looks b/c there are men I see who should ALWAYS be bald and there are men who shave off full heads of hair that they look better with. I do think that a lot of times, facial hair works if you shave your head though.

  • Sue says:

    What if it's some evolutionary trait leftover in our brains: i.e. because balding usually comes with age, it also signals a slow decline in vigour and vitality. Some hair loss is also associated with ill-health. So subconsciously people may look at a balding man and have a less-than-positive reaction compared to say a man with a full head of hair. The one with a full head of hair seems "whole" versus the balding one.

  • Z. Bridges says:

    omgoodness! Now that song is stuck in my head!

  • JazzyBelle says:

    I LOVED this article; very informative!! A man should choose to do with his hair as he pleases. Hair choices(color, cut extensions etc), among other things in our society, is such a double standard. If this article were written about women, it'd have an opposition of opinions. I am natural, have been for 22 of my 26 years.
    When my little brother, now 24, decided to grow long, beautiful locs, my family thought it a great idea and he exclaimed constantly how amazing he looked. Basically encouraging him. When I decided I wanted to do the big chop, I'd always wanted to from years prior, they pretty much, -____-, really? I decided to do as i felt. I reminded them, the only one that's gotta live with and maintain my SUPER THICK, extra long head of hair…was ME! I absolutely LOVED my brush cut(low-boy, Caesar, fade etc.) I thought it beautiful: an equal balance between every woman's masculinity and femininity, empowering and a release of my mind. THEY HATED IT!
    In summation, men, DO WHAT YA FEEL! Some women like comb-overs and some don't. There will always be someone who agrees or disagrees, no matter what the choice. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't haha. Whether he has bald spots, patches, long hair or none. The hair may be ones crowning glory, but your spirit and your personality shine brighter!!

    *~Peace and Blessings~*

  • kashif ch says:

    You are right.But most of the men are think that they always look better with long and stylish hairs.There are so many hairstyles that are adopted by different men .You can also visit this for the following link for more information : Hairstyles 2012 .

  • Ash says:

    Well if your going bald I definitely think that you should shave it off…I personally prefer my men with hair but men with comb overs or bald spots is not hot lol…Plus when I see bald men I always wonder if their bald by choice or nature? I always try assume choice (so not to be offensive) and I think that a man who can carry himself without hair is confident and for me Confidence=Sexiness

  • Dee says:

    The article is about balding men…I totally agree. Shave that off.. HOWEVER, if you have a full head of hair I say keep it (and grow it). I love men with long(er) hair – naturally straight, curly or dreaded..Sexy as hell! :)

  • roo08 says:

    Yeah i was going to post the same thing. And I hope guys that are balding shave their heads if it's what makes THEM comfortable and more confident and not because of some study that claims people will find them more manly.

  • naturalada says:

    Some men are attractive with hair and some are attractive without it, it all depends on the person.

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